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Casting Call: “Exit!” for Syfy, Parent and Toddler Game for ABC

Hopefully you’re having a good start to the week so far.  As you down another cup of coffee, I wanted to be sure to give you a shot to win cash and prizes.  Two shows, one network and one cable, are giving you a chance to win big money.  These ones are more specialized than others so be sure to pass these along to people who may be interested.

*A Japanese import, Exit!, is now casting for Syfy.  The show, at least from clips of the original version, basically puts you in the middle of an action or horror movie attempting to complete both physical and mental puzzles in order to “exit” the trap.  The first edition was vaguely Saw-like while the second one we saw had an Indiana Jones type feel.  Click here to read a run through from Bother’s Bar.  He did a great job explaining it.  It’s entertaining to play along but the environment helps the show tremendously, and I feel that with the usual American overblown production values it could be even better.  Click here if you and two other people want to compete as a team to win a cash prize.  Take a look at some test footage below.  Does it excite you at all?  Looks cool to me.

Syfy | Exit (in development) from Brian Everett on Vimeo.
On the surface it sounds OK.  However, and pardon us for being like this, a majority of our optimism is wiped away when we see it’s from Smart Dog Media who did Minute to Win It and Who’s Still Standing for NBC.  Minute to Win It started OK and progressively grew into a good show by the end of the first season, but it shortly went off the deep end and became a circus all too quickly.  Who’s Still Standing, however, was one of the biggest all-around disasters I’ve ever seen.  I’m not sure who’s to blame for that.  Maybe it was something NBC wanted.  But it was just bad.  I’m really hoping I’m wrong, though, and I hope they can prove me wrong. They’re clearly good.  Just show us with this one.  We look to be the first foreign country to get the show.  Let’s do it right and start a precedent.

*ABC is casting for a unique variety of quiz show we don’t hear of often…a child focused one.  Electus (Ben Silverman’s company) and 5×5 Media are casting for a new quiz show for parents with toddlers.  The show is a new take on the classic Newlywed Game-like format as parents attempt to see how well they know their toddlers.  The game is set in a large scale duplicate of a child’s play area.  Parents will be judging their child’s ability to do certain things or predicting their child’s behavior to win big cash and prizes.  If you have a two to three year old child, or one that will be two to three by December, click here to apply for the pilot.

Interesting idea but does this seem a little bit creepy to anyone else?  Essentially parents are going to be betting on their toddlers.  I know the toddler isn’t going to be able to process what is going on or feel bad about losing for his or her parent, but it still feels a little weird to me.  They can say it’s “for fun” all they want, but parents are still going to be disappointed and it’s going to make for uncomfortable family viewing.  We’ll keep you posted about what happens with this one.

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13 responses to "Casting Call: “Exit!” for Syfy, Parent and Toddler Game for ABC"

  • Jason says:

    It seems that if ABC’s current daytime schedule doesn’t click after this season is over, they should try this parent and toddler show instead and also try some similar approaches since someday, their lifestyle programming may not work out well after all.

  • Marko Polo says:

    What SyFy did with Chase was really disappointing, let’s hope they don’t ruin this import as well.

  • Scott says:

    Syfy’s Exit looks promising, as long as it’s not botched up, like Who’s Still Standing was.

    ABC, on the other hand… what the heck are you doing? Seriously, if this is the best idea that they could come up with for a game show since Wipeout, you’ve got issues.

    Just get The Money Pump instead, and save yourselves from airing this disaster of a game show you’re thinking about producing.

  • Daniel B. says:

    ABC…dafuq? Parents betting on their toddlers?!

    I need more palms for my face.

  • Kevin $ says:

    I’d rather see a revival of “Child’s Play.”

  • Dale says:

    Exit looks cool but im too much of a chicken to apply LOL i might check out the original version to see if I could handle it .

    • Dale says:

      So after watching an ep of the Japanese version, i can say I am intrigued to see what syfy does with it. Im hoping that they add a layer of seriousness to it to add some more of the fear and panic which will cloud the mind of the players even more. If they do it right it will be amazing.

  • Krystall says:

    When is the next audition ? I wana be on this show so bad it seems so much fun and I’m smart !

  • donna says:

    I wannna be on the show. I wannna be on TBD show…oh can’t you see it’s the one for me

  • donna says:

    Pick me please pick me

  • Robert says:

    I will love to be cast in EXIT. I`m smart and confident that I can win

  • alia says:


  • Byron Rodas says:

    When is the next audition for season 2??? So into the show,,,

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