“Deal or No Deal” Teases First Male Quarter Millionaire; Adds In-Show Product Placement Thumbnail

“Deal or No Deal” Teases First Male Quarter Millionaire; Adds In-Show Product Placement

Channel 4′s Deal or No Deal is going on seven years and 2,000 episodes.  They’ve had four women win the £250,000 top prize, but all young women.  Could we be on our way to the first male quarter millionaire?  They’ve been trying for a long time and many have tried, and it looks like we have another attempt.  Deal has released a teaser for an upcoming episode where it looks like someone will be going for the jackpot.  They’ve released a few of these teasers before.  Some have lead to big wins and others not, so it’s not specifically spoiling the results.  No word on the date, either, but The Banker is teasing this quite a bit on Twitter so, if you can, I’d be sure to watch for the next few days.  Here’s the teaser.

They’ve had some really good games recently, though, so I’d watch anyway.

Additionally, Channel 4 has announced a new partnership with British tea manufacturer PG Tips for their foray first digital brand integration.  The PG Tips logo will be digitally added to the mugs the contestants use starting on the August 7th episode and run for at least three months. Vicky Kell, Business Manager, Partnerships, Channel 4 said, “We’re delighted to announce this unique partnership between ourselves, Unilever, Endemol and MirriAd. It’s a groundbreaking combination of innovative technology, used on a scale never seen before on British TV, with one of Channel 4′s flagship shows. As usual, we’ll be investing in research to prove the effectiveness of the Placement, and look forward to adding this to our growing bank of PP examples.” Here’s a picture of what this will look like.

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3 responses to "“Deal or No Deal” Teases First Male Quarter Millionaire; Adds In-Show Product Placement"

  • Alex McMillan says:

    “The PG Tips logo will be digitally added to the mugs the contestants use”

    I understand the episodes are pre-recorded, but could they not just put the logo on the sodding cups normally?

  • Chris Parsley says:

    They don’t want to go back and re-shoot the episodes, nor delay the branding for shooting new eps with the logo on the mugs directly.

    Actually with technology the way it is currently, why the heck not do something like this!

  • Coupon Boy says:

    It’s got to happen soon. Too many men came so close to winning the quarter-million for it not to happen. At least 2 men that I remember seeing on YouTube had the quarter-million in their box but dealt at the very last offer, including a guy recently named Tony who dealt at 72,000 pounds with 500 pounds and the quarter-million remaining and a guy who played during the 3rd birthday special who, despite having a safety net of 10,000 pounds, dealt at 50,000 pounds with a 2 in 3 shot of doubling it (which he didn’t). I also remember at least 2 men who went all the way with the quarter-million remaining but didn’t have it in their box, including some guy who didn’t deal at 88,000 pounds with 5 pounds and the quarter-million remaining mainly for the title and a guy named Rich who had 50,000 pounds and 250,000 remaining and turned down an unprecedented 160,000 pounds (10,000 pounds more than the average of the cases) just for the title. Some guy has o have both the guts and the box to win it soon.

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