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“The Price Is Right Live” Embarks On Nationwide Tour, Full Tour Listings Thumbnail

“The Price Is Right Live” Embarks On Nationwide Tour, Full Tour Listings

Famous for its daily shows at Bally’s in Las Vegas, the popular stage show adaption of The Price is Right is having a huge nationwide tour over the next two months. Previously, the show would visit casino spots now and again in the country and visit conventions where they were hired, but this is a first as far as a big tour like this for The Price is Right Live. Each location features an adaptation very, very similar to the TV show. You’ll get the full experience, especially as the tour will be hosted by Todd Newton and announced by Randy West, both with heavy Price affiliations. If you’re going to go with high aspirations of getting on, don’t hold your breath. Many of these events are held in large theaters with lots of seating. I’ve been to the Vegas show twice and never made it on. However, the experience of seeing the games on a real-style game show and yelling, cheering groaning at the contestants really immerses you in the true experience. We, exclusively, have the entire touring list for your below, along with a promo video for the show. However, some venues have already sold out so if they’re coming to your area and still have tickets available, grab them as quickly as you can. Let us know if you plan on going and having a good time. Good luck!

11 September
Greeley CO
Union Colony Civic

12 September
Colorado Springs CO
Pike’s Peak Center

14 September
Salt Lake City UT
Kingsbury Hall

15 September
Flagstaff AZ
Prochnow Auditorium

16 September
Mesa AZ
Mesa Arts Center

18 September
El Paso TX
Plaza Theatre

19 September
Midland TX
Wagner Noel PAC

21 September
Austin TX
Long Center PAC

22 September
Tulsa OK
SpiritBank Event Center

25 September
Jacksonville FL
Times Union Center

27 September
Lakeland FL
Lakeland Center

28 September
Clearwater FL
Ruth Eckerd Hall

29 September
Tallahassee FL
Leon Civic Center

3 October
Atlanta GA
Fox Theatre

4 October
Nashville TN
Tennessee Performing Arts Center

5 October
St. Louis MO
Fox Theatre

6 October
Bloomington IL
Bloomington Center

7 October
Sioux City IA
Orpheum Theatre

9 October
Indianapolis IN
Clowes Hall

10 October
Green Bay WI
Weidner Center

11 October
Rochester MN
Mayo Civic Center Auditorium

12 October
Merrillville IN
Star Plaza

13 October
East Lansing MI
Wharton Center

14 October
Williamsport PA
Community Arts Center

16 October
Worcester MA
Hanover Theatre

17 October
Orono ME
Collins Center

18 October
Betheleham PA
Arts Quest

19 October
Florence IN
Belterra Casino

20 October
Florence IN
Belterra Casino

21 October
Florence IN
Belterra Casino

23 October
Raleigh NC
Raleigh Memorial Auditorium

25 October
Washington DC
Warner Theatre

27 October
Wallingford CT
Oakdale Theatre

28 October
Westbury NY
Theatre at Westbury


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28 responses to "“The Price Is Right Live” Embarks On Nationwide Tour, Full Tour Listings"

  • Rich W. says:

    I’ll be at the one in East Lansing at Wharton Center! Can’t wait. I read through the entire rules document that is provided. It is interesting to read through the rules for the pricing games written down. One interesting change for the Live show vs. the TV show is for Any Number. If you fill in the lower priced prize first, you have the option to continue playing to try to win both prizes. If you fill in the piggy bank next, you only win the piggy bank.

  • AssHat says:

    The Rochester, MN show promoted tickets as low as $30. Checking Ticketmaster and the Mayo Civic Center site, none for that price was found anywhere. I live 30 minutes from there but I’m not spending $90.

    • Nikolai says:

      I didn’t realize they were so high like that. The one I’d be closest to would be Rochester, MN. I’m not sure if I’m relieved or not that I didn’t go to the live show at Bally’s when I was in Las Vegas a few years ago.

