Casting Calls: “Draw Something”, “Oh Sit!”, and “White Elephant” Thumbnail

Casting Calls: “Draw Something”, “Oh Sit!”, and “White Elephant”

The new seasons of practically all game shows have begun.  However, new and returning shows are getting set to go into production and need contestants.  Most are Los Angeles based, but if you can even make it there to audition and play, you’ve got a shot at winning some big money.  The shows casting are all very, very different so regardless of your skills you should find something.

*It appears that CBS’s adaptation of the popular iOS app Draw Something is moving forward.  CBS’s website now lists casting is open for the Embassy Row-produced show.  The app is, essentially, a phone based version of Pictionary.  If you are interested in applying for the show click here.  CBS first announced the order of Draw Something in June.  This would be CBS’s first traditional game show since Million Dollar Password.  CBS has turned down pilots for Secret FortuneThe Cube, and Celebrity Name Game.

*The CW’s Oh Sit has performed respectably by the network’s unbelievably low standards.  It looks to have done well enough for them that they are casting.  The notice, which has gone live on Craigslist, can be found here.  The game is an extreme version of musical chairs, as contestants race around a track and try to grab one of the few chairs at the center of the stage after the live band ceases playing.  The day’s winner stands to win tens of thousands of dollars.  Note to The Gurin Company and everyone else involved: it’s not a bad show but please, for the love of everything good and decent, if this is indeed a second reason: replace Jamie Kennedy.  He is awful.

*NBC’s newest game show, White Elephant, has begun looking for contestants.  The show is an adaptation of the popular party game where people trade each other for unknown gifts, hoping to get the best box possible.  The television version, which will have twists, culminates in the two final contestants deciding to share or steal the prizes won.  Over half a million dollars in cash and prizes is available.  It is Los Angeles based so if you’re in the area and want to play, click here.  The show being fronted by Howie Mandel and rumored to be starting this December.  NBC launched Who’s Still Standing last December to negative reviews and poor ratings.

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14 responses to "Casting Calls: “Draw Something”, “Oh Sit!”, and “White Elephant”"

  • Coupon Boy says:

    Will Draw Something be a prime-time show? If so, I don’t think a show like that will do well in such a competitive time slot. As for White Elephant, I think the producers are going to play it cheap with the contestants and choose people who are more likely to Steal at the end so that nearly every episode ends in a Steal/Steal shutout. The reason why I’m saying this is because they did a similar thing on Who’s Still Standing, choosing heroes that were less gutsy and left as soon as they were given the opportunity; in fact, during the entire run of the show, every hero left after the 5 to 7th challenge despite the 8th challenge being worth $250,000 cause they couldn’t bear the thought of possibly losing the 40 to 70k they had. To emphasize this, in one episode a guy left after the 6th challenge despite having all four passes left and believing he could beat the rest.

  • K.C. says:

    So a show full of bad music, bad production values and bad jokes about “sitting” in “chairs” not only MAKES IT on the air, but gets a SECOND SEASON. Yet The Pyramid wasn’t good enough for CBS daytime. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

    • Kevin $ says:

      This isn’t comparable though. We’re talking about CBS and The CW… HUGE differences. Now if you had the same argument with “Draw Something” and the “Pyramid,” completely valid.

  • Andrew L. Budny says:

    It’s interesting that CBS is going forward with Draw Something. THey probably wanted another party like show such as The Price Is Right and Let’s Make A Deal. Mr. Davies did a great job with The Pyramid on GSN (A smash hit so far), Hoping for a second season BTW.

    But if all else fails, he could always take it to GSN.

  • Ben says:

    I think if Pyramid does well enough this season you could see it going to daytime TV or syndication. Mike Richards has connections and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pyramid brand is strong enough for a larger audience than what is possible on GSN.

  • Scott says:

    CBS turned down Secret Fortune, The Cube and Celebrity Name Game… for THIS!?

    Seriously, the logo of Draw Something leads me to believe it’s a game show for 2-year-olds and definitely not worthy of a primetime slot.

    Just goes to show you that CBS STILL doesn’t know what the heck they’re doing. Ever since Million Dollar Password was cancelled back in 2009, this network has refused to air a good primetime game show.

    • Adam says:

      I know how you’ve been feeling about The Cube and I clearly feel your pain. Have you ever tried contacting other networks into persuading them to pick up the rights to the Cube?

      • Scott says:

        Well, FOX already passed on it.

        NBC chose to go the cheaper route with Minute to Win It, and eventually axed it.

        And ABC’s execs were going into Panic Mode when the first Million Dollar Mind Game team almost won the $1,000,000 top prize last year. So they want to make it insanely difficult to win money on game shows as well.

        GSN won’t pay for The Cube either, so, we’re running out of options here.

    • CarShark says:

      Actually, I would have said The Hub. I also concur with your disdain for what appears to be another low point for the game show genre in primetime. I mean, Oh Sit! is ok for a Wipeout rip-off, but that’s all that it is. I am impressed that it appears to have a decent audience, but there doesn’t seem to be much growth opportunity there.

  • Matthew says:

    White Elephant sounds entertaining providing they don’t use actors as contestants again, don’t have an opinion on Draw Something, and I might be the only person it seems like that enjoys watching Oh Sit.

    • Daniel B. says:

      “White Elephant” is an NBC primetime game show. Precedence shows it’ll have the same crappy mold as the network’s previous games.

      • Scott says:

        I’m not counting out White Elephant just yet. With Howie hosting, it might be as good as Deal or No Deal. As long as the producers of Who’s Still Standing aren’t involved, I think we’ll be alright.

      • spp138 says:

        I don’t know…here are a few quotes from the casting page that have me extremely worried…

        “Need attractive Males & Females…”
        “Now casting good looking men and women…”
        “The perfect contestant would be an attractive person who is out-going, loves to have fun, and is VERY competitive!”
        “All you need is a great personality!”

        I’m thinking back to Who’s Still Standing and some of the bad episodes of DoND US, and thinking that we might be headed for the same NBC model of over-the-top-good-looking-actors-blubbering-game-show

  • James D. says:

    A few comments regarding the casting calls…

    Draw Something: CBS can afford passing on unscripted pilots since it has very few holes in its fall schedule, and appears to be the only network where reruns of its scripted fare do well in the overall and demo. Also, The Eye got spooked over the poor demo numbers and commercial load “MDP” got in 2009 (remember the Time-Life Music ads that aired during the show?), resulting in it getting yanked and cooling the network on the genre as a whole .

    Draw Something has the “power of Seacrest” behind it, plus Davies and Sony (who know game shows), so I’m hoping for something good.

    Oh Sit!: Most of the CW’s summer fare have struggled to hit 0.1 in the demo. The fact that this show has consistently hit 0.4-0.5 on a weekly basis is an accomplishment.

    White Elephant: The problem with a lot of the modern prime time game shows is that they try and cast with a “reality” show in mind. The casting description works fine for, say, “The Bachelor,” but not for a game show. The show might also be rushed to cast and tape, as I have a feeling they’re looking for a “weeklong primetime showcase” in December to air at least four of the episodes. Hence, find enough people who are “ready for primetime” as possible to quickly tape these shows.

    I actually saw a Craiglist post not too along from someone claiming to be an “upcoming contestant” for White Elephant who was “looking for a teammate.” This appears to be a two-person team show, similar to what we’ve seen with recent prime-time fare (It’s Worth What, Money Drop).

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