“The Price is Right” 40th Season Premiere on September 19th Thumbnail

“The Price is Right” 40th Season Premiere on September 19th

Television’s longest running game show is back for another season of prizes, cash, and cars.  The Price is Right returns with new episodes on Monday, September 19th, on CBS.  Drew Carey and George Gray are back for another year of games.  This season features some set upgrades like a large new monitor and new lighting.  Games like Punch-A-Bunch have been upgraded for bigger cash and prizes.  The show has also scheduled its first guest of the season.  Comedian and former talk show host George Lopez will appear for a Showcase on September 30th.  George lost a bet regarding if Lebron James would leave Cleveland, which we’ve all been made very aware of the fact that he did, so he’s on the show doing a Showcase.  Here are a few pictures of new season, courtesy of CBS.

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41 responses to "“The Price is Right” 40th Season Premiere on September 19th"

  • David says:

    It’s good to see Price back, but I hope the guest appearances (like Lopez) aren’t frequent. Otherwise, let’s hope for a few more winners this year!

  • Andrew says:

    I would like to see “Lucky 7″ upgraded. This one is long overdue.

  • TDS says:

    This, as I understand it, is the last year of Carey’s contract. He hasn’t turned out as well as hoped. Hopefully they don’t renew it.

    • shelly says:

      Speak for yourself.

      I, for one, hope Drew’s contract is renewed. As far as I’m concerned, he’s been a breath of fresh air, and (IMO) the show desperately needed an injection of new life. After he took over hosting, I started to actually enjoy watching TPIR again — something I could not and do not say I did toward the end of the 1990s/start of the 2000s. (In fact, I didn’t watch TPIR at all from late 2000ish until after Bob Barker left. That said, I did flip over to one of the military specials one year just to see if it could hold my attention, and it didn’t.)

      • jrrutten says:

        Thank You!! Someone else who has the same thinking as I do. Drew for another10 years! (At Least)

      • Scott says:

        With all due respect Shelly, I respectfully have to disagree with your positive opinion of Drew Carey. I gave him several chances within the past few years to “wow me” when he first took over from Bob Barker, but after watching the first two weeks of episodes of him hosting, and also sporadically watching future episodes until now, I just don’t find him the right fit for the job of game show host. He seems more interested in rushing through the pricing games (we know there is a time constraint on the episodes and the games themselves, but still, he makes it way too obvious) and he doesn’t seem to show that much excitement when a contestant makes a huge win, or pulls off a double-showcase, for example.

        I, for one, have to agree with TDS above. I hope Carey’s contract is not renewed. Look, I’m not saying Bob Barker was the best host of The Price Is Right, but at least he gave off this exuberance with his tone of voice and the way he explained the pricing games, that it made the home viewer feel excited along with him.

        I believe we need to find a host who can offer that same kind of enthusiasm and know when it’s appropriate to bring some comedy into the program (example of comedy: see Bob Barker trying to explain the Blank Check game to a contestant who doesn’t understand how it works).

      • Mark W says:

        I agree, it took Drew too long to get the hang of the show. I would love to see Todd Newton get the show. He should have gotten it before drew. I just saw him live in Vegas and he’s a true game show host. If not the Wayne Brady would be great. He can even bring his LMAD announcer Jonathan Mangum with him. They work well together.

      • TDS says:

        I tend to share your sentiments about Barker’s final years, which had basically turned into The Bob Barker Show– all about Bob, all the time. A change was overdue. And I will say this: Drew was great on Power of 10. He has the ability to be a good host in certain environments, like that and Whose Line Is It Anyway? Those were shows that had a risque factor that Drew could play around with a lot, something that isn’t so much true for a highly structured, family-friendly show like The Price Is Right. It’s not that Drew’s a bad host, it’s just that his laid-back, offhand comment style of personality isn’t a fit for the format. It just comes off like he doesn’t care sometimes.

        To me, the best host of the show was the late Dennis James. He had this salesman air about him and just the right amount of humor (just look at some of those suits he wore!) that worked perfectly for that kind of show. Unfortunately, guys like Dennis are very hard to find these days.

    • Anderson DelValle says:

      For that comment, I point you to http://priceisrightlosinghorn.com/

  • ????? says:

    Although Tracy Verna Soiseth(I think her title was co-executive producer) isn’t working on the show anymore, as per Golden-road.net. Whether that changes anything or not I don’t know.

  • ????? says:

    No matter who is in charge, it’s pretty damned hard to top the 35th season premiere.