  • Greg says:

    Any info on the venue in San Antonio?

  • BJ says:

    @asshat (haha!), $90 is crazy! Prices in Orono, ME are $33-$48. I thought that was kind of high, I guess we’re lucky.

  • Heather says:

    I have tickets to the show on Friday night in Salt Lake. I’m just wondering if we need to go early to sit through some sort of “interviewing” process (like the TV show). Do they randomly call your name from the audience or do you have to impress them beforehand? Any info on this would be very helpful. Thank you!!

  • Bill says:

    I’ll be at the Rochester, MN show!
    I’ve been to the Vegas show twice, and got to see their show last month when they were in Minnesota.
    I got called once in Vegas to spin the big wheel, and my cousin was picked for the showcase.

  • Coupon Boy says:

    Wow, the show’s coming to where I live for the first time ever. I’m an avid fan of the Price is Right and know most of its games and game theory; I’m also a huge fan of Todd Newton. It may not have prizes as glamorous as the regular Price is Right, but they’re definitely respectable for a stage show. I can’t wait to take part in it.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    I’m going to the SC one (that they have been advertised for quite a while here locally).. Nice to know Newton will be the host (they hadn’t said who was going to host) (adverts for this been out locally since May)…

    From what the local media has released, you sign up at the box office preshow if you want to be called, and they random draw from that list for those who get to “come on down”.

  • Damion says:

    I’m going to the Austin one.

  • Wayne says:

    I will be at the Bethlehem show on 10/16, very excited about it. It cost me about $60/ticket.

    I figure if this is just like the show, and only 9 people get called to come on down, my chances are pretty low; but I’m still excited for this chance to see what it would be like to be at the real show.

    • Adam says:

      If this is anything like the stage show that is in Atlantic City, or Vegas (which it seems exactly to be) they call up a new contestants row each pricing game.. They play about 4 or 5 pricing games, so right there they give you 20-25 chances to go up on stage. Also to play the big wheel, they do that twice as well, but again pick brand new people each time (3) so that is another 6 chances, then to play the showcase they pick another 2 people, and to do the showcase, even if you were already picked before you can be picked again, so all in all you have about 30 chances to be picked.

      As Chad said the theaters these are in are huge, as probably 400-600+, also from my experience the all the times I went, all the prizes are much much lower in value, people bid in contestants row the first few games $250-$500 and all always go over and over the first couple rounds, prizes are closer to $150 or so.

      Unlike the tv show, the picking process is completely random, there is no quick interviews or anything.

      More details on other peoples views you can check the yelp of the TPIR stage show in vegas http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-price-is-right-live-las-vegas

    • Coupon Boy says:

      Well I have good news for for then, because you’re chances of coming on down are actually bigger than you think. Since they have 4 news contestants for each one bid, 3 new contestants spinning the wheel, and 2 new contestants competing in the showcase, there are actually 32 contestants on one show. The bad news to that, of course, is that if you do get to play your odds of winning anything more than a t-shirt are pretty slim.

      • Wayne says:

        That is good news, my odds just went up about 350%!!!

        In this venue, I believe that is a 1-2% chance of getting called out; and that’s taking into account people that will be there that don’t want to be on, but not considering all who may sign up that didn’t buy tickets.

        Either way, if they offer the chance to spin the wheel with a t-shirt purchase, I will do it just to spin the wheel.

  • Chris Parsley says:

    I knew I saw the exact breakdown, here it is on how who gets to play is determined…

    WANT TO PLAY? NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Register at the venue box office up to three (3) hours before show time on show days for the opportunity to be selected as a contestant in that day’s show. Contestants will be selected in a random drawing . Open to US legal US residents, 18 years or older. Ticket purchase will not increase your chances of being selected to play; odds of being selected depend on number of registrants. Neither ticket purchase nor registration guarantee a spot as a show contestant. For complete rules & regulations, including eligibility requirements, visit the venue box office. To enter theater to watch show, a ticket purchase is required. Void where prohibited.

