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Video: Behind the Scenes Featurette on New Season of “Family Feud” Thumbnail

Video: Behind the Scenes Featurette on New Season of “Family Feud”

Family Feud has a lot going for it in this upcoming season: This will be its first year broadcasting in high-definition, the viewership is higher than it has been in many, many years and the Feud will start the season after finishing a notable nationwide promotion with Burger King. It makes sense to put out some more tidbits to keep the excitement going. The show, with the help of its Washington D.C. broadcasting affiliate WDCA, has done just that by releasing a ‘behind the scenes” video detailing what goes on during a day on the Family Feud schedule. They paid a visit to the Atlantic Civic Center to see a day of family fun and they captured many cool moments. You get to see what it is like in the Feud‘s control room, how the contestants rehearse before the actual taping and get an HD look at the updated set. Plus, if you’re looking closely enough, you can spot new timer and strike graphics, some updated fonts elsewhere and a neat “throwback” effect on the game’s board before each round. Check out the video below and don’t forget to watch season 14 of this go-round starting September 10th.


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28 responses to "Video: Behind the Scenes Featurette on New Season of “Family Feud”"

  • Bob Porrazzo says:

    Chad that would be WDCA-TV My 20 in Washington.

  • Bob Porrazzo says:

    And i also notice the rotating board effect, a definite modern “spin” on the old hand operated board. Sure saves on labor costs i must say.

  • Bobby McBride says:

    The car offered as of this season’s a 2012 Ford Edge SE worth $28,595.

  • Dave says:

    They need to change the scoring format of the game. Rounds 1,2 and 3, Single… Round 4, Double and Round 5, Triple (Sudden Death), in the race to 300 points round.

    • Andrew L. says:

      How about (for a further throwback) Single/Single/Double/Double/Treble?

      • Chris Parsley says:

        That’s not going to happen as they only do 4 rounds, hence why the single, single (break),, double (break), triple is the best setup considering only doing four rounds.

        One thing I would suggest however, if you have empty space in the double/triple rounds, put a DOUBLE or TRIPLE in the 8th slot during the double and triple rounds.

    • Daniel B. says:

      Or, you know, stop changing out the Double question depending on how the first two questions go.

      (Watch about a dozen episodes and note how the scoring of the first two rounds goes, then the total value available in the Double round. You will NEVER see the game end after the third question unless the show screws up {and they did, a few years ago}.)

  • Coupon Boy says:

    “I sure want families to win the 20 Gs,” Steve Harvey said. But the producers say otherwise. They make so many fast money games so hard to win it that you would need the top 2 answers for every survey to win it. And notice they didn’t even mention the possibility of winning up to $100,000, considering since 2009ish there has only been a handful of families that have won fast money more than once, even among 5 time winners. They use Steve Harvey’s comedic power as a weapon to shield the difficulty of actually winning money on the show, which Steve basically said in the interview.

    • AssHat says:

      They are making Fast Money hard? How? They are survey questions! All these people have to do is guess what the most people said. Tough, yes, but that can also be said of the main game too.
      Too many players think of what they would say, not what others said. That is the key to the game.

  • Ryan Morris says:

    The people who run the network affiliates here in northern Michigan have no brains! For years, Family Feud was bounced around and now when it’s more popular than ever its stuck on some low power independent station that only a few people can watch and DirecTV doesn’t carry!

  • Chris says:

    Hard to prove, but sometimes one does get the impression that even if, in Fast Money, the contestants managed to give all five number one answers they would barely break the needed 200. The other night, on a GSN episode, they did not get all number one answers, but some of the number one answers were 25, 31.

    Just as on TPIR, when games are frequently set up for a difficult win when the prize budget is tight, I imagine other shows make set ups hard.

    Of course, big budget difference between Feud and TPIR.

    • Kevin $ says:

      That’s exactly what it is. The #1 answers on Fast Money RARELY are 40 points or more (as opposed to every other version of “Feud” and even when this version started with “Louie”). It’s not that the questions are “harder,” per se. There are just a lot more questions that have a lot of answers that people would say as opposed to having one clear answer.

      For example, they’re much more likely to ask “Name one of America’s favorite Presidents,” which can’t get more than 25 points because there are at least 5 people who would be “good” answers….as opposed to asking “Name a red fruit,” which I’d assume like 60 people would say Apple. That’s what I and others mean. In this sense, they are definitely harder.

      Long story short…as I’ve said to my personal friends for a long time…we’ll never see a solo 200 points win in Fast Money in a long, long time…if ever again.

      • James says:

        Which is why increasing the $5 a point is long overdue…maybe it would take the sting out of so many downer endings.

      • Daniel B. says:

        Nah, I just don’t think they know how to fill that empty time, so they make sure it’s impossible for one player to get 200 points.

  • Kevin $ says:

    In addition, BTW…I went to a recording of two of this season’s episodes in Atlanta (I live in GA) and what everyone always says is absolutely right. It’s even more fun in person! Steve is HILARIOUS! At the end of the day, however, it’s the same “FF” audiences have enjoyed for the last few years. This season will be epic for “Family Feud,” I believe. Good luck! :D

  • TPIR3DArt says:

    I have to say i’m even more excited to see the show premier because new season,kinda of a set change,new adding to the graphics on the surveys and that the show is now HD!

  • AssHat says:

    Yeah, and they want a solo 200 point win or $20,000 to fly out of Atlanta every episode.

    Besides, you cannot set up a game to lose. You can set it up to be challenging. Every game can be winnable, but you don’t know if the person playing it has the ability to win. But every game is winnable.

  • Adam says:

    I wish that some station OTHER than WSVN could pick up this show and move it to an afternoon time slot.

  • Flame Moth says:

    I spent a day on the set myself and I have to say that the crew of this show do not get the credit they deserve. They are amazingly hard-working, dedicated, generous and all-around awesome people who genuinely love making Feud even after all these years. Stay tuned because this season of Feud will indeed be awesome, and wait until you see it in HD.

    • Family Feud says:

      Hey there, Flame…those are some very kind words…Thank You!
      We have a very dedicated, hard working, staff & crew. You are right, we LOVE making Family Feud. It is a joy to see people escape for a moment and enjoy the show…and laugh their heads off..

  • James Greek says:

    Is that John Cramer voicing the vid? He’s a better announcer than Joey Fatone.

  • Julia says:

    Very happy to see Family Feud moving to a better time slot in Philly. It;s been bounced around for years here and happy to see it back at 7 PM…Too bad Wheel and Jep! kill everything else at that hour. It should get better ratings than it did last season, though, when it was on at Noon. So, wish ya luck this season. The show is more entertaining than it’s been in years.

  • Brandon says:

    The only thing that sucks is that they continue to recycle Joey Fatone’s opening spiel, which is kinda getting old, as he should be in the studio and announcing the family names just like Burton Richardson did. That’s the only thing which could use improvement–that and they could do more specials (i.e. holidays, Soap Opera specials, etc.)

    But otherwise, the new additions look fantastic and a sure breath of fresh air!!!

  • McleodGA says:

    Enjoyed the family feud crew they really do make you feel welcome! Can’t wait to come back and be a part of the fun again!!! It is a day of good entertainment and meeting new people! You learn all about who a person really is! Can’t wait to see the new shows this season!

  • Bobby says:

    Just finished our taping in May 2013 and totally agree. The staff and crew at the Feud are incredible. Very hard working and totally dedicated to making sure the participants have a great time. Our family loved every minute of it – easily one of the most fun things I’ve ever done.

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