Beware the Ides of March: Cash or Trash for £100,000 on “The Bank Job” Thumbnail

Beware the Ides of March: Cash or Trash for £100,000 on “The Bank Job”

I can’t think of a better day to show you the civilian series finale of The Bank Job, Channel 4′s live quiz show taking place in a real bank, than the Ides of March.  On the day made famous for backstabbing, could you stab an opponent in the back and steal £100,000?  That’s what finalists Scott and Stacey had to decide.  Scott Gray did it again and won the five games in a row (he effectively won this one).  He faces off against Stacey, who he beat last night and came back due to not having enough champions since Scott steamrolled everyone.  The prize pot was up to £100,000.  Can they share the winnings, or will they both Trash each other and give the £100,000 to the three losers from the day.

If you missed it last series, both contestants have two cases: Cash and Trash;  They had each other one case.  If they both hand each other Cash, they split the bank and leave with £50,000 each.  This would bring Scott to £248,000.  If one hands Cash and the other Trash, the person who got the Cash will have both cases with money and leave with £100,000 while the Trashed player gets nothing.  If both hand Trash, both leave with nothing and the three losers from the day split it.  Scott and Stacey already have a history, and Scott already has a lot of money.  Can they trust each other and leave with £50,000 each.

Video courtesy Channel 4 and Endemol.  Deleted after a week of airing.


This was an awkward result to watch, partially because you knew that Scott wasn’t that heartbroken given what he won already.  If he didn’t try to share he’d look like a jerk.  It was also a little strange because Stacey really shouldn’t have even been there at all.  She just got in because Scott was really, really good.  Yet she still chose to Trash Scott.  I still think it would have been a far better result to just play another regular game and see if Scott can keep winning.  His streak was more interesting than seeing Cash or Trash again.  I still have an issue with people going, “I’m so sorry,” after screwing someone over, like Stacey did.  They aren’t really sorry.  They’re just saying, “Please don’t beat me up in the parking lot.”

This Friday and Saturday are special celebrity editions of The Bank Job on Channel 4.  Again, we would have rather seen Scott keep winning and see how far he can go, but here we are.  The first edition will feature Countdown co-host Rachel Riley along with Alex James, Donal MacIntyre & Amy Childs. Which celebrity will get rich and get out for charity? You’ll have to tune in Friday to find out.

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16 responses to "Beware the Ides of March: Cash or Trash for £100,000 on “The Bank Job”"

  • ScottNotSteve says:

    Thanks, Alex, for sharing this. This illustrates how a great game concept can be utterly spoiled by a gimmick like Cash or Trash (reminiscent of Friend or Foe in the US) that has NO logical connection to the main game. It would have been far more exciting to see a £50,000 bonus go to the winner of the last question round, if there was a need for a Grand Final at all. Another flaw — Stacey, having won nothing in her game, had no business being there in another game. I agree with Alex that it would have been better to just have Scott back until he lost. If the Celebrity version includes Cash or Trash, it will be another mistake. A great game like this does not deserve a “backstabbing” gimmick like this. The “I have family” excuse falls on deaf ears when £50,000 would do a lot for ANY family. It makes no sense for Stacey to make of with more money than the other finalists (except Scott) who actually WON games.

    • Alex Davis says:

      I agree. I like the game, but I just don’t think the Cash or Trash works well here, especially repeatedly. With that amount of money we know how it’ll end. I think some form of end game, with someone trying to raid the bank before time is up and they lose everything, would be a lot more exciting.

    • LaJuan says:

      The “gimmick” actually works on Friend or Foe because they were teammates the whole show. It doesn’t work here because there was no resemblance of anything “team” throughout.

      I get the symbolism and all that, but if the team element it’s not an actual part of the show, this is the ending you will ALWAYS get.

  • SEAN says:

    Can you say high stakes Friend or Foe? That’s exactly what that was.

  • Complete predictable garbage. Clearly, the producers learned absolutely nothing from the first series. And it seems they lied to us as well, as it was stated in an earlier post that Cash or Trash would not return. I lost a lot of respect for this otherwise decent game when I saw that Cash or Trash was back.

    This endgame sticks out like a zit, and renders the otherwise fine front game and format useless. Surely there is a better way to end this show, and if there is, the producers have an aversion to using it because of their obsession with the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Not only is it bad, but it makes the person who selects Trash look like a greedy douchebag. Do we really need another game show to promote douchebaggery? I don’t think so. “I have a family,” Stacey says. Typical canned excuse. I don’t buy it at all. She just wanted all the money for herself, which is blatantly obvious. You’re a complete douchebag, Stacey, and I’m sure your decision will haunt you for a while.

    Should this show return for a third series – and I’m not sure that it will – they really need to get rid of this endgame and find a better method of determining who wins the top prize. Eliminate this fatal flaw, and you have a pretty decent game. In fact, everything else seemed to improve this season, from George Lamb’s hosting, to the returning champion format. And the online game is fun to play as well.

