“The Price is Right” Asking for Stories from Former Contestants Thumbnail

“The Price is Right” Asking for Stories from Former Contestants

As many of you know CBS’s daytime game show The Price is Right is currently in its 40th season…a remarkable achievement for television show.  The show celebrated it earlier this year with classic clips and special guests.  They’ve got another trick up their sleeves.  Price is asking for stories from former contestants for a 40th anniversary celebration.  If you’ve appeared on the show in the past, especially back in the 80s or 90s, be sure to tell them your story and you may be hearing back from them.  Click here to visit the show’s website and share your story.  Feel free to share your experience with us, also, in the comments below.

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26 responses to "“The Price is Right” Asking for Stories from Former Contestants"

  • Andrew says:

    Everybody wants to know of Yolanda Bowelsy (sp?) story. She’s the reason why contestants are no longer allowed to wear tubetops.

  • Arizonagal says:

    I was on TPIR, not in the 90s, not in the 80s, but the 70s! I was on in season 1(1973). I was the first contestant chosen that day. I had memorized prices, so I was very confident. The 3 other contestants bid before me, and they all overbid. I hit the price exactly and won a Tappan Double Oven Range! This was before you could win $100 for a correct answer. Up on stage, I played the Hi-Lo Game. I got the first 2 items, but missed when I went for the salt and pepper combo, when i should have picked the tea. I lost out on a TV, bookcase and wall paneling. The show was only 30 minutes long then, and there wasn’t a big wheel to spin. The other 2 contestants won more than me, so I never made it to the showcase showdown. Anyway, it was certainly a day to remember.

    • BG says:

      That’s pretty cool! Thanks for sharing. :-)

    • Daniel B. says:

      You should post that on Golden-Road.net — they’re *extremely* knowledgeable, so they’ll likely be able to help you find your episode.

      (Also, the last part of the show is “the Showcase”. The “Showcase Showdown” is the Big Wheel.)

      • Arizonagal says:

        Thanks for the info Daniel B. I actually found a copy last year. Good to see after all that time. Also, saw my father in the audience. He passed away 2006. Right, about “showcase”. Thanks again!

  • Jonathan Gabel says:

    TPIR should find that one contestant named Paul Levine. He was the big winner on the very first show on what was then called The New Price Is Right back on that Monday Morning of September 4, 1972.

  • Mike says:

    Bet the over-zealous fanbois over at golden-road.net will flood them with calls on how the show just isn’t the same anymore….

    • Doug Morris says:

      Said fanbois just need to realize TV programs of various genres that have been on the air for decades go through changes.

      Why? Sometimes its retirement (Bob, for example, on TPiR). Other times its the passing of key personnel (Tim Russert, for example, on “Meet The Press”).

      Then, there’s the concept of keeping up with the times. On TPiR, new games that have debut since Drew took over do not include eggcrate tote-boards. I love eggcrate numbers just as much as the next devoted game show fan. Even I realize, again with the advancing technology, eggcrate numbers are, to say the least, on the endangered species list.

      If the tote boards on Card Game or Check-Out go out, I’m sure the games would be retired briefly — only to have said tote boards replaced with current computer technology.

      Some people just need to join us in the 21st century. Said fanbois included.

    • Jason M. says:

      Bet the “can’t let anything go” posters of other game show forums will flood boards with an unrelated slam at Golden Road.

      Any story about Price? Let’s throw in an old, tired, overgeneralizing joke about a community who’s not nearly as bad as it was at the time of the host/producer change.

      It’s been 5 years, they don’t hate everything anymore.

  • Juanita says:

    I was on the first nighttime TPIR debut by Bob Barker, in Aug. 1977. I was the second contestant called to ‘come on down’ and the first contest to come on stage. I played the “Any Number Game” and won a 1978 Monte Carlo Landau. When I won the car I knew I would be in the showcase showdown with the option to bid or pass. The first showcase had a Monte Carlo trip and I bidded on the showcase and won. I sure would love to see a copy of that episoded.

  • Dale says:

    I went to the PIR show on my 60th birthday in 2006, Bob Barker’s last year. I was the first contestant to win and go on stage. I won a Treadmill first, then I won a Dodge Caravan playing “Cover Up”. My mom had been a contestant around 1980 and didn’t win anything. So I wanted to redeem the family honor – which I guess I did. Then Stan Blits published the book, “Come On Down” (35 years of PIR) and gave me a two and a half page spread on my “showing” under the chapter “Let’s Talk To The Winners”. Check it out! Unfortunately, I didn’t get in the showcase even though I spun an “80″. The PIR staff was wonderful and it was the best time of my life!

