“Baggage” and “The Newlywed Game” Return to GSN in March; Jumps to 12th Season of “Dancing With the Stars” Thumbnail

“Baggage” and “The Newlywed Game” Return to GSN in March; Jumps to 12th Season of “Dancing With the Stars”

GSN is providing viewers with a number of new shows to watch in March.  It all starts on Saturday, March 10th, with the debut of the 12th series of Dancing With the Stars.  The network has jumped from the fourth season, which aired in Spring 2007, to the 12th which aired in Spring 2011.  The fourth series saw soft ratings for the network, mostly unable to crack the top 50 shows watched for their weekly lineup.  This season features Wendy Williams, who hosted GSN’s now-canceled dating show Love Triangle.  We’ll see if this leap manages to bring in any more viewers.

GSN’s two original series are returning to finish airing the remaining episodes in their current season.  First is The Newlywed Game hoste by Sherri Shepherd.  The 41 remaining episodes will start airing Monday, March 12th, every Monday and Tuesday at 6:00PM ET and 6:30PM ET.  And finally the network’s popular dating show Baggage will start airing 60 new episodes starting Wednesday, March 14th, every Wednesday and Thursday at 6:00PM ET and 6:30PM ET.  Jerry Springer hosts.

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13 responses to "“Baggage” and “The Newlywed Game” Return to GSN in March; Jumps to 12th Season of “Dancing With the Stars”"

  • Craiggers says:

    Are there any more new episodes left of “Catch 21″ that GSN hasn’t aired yet?

  • Scott says:

    I’m not quite sure why GSN is all of a sudden deciding to jump from Season 4 to Season 12 of Dancing With The Stars, unless it has to do with ABC’s next season of Dancing beginning in March or April, and GSN wanting to show the most recent episodes they can.

    Also, it’s interesting that GSN is only airing new episodes of NewlyWed Game on Mondays and Tuesdays, and new episodes of Baggage on Wednesdays and Thursdays. You would think they would just do like they’ve always done — show a new episode of NewlyWed Game every weeknight at 6:00 pm and a new episode of Baggage every weeknight at 6:30 pm.

    It’s going to be hard to differentiate the new episodes from the old episodes with a schedule designed like this.

  • Cody says:

    The first poster who commented on this post is exactly correct. GSN is showing the most recent episodes of DWTS before the new season starts on ABC on March 19.

  • Randy says:

    They’re jumping ahead because what they’ve done recently has been a disaster and they’re blaming it on running episodes that are several years old. It’s actually a smart idea. It can’t hurt. The problem is they’re stuck with many seasons that are old and will never get good numbers. The Dancing With the Stars disaster is another one that occured under Goldhill’s watch. One success (Baggage) and a bunch of expensive failures. How does that man still have a job?

  • Devon says:

    At least we have some freshness coming. With newer scheduling between the two shows I’ll have to be sure to put reminders on my Dish Guide or this’ll soar way over my head. Now I’ll be looking forward to the day of the big schedule readjustments if/when they occur.

  • David says:

    Basically, it looks like they realize that Dancing’s older episodes don’t have drawing power. Since they’re stuck with it (their own fault, so I have no pity), I guess I don’t blame them for doing this as a last-ditch effort to boost ratings.

    I’m really glad they’re airing ANYTHING fresh for Newlywed and Baggage, even if it’s only airing the new ones on two days of the week. They badly needed something fresh for those shows.

  • Andrew Hain says:

    Cue the illegal clue sound from Password Plus and Super Password because what GSN is doing is, in my opinion, ILLEGAL!

    • Josh says:

      Here we go: Lup lup lup lup lup! :D

      I totally agree, I have no idea why DWTS was added to the lineup. The fact that they overadvertise the show and air it ad nauseum throughout the day makes me quite irritated. I don’t care how they try to sell it; it’s NOT a game show! It’s a good thing I’m feeling a little bit of schadenfreude as the repeats of the show are doing absolutely dismal in the ratings.

      I really don’t understand why GSN won’t bring back classic repeats in addition to its original programming; is there something that prevents them from having a larger repertoire of television series? I know a lot of people would be very happy if they brought back PYL, and I know I myself would be very happy if they brought back any of the pre-Million Dollar Password incarnations of the series; they’ve been off the air for far too long.

      • David says:

        There are several things that prevent it; they don’t want to spend the money for them, they think their audience prefers more modern shows, and the “leadership” hate traditional game shows.

  • Anthony Jr. says:

    Good thing Newlywed Game and Baggage got newer episodes, it would even better if GSN decides to pick up new eps of Engvall Lingo. P.S. Once DWTS disappears from the GSN Schedule, GSN could possibly divide into 2 channels(GSN Classic and GSN Modern) in the future.

    • David says:

      If/when Dancing leaves GSN (I still don’t think it’ll happen until September at the earliest), they won’t have any money to split off into two networks. Besides, their viewership isn’t high enough to justify splitting, and even if it was, the “leadership” would screw it up.

      • Scott says:

        Dancing is staying until September. I can pretty much guarantee it. Last year, Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza debuted in April to failing ratings, and it wasn’t completely off the schedule until…when was it? September or October? The same thing will happen with DWTS this year.

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