Marco Antonio Regil to Host “Minuto Para Ganar” (“Minute to Win It”) for MundoFox Thumbnail

Marco Antonio Regil to Host “Minuto Para Ganar” (“Minute to Win It”) for MundoFox

Update: This is a reminder that MundoFox will debut the new game show Minuto Para Ganar, the adaptation of Minute to Win It, tonight, August 13th, at 7:00PM.  The show is a revival of NBC’s Minute to Win It for the new Spanish-language American network.  Click here to read our interview with host Marco Antonio Regil.  The daily series sees teams of contestants attempt to win up to $100,000 by stepping into the sixty second circle and play various games using household items.  Do you get MundoFox in your area?  Click here to visit the network’s website and select your city (“Selecciona tu Ciudad”) to find how to watch.  Here’s a preview of the new show.  Looking forward to it?


We briefly touched upon this earlier but I wanted to be sure you got the full story since we seem to have quite a few people interested.  Popular television personality and host Marco Antonio Regil has been named the host of MundoFox’s upcoming game show Minuto Para Ganar, the Spanish-American version of the popular game Minute to Win It.  The series will play Monday through Friday.  Each team has a chance to win up to $100,000 by playing up to ten seemingly simple games using household items.  This is the first time the Minute to Win It format will be seen in America since September 2011.

Marco Antonio Regil is a popular television personality and game show host.  He has hosted the Spanish versions of The Price is Right, Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?, and Family Feud  as well as Miss MexicoDancing With the Stars, and numerous others.  American audiences may have seen him appear on CBS’s The Price is Right and Family Feud.  In 2008 Marco hosted the live stage show version of Price in Las Vegas.  Take a look at Marco hosting The Price is Right.

Harvey Grisález, vice president of creative development for Shine Latino, said (original Spanish text below), “Marco Antonio is one of the best known and respected presenters of Mexican television, and we are thrilled to join us in Minuto Para Ganar. With Marco Antonio, Adam, and a great production team overall, this series will be a solid addition to the initial programming in primetime MundoFox.”

“Marco Antonio es uno de los presentadores más conocidos y respetados de la televisión mexicana, y nos entusiasma mucho que nos acompañe en ‘Minuto Para Ganar”, afirma Harvey Grisález, Vicepresidente del Departamento Creativo de Shine Latino. “Con Marco Antonio, Adam y un magnífico equipo de producción general, esta serie será una sólida adición a la programación inicial en horario estelar de Mundo Fox”.

Minuto will be produced by Shine America and is their first Hispanic production.  The new series will debut in August on MundoFox, the new over-the-air American network launching August 13th which, at launch, will cover at least 40% of the U.S. Hispanic households. Adam Zuvich, who executive produced the NBC version, retains his title for this revival.  Marco is a great host and we’re excited to see how he does on the show.

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16 responses to "Marco Antonio Regil to Host “Minuto Para Ganar” (“Minute to Win It”) for MundoFox"

  • Joseph Lambert says:

    It’s been 11 months since guy fieri stopped presenting the us version of the show. but marco antonio regil has been presenting the english live price is right shows for some time. i hope they increase the prize to $250,000.

  • Bobby says:

    If this turns out to be a success, don’t be surprised to see Fox (which now owns Shine) to look at seriously making an English version daily strip in the future with Regil as host. This could be a risk but Regil auditioned for the big one of game shows.

  • Adam says:

    Two things:

    1. Marco Antonio Regil, IMO, would’ve made a decent replacement for Bob Barker on CBS’ TPiR.

    2. Bobby, even if the MundoFox version of MtWi is a hit, don’t expect an English language version anytime soon.

    • Joe Capitano says:

      …and certainly not five days a week. The bad taste from the NBC version (no thanks largely to the stupid, assinine editing) still lingers.

      But, Regil does speak fluent Ingles…

  • Dave says:

    Since Marco hosted Mexican versions of The Price Is Right and Family Feud in the past, would he ever host a Mexican version of the Pyramid game show on Televisa in 2013. Would Marco ever host a Mexican informercial in 2013?

  • Brad says:

    Does anyone know if the episodes will be online? I apparently will not get MundoFox, and this would be great not only to see Marco host “Minute to Win It,” but to improve my Spanish-speaking skills.

  • Daniel B. says:

    “Adam Zuvich, who executive produced the NBC version, retains his title for this revival.”

    This isn’t exactly a vote of confidence for this new version.

  • James E. Parten says:

    Just watched about a third of an episode of “Minuto Para Ganar”. I was planning to stick it out for the entire episode, but it turns out that is not really necessary.

    If you liked “Minute To Win It” on NBC–especially when it tried to be more of a “party” show rather than an imitation of “The Cube”–you’ll be familiar with this version. Set is a little more traditional, but makes room for all the various and sundry impedimenta found on the standard set for this show.

    Sr. Regil is a vast improvement over Guy Fieri. He is more of a traditional Game Show Host, and his professionalism shows. I can see him hosting Spanish-language versions of “Family Feud” and/or “The Price Is Right”. He works a crowd without coming off nearly as grating as Guy Fieri did.

    The games are pretty much the same as on the NBC show. Some are somewhat clever, others more exasperating, but if you are familiar with the games on the US network version, you’ll be right at home with the Spanish-language show.

    Money ladder is considerably less, which is befitting a five-a-week show. It’s 1K-2K-3K-4K-5K-10K-25K-50K-75K-100K.

    One exasperation that has remained: going into a commercial break just as someone is going into one of the games.

    We’re going to have to see if it succeeds with the Hispanic-American audience. Neither Univision nor Telemundo have been especially known for their game shows. (Those that Televisa has run in Mexico never get up here–possibly for contractual reasons). And it’s not expected that game show formats will originate in Latin America–that’s the territory of the telenovelas (the Spanish-language soap operas).

    WE shall see what we shall see. . .

  • sergio guerrero says:

    este comentario es para marco antonio reguil tiene tres meses y medio y estan repitiendo los programas en tan poco tiempo espero tomen en cuenta mis comentarios para no tener que cambiar de canal en tan poco tiempo att. sergio guerrero fecha 12-27-20

    • Uosdwis R. Dewoh says:

      No hay necesidad de poner la fecha de su comentario.

      • Uosdwis R. Dewoh says:

        And for those who don’t know much Spanish, what Señor Guerrero appears to be saying (if, of course, he isn’t a bad user) is that “Minuto Para Ganar” is already getting repeat showings.

        I gather he likes the show and wants it to be renewed. Hmm…

  • Maria Molina says:

    Me gust aria participar en un minute para ganar

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