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Mike Rowe Wins $100,000 on “Millionaire”

We’ve seen a large number of $100,000 wins (and three $250,000 wins) this season on Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  You can add another one to that list.  Earlier this week the host of Discovery’s Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe, walked away with $100,000 for his charity, mikeroweWORKS.  Mike is the newest big celebrity winner, following other six figure winners such as Anthony Anderson, Suzie Essman, and the Hillstrand Brothers from Deadliest Catch.  Mike had some rough luck with the Jumps in round one, but it ended up paying off big time in Classic Millionaire.

Mike Rowe completed round one with the minimum $28,600.  He Jumped over the two largest valued questions: $15,000 and $25,000.  Mike entered Classic Millionaire with no Lifelines and faced this $100,000 question:

Whose car was once stolen and is said to have been returned with the note, “If we’d known it was yours, we never would have taken it”?
A: Rudy Giuliani
B: Steven Seagal
C: Mister Rogers
D: 50 Cent

By entering the second round, Mike is guaranteed $25,000 no matter what.  This means Mike only had to risk $3,600 to potentially win another $71,400 by answering correctly.  Mike took the risk on answer C, Mister Rogers, and picked up the $100,000 prize.  His $250,000 question asked:

Cloned by European scientists in 1996, what breed of sheep was the world-famous Dolly?
A: Delaine Merino
B: Finn Dorset
C: East Friesian
D: Rambouillet

Unsure and not wanting to gamble $75,000 to win $250,000; Mike Rowe chose to walk away with $100,000.  The correct answer was B.  Mike’s $100,000 goes to mikeroweWORKS, which supports and promotes the skilled trades and serve as a “PR Campaign for Hard Work.”  Did you get a chance to see his win?  If not, check it out below.  Video courtesy Valleycrest Productions Ltd.

Any more big wins lined up for the rest of the series?  You’ll have to keep watching and find out.

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3 responses to "Mike Rowe Wins $100,000 on “Millionaire”"

  • Anthony Fabio says:

    Hey guys, one other big thing that happened on that episode was an appearance by George Elias right after Mike Rowe. George appeared on Greed in 2000, where he won $600,000. He also was on Pyramid and The Singing Bee. He was a great contestant on those 3 shows, but unfortunately I guess he just had a weak day on millionaire and went home with $1,000. He’s still totally awesome, and if you can find his episode of Greed on Youtube, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Bob Harris is also on that same episode.

  • George says:

    Thanks, Anthony. I will never drink Sprite again.

  • Anthony Fabio says:

    You know George, Even though Sprite might not be your taste, Oreo is celebrating its 100th birthday, and if I call recall correctly, that was what won you $600,000! Haha Bon apetit!

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