  • TIna Groom says:

    I have a very unique story about TPIR, I was not chosen as a contestant, but they called down a gentleman that was in the Army. I recognised his name although I had never met him. He won that day. It turned out that he was a soldier on leave that I sent care packages to when he was in Iraq. I had received his name from a friend of a friend, he was originally from Hemet and I am from Hesperia. During the break, we explained who we were and at the end took pics with Bob Barker ( this was right b/f he left) Unfortuatly I have been unable to obtain copies of these photos. I would love to get copies, and share my story but I cannot get access to the website.
    So my story ends with, I did not get to be a contestant but I did get to meet Bob Barker and a true hero :)

  • Judy says:

    My mom and I had tickets for Bob Barker’s last show. We were heading to California from Indiana just to see the show. A couple of days prior to our leaving my mom had issues withher heart and we were unable to make the trip. She feels bad about it to this day…she keeps the tickets in her dresser drawer. Mr. Barker made such an impact on so many people…Congratulations on 40 years!!!!!

  • Marqui Marq says:

    The link you provided about former contestants on the Price is Right sharing their stories is broken.

  • Maureen Brennan says:


    I had a great time as a contestant on The Price Is Right on June 9th 2004. My crush on Bob Barker started while watching the show as a little girl with my Grandma. I was only 10 or so but I remember thinking there was something very special about him. My Grandma told me that when I grew up I could be a contestant. I was so excited and it became a goal. But life gets busy and obviously priorities change but the desire was always there. When I hear that Bob would be retiring I know I had to make my childhood dream come true.
    I distinctly remember walking into the studio and feeling like I imagine Dorthy felt, in the Wizard of Oz, when the movie changes from black and white to color. Wow moment.
    I was wearing my “Marry Me Bob” shirt that I had made for the show. During one of the commercial breaks I yelled out “I love You Bob”. He was kind and knowledged my proclamation. He was as charming and warm as the man I had the crush on so many years before.
    When my name was called (second from last name) and I arrived at Contestant’s row he teased me by asking the young intern to come up on stage and he said something like ” young man your only job right now is to keep this young lady away from me” (the intern was so cute/skinny/nerdy that it was very funny). Bob also messed up when he was introducing the prize to bid on, blaming me for his distraction. I ended up winning the very last chance to get up on stage. Bob attempted to stay away from me but I got the kiss I had hope for decades earlier. Bob was very sweet and we had a wonderful but quick conversation asking me where I was from and what I did. He said ” you should probably watch this part so that you can see what you are about to bid on”. I replied, “Oh Bob, this moment is all about meeting you and the rest is just icing on the cake”. What a wonderful dream come true. Thank you Prise is Right and Mr. Bob Barker for a wonderful experience. It’s a memory I treasure.
    BTW- I won my prize but was beat by a nickel at the wheel.

    • Maureen Brennan says:

      Sorry- my comment above was sent before I could correct misspellings and errors in grammar.
      I also wanted to tell Bob that my offer of marriage is still valid. :-)

      Maureen, your biggest fan

  • Kathy Casteel says:

    My Name is Kathy Radack. When I was on the show in the 80′s, I was Kathy Casteel “C’mon Down” The MOST exciting day of my life. Was soooo much fun. I won the $100 for guessing $530 for a trash compactor exactly right, then I won the Show Case Showdown. The day before I was called to C’mon Down I went and I remember spending forever on my hair/make up – major decision of what to wear etc… I did NOT get on the show that day to my dismay. The next day, my husband had an interview for the LA County Sheriff’s department. We lived in Palmdale at the time. He woke me up about about 10 minutes before he needed to leave and asked me if I wanted to ride along with him then go to the “Price Is Right” again for the second day in a row. I was all for it. HOWEVER, I only had 10 minutes!!! What about my hair, make-up, clothes. OMGosh… So I pulled on some close, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and I was out the door. I told him when we were there that I needed to go over to the Farmer’s Market before the interviewing line and purchase some HUGE dangly earrings to draw attention, so that the producer will focus on my earrings rather than my face and hair!! I told my husband that I WAS GOING TO BE CHOSEN with my lucky earrings and I KNEW IT!!! He thought I was out of my mind. It was sooo weird, I just knew!!! Sure enough – “Kathy Casteel – C’mon Down” I thought he was going to pass out.I couldn’t believe I was chosen on the day that I had10 min to prepare and HUGE earrings!! Altho now a days, they would not be considered HUGE. I felt like I was wearing a football field on my lobes. Funny!!! For all of these years people ask me – “how did you get on the show” I tell them my story and they LOVE IT!!!!

  • Kathy Casteel says:


  • Loretta Williams says:

    Hi, I am a former contestant of “Price Is Right” back in the nineties. I won various trips and enjoyed it all. I am” also a second time winner of “the Price Is Right” and again won trips and other prizes in Oct. 30th 2009..

  • Loretta Williams says:


  • Loretta Williams says:

    Hi, I am a former contestant of “Price Is Right” back in the nineties. I won various trips and enjoyed it all. I am” also a second time winner of “the Price Is Right” and again won trips and other prizes in Oct. 30th 2009..I couldn’t believe I was called, I frooze for a second and remembered that i was suppose to run on down.

  • Loretta Williams says:

    when I saw my name, I was petrified, and could nor believe that was my name up on the board.

  • Loretta Williams says:

    people ask how did you get called twice? they said what did you say or do? did your personality have somthing to do with it? I just laughed and said , I guess so.

  • Loretta Williams says:

    I also won the showcase the second time around. Thank you Price is Right…I LOVE YOUR SHOW…

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