    • Coupon Boy says:

      Hold on, do you need to sign up prior to 3 hours before the show or during the 3 hours before the show? I didn’t understand exactly what that meant.

      • Wayne says:

        During the 3 hours prior to the show, it’s just to encourage people to get there on time and get registration done before the doors open.

  • I must be getting -really- old, but I does anyone remember Barker taking TPIR on the road for a few one night stands in the 80′s? Or is this just a cobweb in my imagination?

  • bmhedgehog says:

    Man I wish I had the money to go to either Williamsport or Bethlehem.

    $500 as the max value on the Plinko Board? You’d think with all those “millions of dollars we have givenaway” they could afford a more “expencive” Board.

    • Wayne says:

      Bethlehem sold out really fast, so keep focused on hoping a radio station will give away some tickets.

      In Bethlehem, I would guess the best bet would be 99.9 the Hawk.

  • 444rr says:

    I’m going to the one in D.C. and I dont understand how to register to be on the show? you need to get there up to 3 hours early. Can someone explan how to sign up for the show again? Sorry if I sound dumb

    • Wayne says:

      Don’t know the specifics at your venue, but where I’m watching it states the same.

      Really you can get there anytime from 3 hours prior to showtime, and I would suspect right up until the show starts to register. Because it is just a random drawing, there are no contestant interviews and I’m sure registration is simply filling out a card with your name on it.

      In some locations, and maybe all locations due to laws regulating contests, there is “no purchase necessary” which means anyone can show up at the door (up to 3 hours prior to showtime) and sign up to be in the random drawing to get up on stage.

      The show gives away prizes to people not called out as well, so you may win even if not called to come on down.

      • Wayne says:

        Just wanted to add (darn no edit feature on this website) that without purchase and showing up to register, those entries go in the same random drawing as everyone else’s, and those people will only get in to see the show if they are randomly chosen to be on stage. I don’t know if they also get to see the entire show for free, but they sure will be allowed in for their game.

  • Damion says:

    The Austin show was amazing!! And, I got a picture with Todd and the crew!

  • Kevin says:

    I’ll be going to the Belterra Casino show in Florence, IN on October 21st!
    So excited! :D

  • Alex says:

    I was at the Washington Dc Price is Right Live it was a lot of fun to attend the games and prizes were fun. Seeing Todd Newton and Randy West were fun also since I have seen Tood host several game shows before plus heard Randy announce several also.

  • Nicole Curl says:

    The tour is coming to Eugene, OR this Monday, Sept. 23rd and we are going! I’m excited to have the experience as I’m the 5th generation to watch this growing up. We are only 11 rows back from the stage and can’t wait to yell prices and directions to players!

  • pam jones says:

    A friend and I went to the show in Fresno, Ca last week. I had previously called the box office to find out what time to be there to be able to sign up to be a contestant. I was told 2:00. Got there at 2;00, was told to come back at 4:30. Came back at 4:30, Signed up, came back at 7:00, that is when the doors opened to find your seat. Couldn’t help buy notice all the people who had just got there, were able to still sign up to be a contestant. And I questioned what this other line was that there that was formed at a different entrance? I was informed it was for free tickets to the public. This all really disturbed me. We paid a lot of money for our seats, did a lot of waiting in lines to be able to be a contestant – and when it came down to it – free tickets were being given out, and to be a contestant – EVERYONE was being considered, no matter what time you showed up.

    All of the games played were very hard to play, so the majority of the lucky contestants who got called up to play – lost. Most of the prizes were on the extremely cheap side as well.. Again, very disappointed….

    This traveling show was something I would never recommend. It is NOTHING like the real show and it is NOT televised. It was a total waste of my time and money. On a scale of 1-10, I would give it a 2, the show itself was a minus, but it was fun standing line line talking with the hopeful contestants.

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