News Bits for 10/11/12: Howie’s “Elephant” Name, “Pyramid”‘s Final Weeks, “Newlywed”‘s New Season Thumbnail

News Bits for 10/11/12: Howie’s “Elephant” Name, “Pyramid”‘s Final Weeks, “Newlywed”‘s New Season

News is pretty slow today as far as huge, gigantic stories go. But we do have a few bits of information we can pass along and provide as one:

We’ve discussed Howie Mandel’s newest NBC game show project White Elephant around these parts previously. It’s essentially a game where you’re trying to end up with the best “gifts” of them all, based on the traditional gag Christmas game. We’ve heard from potential contestants for this show that it is currently renamed Take It All, giving a pretty big hint to how the game will be reworked to fit a more game show-esque vibe. Reader Josh passed along that the four days’ worth of taping start in less than two weeks, where they describe the game as having a “huge warehouse” with prizes, but contestants will have to “guess” and “strategize” to get the better one. I try to reserve judgment before seeing the show in action, but I agree with the idea that NBC could be better served just throwing a special series of Deal or No Deal back on.

The final two weeks of The Pyramid are quickly approaching and we have scheduling information. This week finishes out with Samantha Harris and Melissa Peterman. Next week starts with one extra new episode from that week, then four episodes of Dot Marie Jones and Oscar Nunez. The final week, starting October 22, is one to look out for… in some ways good, in some ways bad. Monday will see an extra new episode with Kate Flannery and Jim O’Heir. Tuesday through Thursday is the bad. The infamous week with Nick and Aida Turturro will air. Five episodes were taped, but at least two were such trainwrecks that the copies of them are likely buried behind Game Show Network headquarters right now. I’m sure the ones that do air won’t be lacking in the “WTH?” factor either. That Friday, the last of the 40 episodes to be aired, will be a treat as one of the three pilot episodes will be airing. Chandra Wilson and Yvette Nicole Brown will be on the same episode, one of the ones that got GSN to go through with a season pickup. That will be fun to watch and to play “spot the differences.”

And lastly, The Newlywed Game premieres its sixth season on GSN (tying Chuck Woolery’s Lingo for most seasons produced for a GSN original) two weeks from tonight. Four episodes in a block will be replacing the successful American Bible Challenge/The Pyramid Thursday night setup. What is interesting, according to the data we were provided, is that only the first episode of the four will be a new episode. The other three that follow are currently listed as “repeats.” Things are always subject to change, but as of now, only the 8PM showing is a first-run edition. (Update: Things did change and for now, the first week will feature all-new episodes.)

That’s it for today’s news blurbs! As always, keep your browser near BuzzerBlog for the best, quickest and most informative in game show news and reviews.

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16 responses to "News Bits for 10/11/12: Howie’s “Elephant” Name, “Pyramid”‘s Final Weeks, “Newlywed”‘s New Season"

  • GSNFan says:

    The Newlywed Game will most likely have the four new episodes to air from 8-10pm. I’ve noticed the pdf’s can be a little screwy. The same thing happened with The Pyramid in the first week of September, saying that the Tuesday-Friday runs were repeats, but that was false.

    Speaking of The Pyramid, the Dot Marie Jones/Oscar Nunez week should be better than good. We’ve already seen a new episode on a Thursday primetime run. Then, the final week on Monday and Friday should be a treat. I’ll be curious to see the pilot episode!

  • Scott says:

    Props to NBC for renaming White Elephant as “Take It All”. Now THAT sounds like a proper game show name.

    Still, I do agree that it probably would’ve been better just airing a special Christmas week of new Deal or No Deal episodes instead, but we’ll see how this goes.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, though. I hope Endemol is behind this, and not the M2WI guys, for obvious reasons. I wish we could get confirmation whether or not Endemol is producing the show already. Other than Wipeout, they’ve been pretty quiet in the world of U.S. game shows as of late.

    • Chad Mosher says:

      It will be produced by Universal Television, NBCUniversal’s production group that also produced Minute to Win It, along with Mandel’s production company Alevy Productions.

      • Scott says:

        Oh great…. someone help us….

        Unless Howie gets precendence in making the production and editing decisions, we might be in for a repeat of last year’s performance of Who’s Still Standing…

  • Andrew says:

    So, is it safe to say that Pyramid is getting cancelled?

    • bmhedgehog says:


      • James says:

        I hope it isn’t…like I said, it wouldn’t seem right if this version can’t even get a whole season, yet Donnymid had TWO, and John Davidson even got to complete a season. That and Fremantle gets to spend years messing up Goodson formats.

        • Andrew L. Budny says:

          Plus Les Moonves passed on this three times when it was pioleted for CBS in order to pleae his wife Julie Chen with the talk or as I like to call it (The Stupid) which was a dumb move and still don’t understand it has been on for twoyears now and why theyhavent pulled the plug on it.

          As for it’s cancelation, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon. Even if it’s still on the 200,000 ratings wise, it’s alot better than Beat The Chefs and Love Triangle IMO.

    • GSNFan says:

      Not even close. It’s border-line, but we’ll have to see week 5 ratings (October 1-5)

      • Andrew L. Budny says:

        I think your wrong, 200-350 is a decent number. And this show was alot better than when they aired Engvall Lingo and Love Triangle which were utter failures. It’s one of the best originals GSN has put together in recent years along with Newlywed Game, Catch 21 and Baggage just to name a few. Thus I am not counting it out just yet, if they do decide to cancel it, i’ll believe it when we see actual numbers come in.

    • BillCullen1 says:

      No, it just means GSN hasn’t decided yet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good news.

    • BillCullen1 says:

      No, it just means GSN hasn;t decided yet.

  • Andrew says:

    Howie Mandel’s “Take It All” will have a compare and contrast factor to the 1975 short-lived gameshow “Give-N-Take” hosted by Jim Lange.

    • Myke25 says:

      I don’t know about that, Andrew. What did it run…like 13 weeks? A lot of CBS stations pre-empted “Give-n-Take” in its late afternoon slot in favor of talk shows like “Dinah”. I think my local CBS station put a local talk show in that slot. In the most prolific year in the history of game shows (26 game shows on 3 networks), Give-n-Take was a non-factor in 1975. One word in the title won’t invoke many memories of Jim Lange…except for older game show geeks like me! :-)

  • GSNFan says:

    The Pyramid bombed everybody during the week of October 1-5. At least three out of the five days it did.

    Mon: 269K
    Tue: 364K
    Wed: 287K
    Thu: 382K
    Fri: 270K

    Renewal? Unlikely. But maybe they’ll stick a second season just in primetime.

    But, the budget with the celebrity-factor on The Pyramid is too high for a show that hasn’t reached 400K (at 6pm) since week 1

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