“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Launches New York City Auditions for Season Eleven on May 21st Thumbnail

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Launches New York City Auditions for Season Eleven on May 21st

Your chance to stand at the million dollar table on the most popular quiz show of all time has come.  Who Wants to be a Millionaire with Meredith Vieira will begin auditioning for its eleventh season starting Monday, May 21st.  These auditions will take place in the show’s home of New York City.  You must pre-register for a test on the show’s website by clicking here.  The auditions consist of a timed multiple choice test and, for those that pass, an audition with a show producer.  Basic eligibility requirements include being over 18 and having never sat in the Hot Seat on the network or syndicated version before, but for the specific information you can visit the show’s website here.

We’ve had many readers who have appeared on the show.  As always, any tips or hints for those that are going to audition?  We’ve been ten years without someone beating the game.  I can’t tell you how much I’d love to see the first winner in ten years to be from here.

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11 responses to "“Who Wants to be a Millionaire” Launches New York City Auditions for Season Eleven on May 21st"

  • My write-up of trying out for the show is here:


    My write-up of BEING ON the show is here:


    Hope this proves helpful for folks. Good luck!

  • Kevin $ says:

    Unbelievable to think the SYNDICATED version has been on for a decade+! Gosh!

  • JK says:

    I’m an average guy who keeps passing the test every year (Sometimes several auditions a year)…and every year, I keep getting the “Postcard of Doom” that denies me into the Contestant Pool. I’m sure TPTB applauds persistence in some circles, but are there any tips for actually winning over the producers–other than the requisite “Be Yourself” kind of stuff?

    • Wayne says:

      I’ve passed the syndicated test 8 times and every time received the Postcard of Doom. Now I know myself that I did not interview well the first time I passed. I really don’t know about the second time but the person interviewing me really rushed things and sent me on my way as if she didn’t feel like doing interviews that day.

      As for the last six times, well that’s with the new version of the show with no hot seat, and I am shorter than Meredith. In my personal observation, there has not been a male contestant that stands shorter than her.

      Don’t know if this applies to you, but maybe it will to others in the same boat.

      • MountainHawk says:

        That just means that the short guys are going to need a bigger boat.

      • JK says:

        You have to be Taller than Meredith? In Heels? That sounds a little discriminatory to me (If that’s even true)…I mean, I know TV shows often look for good looking people beyond brains, but that just doesn’t sound right.

      • Mech says:

        I’m pretty sure they’d give you a box or something to stand on. In fact I believe they’ve done that before, so height shouldn’t be an issue as long as you have a great personality. just out of curiosity, Meredith is, what, 5’2 & 3/4″ I believe she said on the show once? Without her 6 inch heels of course. Heck I’m 5’8″ so she’d be taller than me too in those heels lol.

        My only advice for other people auditing with a scantron sheet for your answers is to pay attention to how the answers line up. Some go left to right, others go top to bottom. I used scantrons my whole life in school for tests and was accustomed to a top to bottom approach, only to find out that the ones Millionaire used that day in my city were a left to right style, so yeah, my answers got botched :(

        • Wayne says:

          There is no box, they want you to be mobile, and they really don’t want to chance you falling off a box, plus the contestant always walks out to meet her.

          Keep watching, since I’ve wondered about the height issue over a year ago, I haven’t seen a male contestant that stands shorter than her in those heels.

  • Robert Thomson says:

    After taking the 30 question test twice, I find it extremely difficult to figure out how some the “real contestants” ever get on the show. There is no way that many of them could ever answer the majority of the 30 questions correctly, let alone lets say about 27 out of 30. They just seem to get very common knowledge questions wrong…that are much easier than on the audition tests.

    Is there anyone else that has come to that conclusion?

    Best of luck,


  • NYCBlondie says:

    I took the test last week, and found the experience very intriguing. Each contestant was assigned a number, which corresponded to our test packets. Only about 3 minutes elapsed between the time the test scantron sheets were collected and the “host” was handed a hand-written notebook with the numbers of those contestants who has “passed” the test. How could tests for 50 folks been graded and a list compiled in that short amount of time? The “host” made clear that they were not permitted to share test scores, or what was considered a “passing” score.

    My theory? While you are in line, and while you are taking the test, the producers choose the numbers of those folks they think would “fit” the show – based purely on behavior and appearance.

    Those folks are then kept to meet with producers. I theorize that of the contestants producers think have on-air potential, they THEN check the test scores and choose the folks who may do well.

    I have no problem with how a TV show casts itself. But I did feel badly for a gentleman I met who flew up from Tampa for the day to take the test. I doubt he ever had a shot!

  • Robert says:


    I’ve hear all sorts of theories and yours is far out there, but NOT unreasonable.
    I still think that its a high % score that gets you to the next procedure. I sat near the machine, yes its a machine that reads your marks on the card within a sec for each card. I watched them from a far angle. The machine must indicate which card has a good score and then the girl separates those cards and they read out the assigned number to that card. Next is the personal interview which in my opinion is where the potentials are weeded out. Blondie, I’ve taken the test twice and about 12 people pass each time. Multiple that times 4 times daily and over about three months and they have more than enough good candidates from results of good test scores alone.

    I’m equally annoyed as the people on line and at my table also traveled far to get there. So if your theory is correct, they are duped the most.

    Good luck, wish I see you on line in August as I will test again..we could talk.
    NYC Robert

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