Updated: Late Summer/Early Fall Game Show Premiere Dates and Preview Guide Thumbnail

Updated: Late Summer/Early Fall Game Show Premiere Dates and Preview Guide

That exciting time of the year is almost upon us – the start of the fall season! There’s a lot of extra excitement in this season that I’ll outline for you below. You might want to bookmark this article for future reference, as this will cover many of the questions that are sent our way this time of year: “When does x premiere?”  You will find a schedule of times and dates for the season premiere of every major game show in syndication, on network and on cable. Also included are previews of what to expect in each show and, for existing programs, what’s going to change and when you should expect to see it. This is a wide-covering experience that I hope will pump you up for the interesting set of shows coming our way in just a couple of weeks. Here they are, listed in order of premiere date.

Thursday, August 23rd
The American Bible Challenge (GSN, 8PM ET)
Probably the most controversial entrant to the new TV season is GSN’s American Bible Challenge. Jeff Foxworthy leads a tournament of 18 teams, 3 playing per each show to win money for their favorite faith-based charity. Press releases and interviews have made it clear that the program is only going to be testing the factual items included in the book, not the interpretations of them. I honestly don’t have a prediction for this program’s success because it could truly go either way. If you’re interested, tune in to the premiere date or DVR one of the ten repeats that are sure to occur in the following week.

Beat the Chefs (GSN, 9PM ET)
Beat the Chefs, straddling the boundary between reality competition and game show, premieres immediately after Bible. A “home-based” team of amateur cooks will pit their best dish against what a team of professional cooks can conjure up. If the panel of judges finds the homestyle meal more appetizing, that team will split the $20,000 grand prize. Two different challenges may be featured per hour-long episode. This, like Bible, will likely be seen again and again on GSN’s schedule if you miss it the first time.

Monday, September 3rd
The Pyramid (GSN, 6PM ET)
Potentiallyy the most highly anticipated new entrant into the game show market in years is the first new series of Pyramid in eight years. Hosted by Mike Richards, most signs point to this being highly faithful to the most fondly remembered version of the classic word game. This could be a make or break show as far as GSN’s revivals and remakes of programs go. Get a look at the game’s format and a list of celebrities who will be appearing. If you want to show your support early, a special sneak preview will air at 10PM ET on Thursday, August 30th immediately after Beat the Chefs.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire  (Syndicated, check local listings)
Nothing completely new looks to be happening to Meredith’s million dollar game. The shuffle format will be in tact with occasional Double Your Money Weeks, the traditional Movie Week and this season, a previously used specialty event in College Week will return. They’re taping in a beautiful new studio, however and you can get a sneak preview of some gameplay on it here.

Monday, September 10th
Family Feud (Syndicated, check local listings)
Steve Harvey enters his third season hosting the Feud, which is overall this version’s 14th season. If available in your area, this will be the show’s first year in high-definition. No gameplay changes will be prevalent, but there are some updates to the set which you can see in this preview. In many markets, time slots will be changing for the better and some station changes will occur. Make sure you find out what time the program will air as the airdate gets closer.

Monday, September 17th
Baggage (Syndicated, check local listings)
You may have forgotten about this one, but with around 200 episodes produced for GSN, Baggage is being put into the syndicated market with these seasons. NBCUniversal tested this in limited markets last year and will now be syndicating this package to local stations which, to some people, may seem like an entirely new series. To our knowledge no new episodes will be produced for this but if you missed some of them on GSN the first time around, catch them on a broadcaster near you.

Jeopardy! (Syndicated, check local listings)
This season will feature the debut of the highly-anticipated Triple Jeopardy triple or nothing bonus round. …No, I’m just kidding. As it’s been since 1984, virtually nothing will change about the show. There is a new background design for the logo with a new opening video, Alex Trebek will return to hosting from his minor heart scare in June and that will be that.

Let’s Ask America (Syndicated in limited markets, check local listings)
Let’s Ask America, the Skype-based game show created by Scripps to replace Wheel of Fortune and/or Jeopardy! on their stations, begins airing in seven markets: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Kansas City, Phoenix, Tampa and Tulsa. Later in the season, after previous deals expire, the shows will be seen in the Bakersfield, Denver, Detroit, Indianapolis, San Diego and West Palm Beach markets. If these are successes, the Kevin Pereira show will be syndicated nationally next year. It’s a simple format with a new concept being brought to the big forefront for the first time and I hope it works out.

