GSN Acquires “Press Your Luck” and “Card Sharks” Starting October 15th Thumbnail

GSN Acquires “Press Your Luck” and “Card Sharks” Starting October 15th

GSN hasn’t made a big classics acquisition in quite some time, instead opting for more modern fare.  Classic game show fans are in for a big treat starting this coming Monday, October 15th.  Two long time cult favorites, Press Your Luck and Card Sharks, will return to GSN’s schedule next week.  This creates a solid five hour block each morning of classic game show formats from 8:00AM ET to 1:00PM ET before shifting to newer shows.

Press Your Luck, which has been absent for some years, will return weekdays starting October 15th at 9:30AM ET.  This will replace the Richard Karn edition of Family Feud.  Press Your Luck will start from the very first episode of the series, episode 001, dating back to September 19, 1983.  Some astute viewers will be able to notice subtle differences between these early episodes and the ones GSN has aired in the past.  This is the first time GSN has aired these episodes, so these are all new if you’ve only seen the reruns on the network.  Peter Tomarken hosts.

Card Sharks, the classic game show asking contestants to predict the results to surveys and determine if the next card in a stack is higher or lower than the last, also makes a return after a long hiatus.  The series will begin airing Monday, October 15th, at 9:00AM ET replacing Password Plus.  Password Plus will still stay on weekends at 9:00AM ET, though.  Card Sharks, hosted by Jim Perry, will start with episode number 234.

GSN viewers may notice a few other small changes.  The 12:00PM ET hour is filled with The $100,000 Pyramid and The $25,000 Pyramid hosted by Dick Clark.  These replace Whammy! and Chuck Woolery’s Lingo.  The $100,000 Pyramid and The $25,000 Pyramid both keep their 10:00AM ET slot also.  For those that pay attention to episode numbers, the numbers of The $100,000 Pyramid are 221 at 10:00AM (Earl Holliman, Martha Smith) and 271 at 12:00PM (Melody Thomas Scott, David Graf). For The $25,000 Pyramid, the episode numbers are 1092 at 10:30AM (Ed Begley, Jr., Lynn Redgrave) and 0980 at 12:30PM ET (Michael Spound, Janis Paige).

Chain Reaction, hosted by Dylan Lane, will take the place of Bill Engvall’s Lingo at 2:30PM ET.  This means that, for the first time since its debut in 2002, Lingo is completely absent from GSN’s schedule.  The Pyramid hosted by Mike Richards will gain a daily 3:00PM ET slot replacing Whammy! which still retains its weekend morning slots.

Click here to view the PDF schedule for the week and see the full rundown. 

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43 responses to "GSN Acquires “Press Your Luck” and “Card Sharks” Starting October 15th"

  • Jay says:

    Is it me, or does GSN flip-flop between Card Sharks and Password Plus. It almost seems like when one is on during the weekday schedule, the other one is not.

  • William says:

    Welcome home Press Your Luck!

  • David says:

    These are great changes. I give GSN credit; they’ve surprised me, and I hope these changes work for the better for them.

  • thewoj says:

    This will make the PYL fanboys as happy as little girls. Though it is marvel to see these episodes that have not been seen since USA wrapped up its game show block in 1995, Friday the 13th oddly enough. It will be great to see them in clear quality since the early episodes have been traded around so much that they have lost their picture.

  • Pleased to see both come back, and nothing get dumped for them this time–sort of. Perry’s Card Sharks has definitely earned its spot, and I’m very glad to see PYL back, with new-to-GSN eps at that!

    I agree with Jay, though–it’s odd that they don’t seem to want both Card Sharks & Password Plus on weekdays at the same time. Both have posted relatively strong ratings for classics, so it’s strange that they wouldn’t want to take advantage of that. At least PP will still have a presence on the schedule.

    • Jay says:

      Thanks chargeradio_Dan. I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed that. I agree…both are strong. If they were similar shows, I’d understand them not being on at the same time. But, they’re not. I’d love to see them on at the same time.

  • John says:

    I’m glad they’re bringing back those classics but keep Password Plus where it is and move some of the newer reruns (like lingo & whammy!) out! Am just barely getting used to this schedule and don’t like it when they change schedule after just a couple of months.

  • Dorvell says:

    This is fabulous news! I’m sorry to see Woolery Lingo go, though.

  • Owen says:

    GSN should had kept Password Plus and I’m glad they brought back Press Your Luck, but for Card Sharks add Bob Eubank’s version.

  • MountainHawk says:


    • it's time to Press Your Luck Baby! says:

      uh MountainHawk, Don’t you mean “WE’RE NOT WORTHY!, WE’RE NOT WORTHY!”?

      becuase i’m sensing that you we’re trying to do a “Wayne’s World” refernce so i’m just trying to help you out that’s all!

