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Million Dollar Moment on “Millionaire: Hot Seat”

With all the excitement of next Monday’s debut for Australia’s new version of The Price is Right (Seven, 5:00PM), we can’t forget the other games in Australia right now.  The one that has put the long running Deal or No Deal in some trouble over the past few years is the love-and-hate Millionaire: Hot Seat.  There are a few things very off about the show, and it’s completely unfair, but it’s been around for a while and they’ve had quite a few million dollar moments, which is what the show is all about, so they know what they are doing.  One of those million dollar moments happened last week.  Four people have gone for the $1,000,000 top prize (you can’t walk away; you either win $1,000 or the million) but no one has won.  Can Alan Edwards be the first person to win it all?

Every time I watch Hot Seat all I can think is, “I’m really happy America went with the Super Mix format instead.”  There’s a lot about Hot Seat which is annoying.  Super Mix, while obviously not being as good as the original Millionaire (and what can be?) is probably the best spinoff of the format present today.

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8 responses to "Million Dollar Moment on “Millionaire: Hot Seat”"

  • Marc Power says:

    I would have gotten it, I was thinking on the same lines between C & D but thought the other way.

    But yeah, I agree I don’t like this format either, they should offer a bigger consolation prize than $1,000 for missing the $1m question, a “bail out” option, and where the are the lifelines? It’s not millionaire without the lifelines IMO.

    • David says:

      There is one lifeline. It’s called a pass. Up to the final question you can pass to the next person in line who can NOT pass on the same question. If you get a question prior to the final question wrong, the top money amount is removed.

  • Chris says:

    Darn… I was expecting that confetti to go off.

  • The Banker's Nephew says:

    Hot Seat’s not perfect, but I still really like it. At least they get to see the occasional Million Dollar question these days.

  • Brig Bother says:

    I think Hot Seat would be more likable if you could stay on the show until you got a question wrong. It would add an interesting layer of musical chairs strategy as well.

  • CarShark says:

    Such a horrible format. The only reason they see million-dollar questions is because they force people to guess. Eventually someone gets lucky and stumbles their way to the top of the tree. The worst part, by far, is that they call it Millionaire, when after someone’s guess doesn’t pan out, the million’s gone.

    30 minutes and 15 questions later, and they give away $1000. How the hell is this beating DOND?

  • Closing Logo Enthusiast says:

    …because DOND frequently has contestants who win less than $1,000, especially if they’re too risky. It isn’t nearly exciting to see someone win a penny.

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