Wheel of Fortune (Syndicated, check local listings)
Wheel is one show that you can usually expect changes from every season and this year, celebrating its 30th anniversary in syndication, is no different. The rounds and the round order introduced last season will be staying the same. The permanently added ½ Car tags will be sticking around but they will not always feature Kia automobiles. As has been common in recent years by adding $500 to landing on special spaces like the Jackpot or the car pieces, that award will now be applied to the Wild Card. And, for the first time in nearly 15 years, the configuration of the spaces on the wheel will be getting a major makeover. User “MarioGS” created a wheel graphic representing the layout which you can view here. A fun fact: The “$650″ value on this wheel hasn’t been used on the program since Chuck Woolery was host. A minor set upgrade is the expansion of the video screens used to display scores, visible here from the Wheel Facebook page’s sneak peek at “Bed & Breakfast” week. They now make up the entirety of the portion below the protective padded railing.

Sunday, September 23rd
Family Game Night (The Hub, 7 PM ET)
With an all new Price is Right-style format, Family Game Night returns to the Hub for its third season with newly-minted Emmy winner Todd Newton. There are new games in store along with some old favorites, but the biggest change is different families are playing in each game to earn cash and prizes, instead of the same team all hour like previously. The show was reportedly on and off the cancellation block for a time, so hopefully these changes will manage to keep it around a little while longer.

Monday, September 24th
Let’s Make a Deal (CBS, 10AM or 3PM ET)
A show some people didn’t think would last past its first season, Wayne Brady’s Let’s Make a Deal enters season four this fall. Not much to write home about cosmetically or format-wise but later in the season, like its sister show Price did last year, one week of programming will feature a promotion with Publisher’s Clearing House offering a $20,000 cash prize each day. Unfortunately, this show will still be broadcast in standard definition, one of the very few programs on broadcast TV to still be in that format.

The Price Is Right (CBS, 11AM ET/10AM PT)
The hour-long pricing game bash, as it has since 1975, won’t change how its games are played. But as happens every few years, its set will be touched up. The big doors have been changed to include “shiny” silver borders in its square design. A really neat feature is that the logos in the middle of the door now protrude in a three-dimensional fashion and are able to illuminate. You can expect to see more playings of the game that premiered at the tail end of last year, Double Cross. Be prepared for the premiere of male models coming early in the season. Also of note, in the grey area between season 40 and 41 is the Price 40th Anniversary Special airing in daytime on September 4th, 40 years to the day the first episode aired in 1972. The audience will be comprised of former contestants from the show’s history so expect a lot of reminiscing and flashbacks throughout.


And there you have it! I hope this help give you a sense of what to expect from this new season of exciting games and I hope it will make it easier to track what is going to happen when. Which of these are you looking forward to? And what is “must watch” versus “maybe DVR” for you?

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51 responses to "Updated: Late Summer/Early Fall Game Show Premiere Dates and Preview Guide"

  • Jay says:

    If “Let’s Ask America” replaces WoF or J!, I’m guessing people in those markets will not be happy. Those two shows have become like PB&J (pun not intended). One without the other just sounds weird.

  • Zzzz says:

    When does the new Family Game Night run on the Hub?

  • Kevin $ says:

    Even for the shows I don’t want to see…or won’t “write home about,” I’m excited about all of these options. Always nice and pleasant to have new shows premiering (especially when one of them is “Pyramid!”

    Any other words on some of the other cable shows? New seasons of “Figure It Out,” “Family Game Night,” or ” Total Blackout,” for example? If not, totally ok!

    Looking forward to this season! Gonna be exciting! :D

    • Antonio says:

      Figure It Out just ended their first season last Friday and they already looking for new contestants from their website.

      Total Blackout (Season 2) won’t be on until November.

      Family Game Show (Season 3) should been in September…

  • 444rr says:

    Is howie mandel’s white elephant still going to air or has that been canned?

    • Scott says:

      From what I know, it’s still going to air — just not until December.

      NBC did this with Who’s Still Standing last year as well. They promoted the casting call for WSS in June, then didn’t air it until December. White Elephant will be the same, it looks like, especially since Howie is busy with AGT right now.

      • Michael says:

        White Elephant game show on December? Heads up, we are going to have Santa Claus as the announcer again. Who Still Standing’s presentation is bad, what are the chances this show will be like that.

