Previews for the Week of October 22nd, 2012 Thumbnail

Previews for the Week of October 22nd, 2012

We’re going to try to get you excited for this week’s upcoming game shows by showcasing some genre highlights that you may want to look out for.  Some of the clips and previews will offer a few spoilers (especially Millionaire‘s, so be careful) but I think they’ll get you ready for the week.  There’s a lot of excitement, so be sure to watch all week and see who will win big.

*Who Wants to be a Millionaire: You’ll want to watch out for Wednesday. Ron Freshour from Austin, Texas, is a trivia expert and self proclaimed gambler.  I have a feeling many of you will want to watch his game.  Again, there are some spoilers in this video so watch at your own risk.

*Wheel of Fortune: It’s “Teacher’s Week” this week on Wheel.  Teachers from all across the country are playing for prizes like trips to Antigua, Hawaii and the Caribbean, plus shopping sprees, spa packages, entertainment prizes and more. Not to mention potentially $1,000,000 in cash.

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*Jeopardy!: Last week was pretty exciting as we saw Stephanie Jass claim the record for longest winning streak for a woman in Jeopardy!‘s history.   See if any of these contestants can compete.

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*The Newlywed Game: GSN launches a new season of The Newlywed Game in its new time slot on Thursday, October 25th, at 8:00PM ET.

Videos and Photos courtesy Valleycrest Productions Ltd and Sony Pictures.

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9 responses to "Previews for the Week of October 22nd, 2012"

  • Bob Porrazzo says:

    If GSN kills the Pyramid, it shows you the IQ size of its audience…-1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andrew L. Budny says:

      I can hardly agree more. I miss the good old days when game shows rewarded intelligence unlike today were contestants get rewarded on looks and personality.

      And if GSN somehow cancels THE Pyramid, they are going to lose a ton of viewers.

      • SEAN says:

        I miss the good old days when game shows rewarded intelligence unlike today were contestants get rewarded on looks and personality. You are so right on that. I’, going to paraphrase radio host Randi Rhodes, you could call today’s contestants “moddles.” Randi refers to newscasters as “news moddles.”

      • Scott says:

        I miss the quiz-based game show days of Greed and 1 VS 100… :(

      • James says:

        I haven’t gotten any more tapes for TP…the above still makes me wonder…has the gameplay gotten Chain Reaction bad or something (and say, who produced that?????)

        I want TP to be given a chance and to succeed cause we do need the re-education process as far as word games and intellectual games (as the recent versions of Chain and Password showed us). I mean, has America fallen so far that word games like Pyramid can’t exist anymore? No wonder I’m an Anglophile!!!!

        I do like the “party” shows and “luck” shows as much as the next person, but there needs to be variety too.

        Bob, I assume you meant to put a negative before that “1000″ :-)

  • Coupon Boy says:

    I heard a rumor that sometime this season there will be a million dollar question on Who Wants to be Millionaire. Did any one else hear about this? Who knows, maybe it’s Ron who will face it.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    If the $500,000 question in the video is my $500,000 I’d guarantee you there’d be a $1,000,000 question, as I know it… :)

    Doesn’t hurt to be from where he died, it was taught in 4th grade local history class, and his monument overlooks I-29 on my morning commute.

  • GSNFan says:

    A big win on Millionaire this week, maybe?

  • CarShark says:

    It amazes me that the people in charge of Millionaire can see what the internet and social media has done for Family Feud, and yet they have done so little the past couple of years. They’ve never put up videos of the few big winners they’ve gotten. They rarely put up Backstage Pass clips anymore. They don’t have any extended interview clips for outstanding contestants. The whole thing is such a missed opportunity. This is a show that no longer warrants a prime access spot in most of the country, if the sparse website is to be believed. And yet they haven’t done much to change that reality. Sure, the rewards site going bust was unexpected, but they should have redoubled their efforts. It just feels like they’ve given up.

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