  • Lee Hubbard says:

    Let’s hope that Bob Barker will make an apperance.

  • John says:

    For those who have trouble with Drew being host of TPIR, I pose a question to you (and I want you to think long and hard): If you think Drew Carey shouldn’t be renewed, name me a sound game show host who could fill TPIR’s shoes?

    I, for one, want Drew to be renewed. First of all, he’s done well to fill Bob’s shoes as best as possible (but do agree that he should inject a little comedy but not too much Improvaganza) with what’s been dealt. Secondly, I’d be very afraid to see who you naysayers want as a replacement (due to watching current game shows; as I am a game show expert of past and present). Last, if (a very BIG if from me; don’t want it to happen) there was a need to replace Drew, my first choice would probably be George Gray and have Rich Fields do the announcing.

    • Wayne says:

      Todd Newton, Mark L. Walberg and a trained monkey are three I can think of off the top of my head without “thinking long and hard” that would be more enjoyable to watch than Drew.

      Don’t worry, I also agree Bob overstayed his welcome.

    • Nando says:

      He is not a big name but I have long held out that Michael Burger could have made a credible host for the show. He had experience hosting the stage show and struck me as a very positive hybrid of Bob’s enthusiasm for the game and Drew’s love of silliness.


  • FS says:

    Some set changes? There are probably some people from Golden-Road.net ready to jump out some windows…at the very least shrieking and crying, ready to go to court for an injunction.

    I only hope that they jumble the show up a little. I grew bored, as you tended to see the game lineup almost every day. There are dozens of pricing games in the wings, but they’re only using 8-10 of them. They need more of a variety.

    • Emanuel says:

      I hope they jump out of a 30 story building. I never understood the hate for fanboy sites like Golden Road, but now I do.

      • Aok says:

        Yep, I’m with you on that. Golden Road and I share a mutual hate toward each other because since Drew took over, they do NOTHING but complain and I had the nerve to call them out on it. It was a great site before that. The only problem is no one seems to have as good info as they do.

  • Andrew says:

    The pricing games “Check Game” and “Credit Card” have been on hiadus for two or three years by now. If they’re not in the rotation then odds are they retired them. It would be nice though to take a pricing game that was retired and have it back in rotation for this season.

  • Jv says:

    in regards to the set, I was at a taping, and the new lights and announcer’s podium look awesome. Plus, drew and George live have a great chemistry. I almost feel like drew is subdued when he is on tv, because during the tapings, he was lively, played well with the crowd, and it was all in all a great time. I just wish we saw more of off camera drew on tv.

  • arizonagal says:

    This article made me feel really old! I was actually on season 1 of TPIR! I got up on stage by correctly guessing the price of a Tappan double oven range worth $350. My how things have changed.

  • John says:

    Wayne, do you live under a rock? I partially agree with Todd Newton, Mark Walberg is too busy with The Moment of Truth, and this isn’t Animal Planet! If Donny Osmond wasn’t busy with Secret Fortune get him.

    • MountainHawk says:

      Actually, Wayne lives on top of a hill. But he does have a dog and two cats he could loan ya :-)

      Tom Bergeron would make a great host for the show, but since he’s hosting two shows with ABC, I’m sure his contract would not allow him to work for CBS. John Davidson would also be worth a shot.

    • George S. says:

      I really hope you aren’t serious about Donny Osmond hosting the show and it was just a bit of sarcasm. Donny is a has been that should never return to TV. I would really love to see Larry Emdur who made a guest appearance. When I saw the clip it was inevitable that he would be a good replacement if and when Drew leaves/is fired/ or w/e else CBS has lined up for him.

    • Wayne says:

      I said I didn’t give it any thought, and I never said the trained monkey would do a good job, but would be more enjoyable to watch than Drew.

      Today, I think I finally figured out why I feel Drew is doing such a horrible job, and he had the same problems with Power of 10 and when he hosted Who’s Line–he is ACTING like he thinks a game show host should act instead of just being one.

  • Anderson DelValle says:


  • BF says:

    Since Drew took over, I haven’t missed a show. I am pretty sure he already renewed his contract (maybe he won’t annoucne it 2 the public)

    He is far better than Bob Barker; atleast Drew has a great personality n has become a fan favorite!!!

    Here’s 2 Drew Carey for another 12+ years as host of The Price is Right!!!

  • John says:

    Totally forgot about Michael Burger. He’d be a great host for TPIR (and was a great host for Match Game in 1999-2000). Also, I wasn’t kidding about Donny Osmond being considered (that is if he wasn’t busy with Secret Fortune) and he did great with Pyramid here is the USA & UK. Another candidate I’d consider is Bob Eubanks.