        • Scott says:

          Well, I’m hoping that since Howie is hosting it, he’ll have more say as to how it’s produced. He knows what a good game show is like, especially after hosting Deal or No Deal for 4 years. He also knows the game show business better than the guys who created Minute to Win It and Who’s Still Standing.

          So we’ll see how this one plays out.

          But I agree with you. I hope we don’t get the Santa announcer again.

  • Scott says:

    I’m looking forward to The Pyramid and White Elephant, premiering this Christmas season.

    Aside from that, I’m gonna be watching Secret Fortune and Red or Black, as far as UK game shows are concerned. :D

  • MarioGS says:

    Thanks for using my graphic and crediting me. Glad you like it. However, the red $500 wedge is not 100% confirmed, though it seems the most likely since it replaces the Jackpot wedge. That wedge used to be $300, but now that that value’s now right next to it, it’s likely that the two wedges just switched values. If I find out that the red $500 is actually a different value, I’ll let you know ASAP.

  • CarShark says:

    I’m having trouble finding where Family Feud will be in Flint, as apparently it’s not on WEYI anymore.

  • Andrew says:

    With the return of the $650-space on “Wheel” could other long forgotten spaces of $750, $850 (also from the Woolery run), $1,250 (from the Bob Goen run) $1,500, and $2,000 be comming back? Why not create a $950-space?

    • Dave says:

      Or an $850 space as well?

    • Schmolik says:

      They need to get some four figure spots on the wheel other than the big space. I think a regular $10,000 space (that can be multiplied) is due (Round 1 $2500, Round 2 $3500, Round 3 $5000, Round 4+ $10,000). At the very least, make Round 3 $5000 so we can see that space more than a few minutes an episode. The top value regular space hasn’t increased in 30 years?

      I know, it’s not my money.

      As for the other spots, I don’t get the $650 (or even $550). If you are going to put a “50″ on the wheel, make it $750. It’s a lot easier to calculate three or four $750′s quickly than three or four $550′s or three or four $650′s quickly.

    • Schmolik says:

      I do like seeing the $700 return (they took it off last season). And classic WOF fans have to love the $900 returning to yellow, the color it was always meant to be!

  • Andrew says:

    The Milwaukee market on CW18 “Feud” will air 6 and 6:30PM matched up against “J!” and “Wheel” on CBS58.

  • K.C. says:

    Triple Jeopardy bonus round?? I haven’t a word about that until just now. Anybody have any idea how that’ll work?

    Glad to see Wheel’s finally mixing up the dollar amounts with the rather abstract $650, but I still miss weird values like $175.

  • MountainHawk says:

    Assuming that Mario’s graphic is correct, the increase in values over last year is a whopping $650.
    Not including the Free Play, there will now be SIX $500 spaces (compared to 4) and TWO $300 spaces (compared to 5). The $650 replaces a $600.
    The game needs to add some 4-digit amonts to encourage saving the double-letters for big money. A pair of permanent $1000 spaces (to hold the mystery wedges), and one wedge each for $1250/$1500/$1750/$2000 would be nice, especially in round 4, which doesn’t generate big money, since all the bonuses have been removed from the wheel.

  • bmhedgehog says:

    So let me get this straight. Instead of 3 individual screens for the Contestant Scores on the wheel its one long vid screen and the scores are seperated graphically? I’m kinda iffy on this move. And now theres a vid screen below Pat’s position any idea whats going to be there or is it just going to be the wheel logo constantly displayed.

  • glenn says:

    3 things.

    1 on Wheel…The ribbon board I don’t know will work but I’ll let it work…I do think there needs to be some sort of way to bring the wheel back into deciding the game and not prizes. (Might as well bring back shopping otherwise LOL) I will say it again…Remove the meaningless 1000 toss up and gaurentee one clean round with the $5000 space. Also any talk of any 30th season specials? Just curious.

    2. Beat the Chefs being on at 9pm on Thursdays is NO accident…GSN must think they have something…this is traditionally the time slot new episodes of Chopped are slid in amongst multiple reruns. It’s as close as GSN can get to going head to head with Food Network…I hope they’re right…otherwise BTC will be a quick exit.

    3. Standing pat is not a good omen for Millionaire (Which is basically a different show ANYWAY) If Harvey feud is shuffling timeslots and channels to go against Wheel and Jeopardy, the big loser should be Millionaire…will the quasi ABC Disney valleycrest machine finally put this show out to pasture? I for one hope so, it’s gotten pretty dumb.

