Previews for the Week of October 29th, 2012 Thumbnail

Previews for the Week of October 29th, 2012

It’s Halloween week and many of your favorite games from all around the world are getting into the spirit with special episodes celebrating the holiday.  We’ve got a large number of previews to get you ready for the week ahead.  Take a look.

*The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal have special episodes this Wednesday, October 31st, celebrating Halloween.  Price, which annually puts the show under a special theme, will act as a carnival this year with Drew Carey being the ringleader, George Gray a contortionist, Amber a bearded lady, Rachel a strongwoman, and Manuela a snake charmer complete with an actual snake.  Let’s Make A Deal, which already has contestants in costume, will put the hosts in disguise as well.  Wayne Brady will dress as Rev. Run from Run DMC, Jonathan Mangum as a Star Trek character, Tiffany Coyne as a hippie, and Cat Gray as a gorilla.  Take a look below.

*Wheel of Fortune will, of course, decorate their set for Halloween Week all week.  Watch out for Halloween-themed puzzles in addition to the usual big trips cars, and cash up to $1,000,000.

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*Jeopardy! doesn’t really celebrate holidays that much and looks to be steaming through Halloween, of course, but here’s a preview of the week regardless.

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*Millionaire is launching an all new Lifeline for this week only called “Crystal Ball” which lets contestants see what the value of the question is before answering.  We posted a preview of it on our Facebook page which you can see here.  Also, on Wednesday, the show will decorate the set to appear as the “Millionaire graveyard”, Meredith Vieira will dress as a cat, and the contestant will dress as Meredith in drag.  That’s scary enough for Halloween week alone.  Take a look.

*All week on Channel 4′s Deal or No Deal is “Show Me the Mummy”.  As always the crew has done a fantastic job decorating the set and contestants for the Halloween theme.  Contestants taking the Walk of Wealth this week will get to play a special game which could get them a special holiday bonus.  However, losing the mini game means the contestant could look inside his or her box.  Check out a preview.

If we missed anything be sure to let us know.

Videos and Photos courtesy Valleycrest Productions Ltd, CBS, Sony Pictures, Endemol, and Channel 4.

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8 responses to "Previews for the Week of October 29th, 2012"

  • Coupon Boy says:

    I doubt the crystal ball lifeline will change much. The only time it might have an impact is on a reasoning question in which a contestant reasoned out the answer but aren’t 100% sure.

  • CarShark says:

    The bigger spoiler of course, was seeing four contestants make it to Round Two. Just in time for the beginning of sweeps. How…convenient.

  • Andrew L. says:

    So what you’re saying is that Drew Carey, the host of The Price Is Right, will be dressed as a carnival BARKER this year.

    Nope, no coincidence at all.

  • Jason M. says:

    I’m excited to see NONE of it!

    Millionaire was dropped in my city two years ago. And thanks to Sandy, everything else can pretty much be wiped off the plate.

    If I have power, I can watch LMAD and Price online, but Wheel, J!, and Millionaire are pretty much lost until…whenever, if I can find them in reruns later (and in the case of Millionare, never).

    Still this always proves to be one of the more fun weeks in all of game shows and I’m happy to see the tradition continue. Good luck to anyone in Sandy’s path.

  • Adam says:

    Is anybody able to watch this week’s Wheel of Fortune? I missed it tonight and will likely miss the whole week, due to hurricane Samdy. American Red Cross, I hope you’re all ready.

    • Anderson DelValle says:

      WABC here in NYC moved WoF and all other regular programming to its digital subchannel (7.2 over the air and on various channels over cable/satellite). Check where the digital network is for you; you might be able to find it.

  • Adam says:

    My digital ch. is in Spanish, and doesn’t carry an english language sub channel. I’m screwed.

  • Bob Porrazzo says:

    Well some say game shows are like carnivals…so what is happening on Price makes sense…somewhat.

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