News Flashes for August 14, 2012

We haven’t done any quick news flashes in a while.  A few smaller stories have been floating around over the past few hours that deserve some mention.

*We like to think we usually have the best game show stories on the web but sometimes someone else writes something that blows us out of the water.  The winner of the day is Mike Richards.  Richards, the executive producer of The Price is Right and Let’s Make A Deal as well as host of GSN’s upcoming game The Pyramid, recently posted a story on the Price website where he discusses some of the fan mumblings from the past year.  Topics include the whole “variety show” panic attack some people, the show’s music, and the prizes given away.  Fantastic post that’s brought some interesting discussion on our Facebook page among other places.  Click here to read the post.

*Anyone remember Dawn Harkins from ITV summer’s series Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?: The People Play?  Dawn, a 61 year old teashop owner, won £75,000 in an extremely exciting episode.  The money was going to be used to go to Australia to visit her long lost son Glyn who was given up for adoption 45 years ago.  The Daily Mail caught up with Dawn and got some pictures of her journey.  It’s a great story with a great finish.  Click here to read.  Below you can see Dawn’s big win.

*The Voice, NBC’s sole bright spot in its dark looking schedule, is planning some upcoming changes.  The changes are in response to sharp ratings decline after the hook of the show, the spinning chairs of the blind auditions, finishes a few weeks in.  The new features include the “Steal” and a “Knockout” round.  This year, during each Battle round where two people from the same team compete against each other, an opposing coach and steal the person not selected to stay on the team.  This means each coach’s team increases from eight to ten.  A Knockout round will follow where singers will choose their own songs to compete against each other as the other sits onstage and watches.  The field will be narrowed from 40 to 20 during this round and the live rounds will begin.  The Voice will compete directly against The X Factor on Fox this season.

Source : Speakeasy

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4 responses to "News Flashes for August 14, 2012"

  • K.C. says:

    I like what Mike had to say about TPIR’s new direction. Good find. As a longtime fan of the show I’m game for shaking things up a little. All throughout the 70s the show kept up with the times. They were constantly adding new games, changing the set and music cues, and coming up with clever new skits for the showcases. This continued to a point into the 80s, then the 90s came along and everything seemed to stay the same for years and years. No more drastic changes really happened until Drew took over. I think it’s wonderful that TPIR is finally trying to keep up with the times again while at the same time leaving in a few familiar elements. My main beef with the show as it is today has nothing to do with the music cues, the set, celebrity appearances, Drew or George. Every bit of the presentation is splendid. My biggest complaint is the contestants. Back in the 70s and 80s, we saw all sorts of different personality types, many of whom had a very entertaining story to tell. Back then the show seemed to be out to prove that your average Joe on the street can be the most interesting person in the world if you’ll give him the chance to be. That’s one thing that I admired about Bob Barker’s work on the show- he could get gold out of just about anybody given the extra time to talk to them. I’m pretty sure that if Drew really tried to, he could do it too. Problem is that they don’t seem to want people with something interesting to talk about anymore. All they want is the Deal or No Deal style caricatures who know nothing more than screaming ANYTIME ANYTHING HAPPENS. It’s REALLY annoying. If they’d bring back the everyman quality to the contestant pool, TPIR would be perfect.

    • Scott says:

      I agree. It seems like American game shows these days are all about getting contestants who act crazy, love screaming, and yet have some sort of depressing story to tell about why they so-desperately need the money.

      On another topic, I can’t believe NBC is bringing back The Voice for a 2nd time this year. I’m tired of singing competition shows. CBS tried this tactic before, airing Survivor and The Amazing Race twice a year. It didn’t work out. NBC also tried this tactic before too, airing The Apprentice twice a year. That didn’t last long either.

      If NBC wants to keep airing The Voice, they should limit it to once per year. Regardless, I still think that the singing competition shows are eventually going to lose their appeal. Once one ends, another begins. It’s either The Voice, The X Factor, or American Idol. And we often get singers on America’s Got Talent as well.

      I can’t wait for the day to come when the ratings drop off a cliff for all the singing programs. Maybe then, more game shows will take their place.

      • Chris Parsley says:

        We still have survivor twice a year, a fall season, and a spring season. If the singing competitions fall off the cliff, Id be looking towards Idol/X Factor being where it falls. Each season the Voice has been brought back they have done things differently, keeping it from getting stale. If it was purely the same rules/game each time then yes, but as long it keeps innovating, I’d look for FOX’s singing to fall first.

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