  • bmhedgehog says:

    I agree get rid of the $1k toss-up, there is absolutly no need to determine who gets to talk to Pat first. Just do the quick interview from L to R then do the $2k toss-up to determine who spins first. Also the Prize Puzzles should not be the ultimate factor of who wins.

    • Chad Mosher says:

      Any toss-up that adds money to your score is not worthless. $1,000 is added to the total to start off the game. Just because everyone wins at least a grand doesn’t make it worthless. If you lose the game by $800, you’re going to wish you had won the $1,000 toss-up.

      • glenn says:

        Disagree…yes 1k helps with the score but when it’s followed with 2k right after, there isn’t that much worth to it…If you MUST keep the 1k toss up…let it determine control in round 1.

        I think any gift of 1k is stunted by the fact that it also takes up time that ensures the 5k space almost NEVER sees a full round.

        I’ve been an opponent of the 1k toss up (the way it’s played with no extra reward) since it’s inception…the “free money” explanation will NOT change my mind.

        • Chad Mosher says:

          If you say there “isn’t much worth” to something that adds to your total-counting score, you’re flat out wrong. It’s as simple as that. And the 20 second toss-up is causing a lack of a full round four? Really?

          • CarShark says:

            I have to agree with them that with $1000 a round guaranteed, all the bonuses on the wheel and the Prize Puzzle guaranteeing at least $5000, the $1000 toss-up continues to be unnecessary awkward, as it has been since the other two were introduced.

            As for the amount of time they eat up, I don’t think the lack of a full Round 4 is due to that, because I remember watching in the late-90s with the new puzzle board and thinking how rare it was. It’s more likely the effect of the much larger puzzles they use and contestants not knowing the answer until later leading to much longer rounds. The two unnecessary toss-ups don’t help, though.

          • Kevin $ says:

            Well, I totally agree with you Chad. I don’t think you…or anyone…is a huge FAN of the $1k Toss-Up, but I will never get why people are so against it. It LITERALLY takes about 20 or 30 seconds and it’s just an extra $1,000. Why the hate? Plus, it’s really not awkward at all. It’s another piece of gameplay.

            I’m pretty sure it was added the way it was because 1) They want more gameplay and that easy Toss-Up is a quick way to do it and 2) When they started $3,000 to everything (the bonus answers to “Fill-in-the-Blank” and etc., etc.), it was an easy way to make the Toss-Ups eventually $3,000. But mostly…like they tried to do with the Puzzler, it’s just an easy way to get more gameplay going.

            Idk why people won’t just accept the $1k Toss-Up and move on. haha. It’s just not that serious! The lack of higher money values on the wheel IS a valid problem, but the $1k T.U.? Get over it. hahaha.

  • O. says:

    add another bankrupt to the wheel 3 at all times makes it more enjoyable. Pat and Vanna are great after watching Wheel for almost 37 years since 1975

  • Travis says:

    WXYZ in Detroit will be airing Let’s Ask America on Saturdays at Midnight.

  • Squared Eyes says:

    Maybe interesting for the game show fans and watchers, new series of ‘Divided’ has been on for the last two weeks now in The Netherlands in daily form: http://sbsnl-apple-vod.adaptive.level3.net/bc/videos/585049245001/585049245001_1813030778001_sbs6-degemenedeler-S00E08-120829203324089583-bg-1500.mp4?start=0

    Secondly, we have had the première of a whole new ‘The Price Is Right’ this week, airing daily at 18.20 – 19.00. A full episode: http://sbsnl-apple-vod.adaptive.level3.net/bc/videos/585049245001/585049245001_1813003435001_sbs6-thepriceisright-S00E03-120829190154089579-bg-1500.mp4?start=0

  • Coupon Boy says:

    For all those saying Wheel’s values should increase, I think that is the least of the gameshow rip-offs; after all, Wheel gives away far more prizes per episode than any other gameshow out there, including a lot of recent prime-time shows. What really should really bug people is the fact that Family Feud is going into nighttime syndication and they still have just a $20,000 top prize and many really difficult Fast Money surveys. Do the math people; Wheel gives away around $60,000 per episode while Family Feud gives away around $6,000 (as there’s only around 3 fast money wins every 10 episodes).

  • MarioGS says:

    OK. A small correction on the Wheel. The red $500 is actually $700.


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