  • Daniel B. says:

    “This is the first time GSN has aired these episodes, so these are all new if you’ve only seen the reruns on the network.”

    It’s even bigger than that, Alex — not even USA showed the premiere, and they had “Press” for EIGHT YEARS (1987-95). Only way this could’ve been better is airing #000 (the pilot).

    I’m guessing this new lease goes right up to the episode before the earliest one GSN previously aired, then (if we’re lucky) skips everything they’ve already aired to November 18, 1985 (the first show after the late-2000s package) and through the finale…and whatever may be beyond that, as a relative of the 9/26/86 winner said that wasn’t the last taping.

    GSN’s actually becoming Game Show Network again. What a concept! :D

  • John Burkhart says:

    The Next awesome step would be GSN picking up British reruns, or maybe even Japanese shows as specials.

    I’m looking at you Blockbusters, The Chaste, and Run for the Money

    • MikeSant318 says:

      *Run for the Money aka Going For Gold?

      • John Burkhart says:

        Going for gold was the all European Olympic themed quiz, right?

        That’d be good, but I meant “Run For Money Tousouchuu”. It had a short lived Americanization attempt on Scy-fy (of all things!) called Cha$e.

        Differs from Cha$e by allowing any number of winners (all 16 players could win the full amount), allowing you to bail out whenever you wanted to (and keep your fund), and NOT having an overbearing host.

        Here’s an example from Youtube. Warning Japanese ahead.


  • Matt says:

    I’m glad the PYL is back on GSN and maybe this time they’ll show every episode (except the Larsen episodes). Only one time were the 1983 episodes seen on USA. One PYL’s first episode, Perter Tomarken was wearing the same outfit he wore on the last episode of “Hit Man” on NBC, five months before PYL premiered. and hopefully GSN will air the remaining 1985 through and 1986 episodes that GSN didn’t show.

    Now all GSN has to do now is get the Barry and Enright game shows back on so we can see TTD, TJW, Bullseye, Hot Potato, and the B&E game shows. Maybe get some of the other game shows that haven’t been seen since they were on in the 70′s and 80′s as well.

  • GSNFan says:

    Glad to see that whole 11:30am-2pm mess is cleaned up, where we had Chain Reaction in mornings, Woolery Lingo and DOND a couple months ago. This is a great schedule change, and I continue to like the 1-4pm block for the most part.

    At 2:30pm, it doesn’t make too much sense why Chain Reaction got a second slot. He does well, but at the same time there are only 130 eps of the series. Still, CR and The Pyramid getting the new slots are nothing to complain about.

    Wish they would get rid of The Newlywed Game at 4pm though. Catch 21 there, maybe?

  • D. Downs says:

    Now, if they would just bring back Wheel of Fortune, and I don’t mean a constant rerun of Season 12, things would be perfect. I’m surprised that they don’t considering this is Wheel’s 30th season…

  • rich cerasale says:

    good job gsn in acquring the re-runs rights of press your luck and the nbc verison of card sharks hosted by jim perry. now i am hoping that gsn could bring back the late night black and white shows (to tell the truth, what’s my line, i’ve got a secert) soon

  • Hardy the Captain says:

    YEAH!! Now, THAT’S what I’m talking about!

  • Matt (#mhmrules to you) says:

    I am glad that GSN will be airing Press Your Luck episodes from season 1, it will be a real treat for me since I was only aware of the USA network long after their Game Show blocks were removed. Of course eveyone else is downright ecstatic that THESE specific episodes will be airing.

    But of course, people will be saying, “All GSN has to do is bring back (INSERT SHOW HERE) Then I’ll really watch”. I’m just gonna watch the PYL and Card Sharks episodes then. Not whine about what GSN doesn’t have.

  • Scott says:

    I’m surprised and happy, just as everyone else is, by these re-acquisitions.

    Looks like I was right. The new promos advertising the full name of the channel, “Game Show Network”, were indeed foreshadowing that GSN was going to return to its roots with airing actual game shows. I only started watching GSN in 2009, so I never got the chance to see Press Your Luck on the schedule.

    I only hope that the reality junk shows that GSN has unfortunately ordered for next year get pulled out of the schedule as quickly as Beat the Chefs was.

    • GSNFan says:

      The “reality junk” being pulled is just unlikely. The Family Trade has been picked up for 8 episodes, as War of the Rose Sisters had a casting call in June. Hope both don’t make it to air still, though The Family Trade is really suppose to.

      Beat the Chefs, along with DWTS I’m sure will return to the schedule in a marathon format.

