NBCU’s “Baggage” Cleared for Syndication in 95% of the Country Thumbnail

NBCU’s “Baggage” Cleared for Syndication in 95% of the Country

Game show fans have another dating show to look forward to this coming year.  NBCU’s Baggage, which is currently airing on GSN, has been cleared in 95% of the country.  The series will debut daily across the country on September 17th.  Baggage previously aired a ten week-ten market test run across the country last year to some success.  Ratings improved by an average of 26% in women 18-34, 18% in women 18-49, 21% in women 25-54, 39% in men 18-34 and by 31% in adults 18-34.

“The concept that every dater has hidden baggage—small, medium and large—has struck a chord with GSN’s viewers,” said Amy Introcaso-Davis, EVP, programming and development. “Its pop cultural relevance has made Baggage a top performer, and we are excited to partner with NBCUniversal Domestic Television to bring this buzzy show to a new audience.”

Stations airing Baggage include WPIX New York, WCIU Chicago, WPHL Philadelphia, WLVI Boston, WATL Atlanta, WKCF Orlando, WSTR Cincinnati, WNUV Baltimore and WTTE Columbus, Ohio.  If it shows up in your market, let us know.  I know we’ve got a lot of people looking forward to this, so hopefully you won’t be in that 5%.

Source : B&C

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9 responses to "NBCU’s “Baggage” Cleared for Syndication in 95% of the Country"

  • Ghost of GSN's Past says:

    Tribune sounds like so I’d guess Fox 43 (WPMT) in central PA will stick it somewhere.

  • Julia says:

    In Philly, it was paired with the latenight showing of Springer which plays at 2 am, I’m sure there are many stations that do the same thing to capitalize on the Springer connection. That being said, I hope it gets a better timeslot this time around.

  • Chris says:

    No offense, but I’m hoping to be in the 5% when this airs.

  • Ryan says:

    I am in Chicago so I will see it. Are these going to be new episodes or reruns of the the GSN version? If they are just reruns, they will blow through all the episodes fast!

  • Melyssa says:

    Being that I’m in the Philly area, Baggage will probably be broadcast on Channel 17, as that’s the channel for Jerry “The Masculine Feminist” Springer’s regular show. Maybe they can air Baggage at noon, surrounding his original show.

  • rich cerasale says:

    most likey re-runs

  • Frogger49 says:

    All of the NBC Universal talk shows here are aired on WCWN (its Channel 45 here, but referred to on-air as CW15 since its Channel 15 in Time Warner Cable). With a fourth talk show from NBC Universal coming this fall (they gave Trisha Goddard one, I think), this show will likely not be paired with Springer here unless there is a substantial schedule shift. Its a good bet that if Baggage clears Albany, it will probably be on My4, along with Family Feud.

  • Jon says:

    WPMY , Pittsburgh’s 22. Is carrying it

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