    • ScottNotSteve says:

      Mark and Alex are absolutely right about the end-game. But allow me to say this. What killed U.S. Duel, IMHO, was a ridiculous tournament format that ended in a fairly senseless “Grand Final” for disproportionate tons of cash (though some skill was at least required). The obsession with Grand Finals amazes me for “event week” programming like this. Why not just play a series of games where the champ does not return, then have the top winners play a final game (5 was an interesting twist) for higher stakes. That way, everyone who returns for the Final will be a legitimate winner, and that would play into the strategy of how much they try to win in their games. Somewhat like Jeopardy! tournaments, except they can sequester everyone there. If you have a contestant draw you could still do the shows “live” and play up the “will you earn enough to make it to the final” angle. Indeed, have a separate “danger” throne for the Final.

      Not to be insulting, but I’m amazed that those who have the privilege of even being in the game development industry don’t seem to understand some crucial basics about how t construct a game or event from beginning to end. They would all do well to hire Alex as a consultant before rollout (even of a second series after a first) and to read the incredibly sage “free” advice that shows up on posts like this.

      • Daniel B. says:

        Only Season 1 of the American “Duel” used the tournament format. And the final duel was terribly anticlimactic — all of the buildup, only to end rather obviously on the first question.

      • Poochy.EXE says:

        I thought what killed U.S. Duel was ABC scheduling it on Friday nights against The Price Is Right Million Dollar Spectacular without giving it any promotion whatsoever. It was blatantly obvious they wanted an excuse to kill off every unscripted show they had as soon as possible the writers’ strike ended, since they also burnt off The Mole a couple months later without giving it any promotion either.

    • Scott says:

      I mentioned this in my comments on YouTube as well, when I watched that episode.

      First off, it didn’t seem as exciting this time around, because there was only £100,000 up for grabs, instead of the £467,000 there was available last season.

      Second, I have to agree with apeminkie’s comment below. I had a feeling that Scott was going to take the honest route and share the cash, because he had already earned almost £200,000 from his previous winnings.

      But the fact that Stacey was willing to look into his eyes and boldly lie to him about sharing the cash… unbelievable…

      This just goes to show you what money does to people out there. With some people, honesty just gets thrown right out the window when money is involved.

      Personally, I believe that what goes around, comes around. Stacey was willing to sell her integrity for the money. Will she be able to live with herself in the days and nights to come, knowing she full-on broke a promise and lied right through her teeth to an honest person? I think she’ll have nightmares, and the concept of ‘karma’ will get her.

  • Am I the only one that likes Cash or Trash?

    This is the climax that I love!

    So what if Stacey stole the money, she is a smart player. She took a risk and it payed off.

    For me this season was better then the 1st one. If they were to make it a little better then change the time limit in round one.

  • Greg says:

    Seriously – DUEL from Red or Black, maybe with questions determining the right to choose, would be more fair. That’s 1 vault with the lot, the rest, however many, with rubbish.

    Series 2 overall was still much better than the first, but I actually skipped over this bit when I watched it on YT initially. I just couldn’t bring myself to watch this hairpin turn from what was led up to by a simple trivia+luck showdown. It’s just, ugh. The producer interview showed that they had a much different insight into just making drama, but they would do much better to have that endgame drama be *relevant*, otherwise it won’t be watchable!

  • Marko Polo says:

    Technically, Scott is still the reigning champion. They would do the audience and the integrity of the game a huge favor by bringing back Scott at the beginning of the next series.

  • Poochy.EXE says:

    If the producers are so insistent on leaving this terrible idea of an endgame in the show, I did think of an idea on how one might modify the basic Prisoner’s Dilemma concept to make it watchable as part of a game show:

    Have them play the Prisoner’s Dilemma for a progressive jackpot on a show with returning champions. If both cooperate (i.e. Cash), they split the jackpot, the jackpot resets, and they both return on the next episode. If one defects (i.e. Trash) and the other cooperates, the defector gets the whole jackpot but only the cooperator gets to return on the next show. And if both defect, they both leave empty-handed and the jackpot rolls over to the next show.

    Since that would finally give some incentive to cooperate besides not looking like a complete jerk on national TV, it might not be quite as predictable. It wouldn’t quite be the Prisoner’s Dilemma anymore, but I bet it’d be ten times more watchable.

    Or they could just take out the PD altogether. That’s the easy way to fix it.

  • CarShark says:

    There’s only one reason why Prisoner’s Dilemma keeps coming up: it’s an easy and pretty much assured dramatic climax leading to a definitive resolution. At least with Friend or Foe? and Golden Balls, they consistently built up the concept of trust and cooperativeness.

  • Morgan says:

    As great as the show is, I don’t think they will ever be able to top the Cash or Trash at the end of series 1. THAT was damn incredible.

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