      For the classics: It would be great to have a “Black Friday” event back again. This year, we actually have new acquisitions to spread around, old and modern

  • Jon says:

    2-12-1-9-4 from the beginning!!!

  • it's time to Press You Luck Baby! says:

    well guys,since were getting the 1983 episodes and hopefully the early 1984 episodes (for which of course comes next monday) just like they did with the 1984-1985 episodes after they have been rerunned to death for 9 years. will we still have to wait after another three-year hiatus until GSN obtains the rights to air the 1985-1986 era of PYL?

    • GSNFan says:

      Who knows if Press Your Luck (80′s) will still be on GSN’s schedule in three years. Still, on the pdf’s now, the episodes are labeled “N” for new, so this is great.

      This is the second classic lease this year where the episodes are completely “New to GSN”

      • it's time to Press Your Luck Baby! says:

        well, I was asking this because before Buzzerblog gave us the annoucement about GSN airing the ’83 episodes, I went to game show forums saying that GSN had re-acquired PYL and I’m not gonna lie to you GSNFan I though in my mind that they were going to reair the ’84-’85 eta again since GSN only had the rights to air that era at the time .

        but thank god GSN has finally listened to us by airing the early 1983 (and quite possibly the mid 1984) era of PYL, for which IMO they should’ve started in 2001 anyway.

        but again I would not be the slightest bit suprised if GSN has not yet acquired the 1985-1986 era along with the 1983-1984 era of PYL.

        • GSNFan says:

          It’s good news for all it seems.

          I wouldn’t mind the 84-85 era of Press Your Luck, since I haven’t seen (most) of it.

          But, apparently there has not be one complaint with the 1983 episode runs, so I’m happy

          • it's time to Press Your Luck Baby! says:

            well, I’m glad as well they they have gotten the 1983 episodes as well so i’m also not complaning about it.

            but i’m just saying that I think we will have to wait until 2020 or whatever year for GSN to acquire the episodes from the Season 3 era of PYL from 1985-1986 that’s all.

  • James E. Parten says:

    The re-acquisition of these episodes of “Press Your Luck” and “Card Sharks”–along with the surprising success of “American Bible Challenge”–should be a signal to the GSN brass that their audience wants game shows–as I said before, real, honest-to-Goodson-Todman, “shiny floor” game shows. The GSN audience does not want reality shows.

    If they take this as their cue, they will “burn off” the reality shows to which they will have committed themselves, and concentrate on what is their bread-and-butter.

    Most of the readers of This Here Blog would like it f they picked up on the Goodson-Todman archives, or if they were to import game shows from ITV or Channel 4 (or both) in the UK. (Some editing might be required, as commercial-break standards might be different over there.)

  • Rahmiano says:

    ,,,or if their’s any chance, try to acquire some more 1980′s game shows for their daytime lineup schedule such as…Scrabble, $ale of The Century, Hollywood Squares (Davidson’s version from 1986-1989), or maybe even High Rollers (Martindale’s version from 1987-1988 if they do not get the Trebek version at all “just saying”).

  • Corey says:

    I’ve got to ask, what’s with the 6 hour block of Family Feud on at night? It stinks when you work during the day and you can’t catch a classic game show when you come home. I’d kill for just one.

  • Robert says:

    Well it turns out GSN still cares about classics. Those classics made the network where it is today, and now Bible, Feud and more modern shows are the big hits though.

    Good to see some classics from 8-1pm again.

  • K.C. says:

    Good that they have some variety now. That’s a good mix of old and new. Now if only they’d do something similar with primetime. I’ve completely had it with these nightly marathons.

  • Nikolai says:

    In addition to PYL and Card Sharks coming back to GSN’s lineup, a debut of a revival will be happening on Canadian television. An English language Canadian version of Match Game will be debuting Monday at 8pm ET on the Comedy Network. The panel for the first show (whether you’ve heard of them or not) will consist of Yvette Nicole Brown, Debra DiGiovanni, Colin Mochrie, Graham Chittenden, Laura Cilevitz, and Sean Cullen. The host will be Darrin Rose.

    I’m not sure how many people reading this are Canadians, but this new version should be pretty good.

    • it's time to Press Your Luck Baby! says:

      and in addition to PYL, Card Sharks, coming back to GSN’s daytime Lineup, and the debut revival of a Canadian-English Language version of Match Game that’s being premiered on The Comedy Network.

      in which all three of these event’s will premiere today.

      season 2 of Hip Hop Squares hosted by Peter Rosenberg will premiere next Tuesday October 23 at 11PM ET/PT only on MTV2.

      and of course just like it’s premiere this Summer the show will air once-a-week.

  • Aaron McQuillin says:

    I’ve been greatly enjoying watching these old episodes. It’s like christmas!

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