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Sharon Adams Wins $100,000 on “Wheel of Fortune”

The syndicated game show Wheel of Fortune has gone almost the entire season without a single $100,000 winner.  For a show that gives away tens of thousands of dollars for guessing the letter, “T,” that’s almost unheard of.  Finally, with just weeks left, a contestant cashed in on the top regular prize the show offered.  Sharon Adams, from Corpus Christi, TX, took the $100,000 top prize.  She squeezed into the end game by just $300 with a final score of $10,500.  She managed to solve her bonus puzzle, “Back in a Flash,” and claimed the six figure prize. Her final total was $110,500.

Here’s a look at the big moment.

As I was looking on YouTube for the clip, someone did upload something pretty strange, cool, and interesting.  A contestant from 2006, pretty close to six years ago to the day, a contestant won $100,000 on the same exact puzzle.  Same puzzle and same result.  Weird how that worked out, isn’t it?  Here’s that.

By the way, Wheel isn’t done giving away big money.  I’d be sure to tune in for the next few days.  You never know what will happen.

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11 responses to "Sharon Adams Wins $100,000 on “Wheel of Fortune”"

  • Adam R. Wood says:

    FIX! FIX! FIX! FIX! …Or something. – ZM

  • David says:

    It does seem ironic (assuming your allusion is correct) that the big wins are coming at the tail end of what has been a tough season to watch IMO. I won’t say fixed, though, because that’s just due to the decision of air dates.

    Congrats to Sharon, though. for one of the best comebacks I’ve seen in recent memory.

  • Scott says:

    Hard to believe… same amount… same puzzle… hmm….

  • Usually, they don’t repeat puzzles like that. It IS a weird coincidence, though…

  • Alohadave says:

    In regard to two comments above… Wheel actually does recycle some of it’s puzzles, usually after a few years. Also, the air dates are not randomly selected, they are already determined on the day of taping. Pat often refers to the actual air date in the chit chat segments… “Today is so and so, and that means blah blah blah…”.

    It’s hard to believe there are game show fans out there who still believe the shows could be fixed. Really, come on guys. Do some basic homework about the production process.

    • bmhedgehog says:

      well I learn something new. I thought they never recycle puzzles due to S&P (Standards & Practices) guidelines. well if S&P says its ok to recycle puzzles, then who am I to judge.

  • Brian in CT says:

    Actually, Sharon was at least the sixth contestant this season to pick the $100,000 prize in the bonus round. The others all missed their puzzles. That’s why its been so long between six-figure winners.

  • PLTNM says:

    And if no one won any of the puzzles/games, there would be many that still would say “IT’S FIXED!” Get a life.

  • SlurpeeTigger says:

    I just think that the writers of Wheel Of Fortune wouldn’t think people would remember puzzles from that far back….but how weird is it, the same puzzle results in the same thing…both wins, both $ 100,000, just weird, in a good way.

  • Game Show Guy says:

    If you happened to see the rest of the episode, you will notice that she HAD the Million dollar wedge in the first round and lost it to a bankrupt when she elected to spin rather than solve the puzzle. It appeared she knew it and wanted more money. So, in theory, this could have been the SECOND million dollar win had she not decided to spin the wheel earlier in the episode. What could have been…

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