    • Nando says:

      Bob Eubanks would probably be considered a bit too old. Hilariously enough, though, I could probably actually grow to like Donny Osmond, and I might be the only one to say it.

    • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

      First off, the “Match Game” remake was in 1998-99, and as for Michael Burger being a good host of that show, I don’t think so! Those loons ran loose on that show, and it was a black eye to the legacy of that show! Even though Ross Shaffer was no Gene Rayburn, at least he kept the celebrities in line (don’t you remember Judy Tenuta and that annoying as hell accordion?)

  • Mark McNeil says:

    If Drew Carey wants to continue hosting TPIR, I hope CBS renews his contract. He is by far my favorite celebrity under the age of 65.


    My candidates to replace Carey if his TPiR contract expires, I’ve wanted someone to take the TPiR job, probably Bob Goen, Larry Anderson, Chuck Henry(he hosted the short-lived remake of NYSI for CBS back in 1989), if CBS doesn’t have someone to replace Carey as TPiR host, i’m about to chose Bob Goen to get back into the Game Show express again after hosting GSN’s ”That’s the Question” for 2 seasons, i’m going ahead to make Bob a new TPiR succesor and get him back to daytime TV since he hosted ”Wheel of Fortune” for both CBS/NBC back in the early 1990′s and i’m also picking Larry Anderson to replace Carey and get back into GS hosting again, appreciate it!!

  • Matt says:

    Are going to be new models this year or is TPIR going to stick with Rachel, Amber, Gwendolyn, and Maneula?

  • David Lewis says:

    I agree that Donny Osmond did well hosting Pyramid, but unfortunately, he was the only thing about the show that worked. I was a big Pyramid fan during the Dick Clark era, and the idiots who brought it back in 2000 fixed a classic game show that wasn ‘t broken and in the process, completely ruined it.

    I agree Todd or Michael would make an excellent host when Drew is done.

  • Aok says:

    Drew is a good host and anyone who doesn’t like can either change the channel or go over to Goldenroad.net and cry with them.

    • Dorvell says:

      Well-said! I’m getting extremely tired of those who are more or less saying they wanted Bob Barker’s replacement to be a carbon coppy of him.

      Personally, I agree with Shelly. It took me a while to get used to Drew, but I actually like him more now better than I liked Bob, (at least in the last several years of his era.)

      I’ve watched earlier clips of Bob’s era ranging from the early 70′s to about the mid to late 80′s, and the difference between that and the later part of it is staggering to say the least. To me, Bob seemed more jenuine in the early days. For one thing, he didn’t appear to favor some contestants over others and for another, he actually seemed to have a sense of humor. Not to mention his ego wasn’t as overly-inflated as it would later become.

      From what I’ve seen, Drew doesn’t appear to favor certain contestants over others, doesn’t make the show all about him, has no interest in executive control over the show and oh yeah, knows how to keep his snake in its cage. If there’s one person involved with the show since Drew took over that has been dismissed as the result of some scandall directly involving him, I challenge all those bitching about him to point us in that individual’s direction.

      Meanwhile, Bob had way too many scandalls in his later years to count, which is exactly why we’ll never be able to fully celebrate his legacy.

      For those saying Drew needs to go, I won’t ask you who you’d suggest as his replacement: Too many people have done that already. I will, however, ask you to put yourself in the position of anyone who has ever had to do something as challenging as host a television show in front of a studio audience of thousands, with millions more watching at home, work, school etc. I can’t even begin to imagine the pressure under which someone doing that is put! I would bet that even the clasic hosts we all know and love got butterflies at the vary thought of presenting their shows in front of an audience of millions, despite the fact that they made it look so easy.

      I don’t deny that Bob was good at hosting Price Is Right. He did it for thirty-five years (as we all know!) But I do agree with those who say he over-stayed his welcome by a considerable amount of time.

      One final note. Unless I’m mistaken, didn’t Bob personally tell Drew not to use his style of hosting but rather, to take the show and make it his own? Well, he’s done just that and from what I understand, “The Price Is Right” is still one of Cbs’s top-rated daytime shows.

  • Kathleen Paxton says:

    My husband and I will be married 40 years on September 17th. We can’t afford to be in your show on September 19th, as we are both retired (from teaching) and he is on 2-1/2 years of trying to remodel our home. Will you be doing any phoning of people (who are also celebrating 40 of something) to involve them in the games?

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