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Baggage, Lingo
Season Premieres of “Baggage” and “Lingo” Tonight; Write Your Review Thumbnail

Season Premieres of “Baggage” and “Lingo” Tonight; Write Your Review

Two season premieres are tonight on GSN.  The first is Baggage which will largely stay the same.  That season debut is at 7:30PM ET.  8:00PM ET will be the one more of us will be paying attention to, though.  It’s the season debut of Lingo.  It’s almost enough to be a series debut.  After a long break the show has a new set, new rules, new host, new music, and new top prize of $100,000. We’ve shown some previews, clips, and reviews and reception has been lukewarm so far.  However, what do you think of the full episode?  Be sure to tell us what you think in the comments.

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41 responses to "Season Premieres of “Baggage” and “Lingo” Tonight; Write Your Review"

  • Mark H. Jackson says:

    GSN really went overboard with the sex jokes. I can take the jokes (to a point), but the point is I can no longer watch this show with the family and that hurts! Dumb contestants too, though this has already been mentioned several times. Bonus round was not exciting at all, and I could go into detail, but honestly it’s just not worth my time. Bottom line here is that the show seems to be salvageable, but GSN will probably stay in the gutter since they really feel the need to connect to that hip young adult audience.


  • Kevin C. says:

    Lingo does need a few changes after watching the first 3 episodes.

    Gameplay: The basic game is salvageable…it is still people trying to guess 5-letter words while also getting a Lingo. However, there are many changes needed here.

    Change #1: Bill Engvall is completely stretching to be unfunny. As producer and host for the show, it is going to be expected he adds in a raunchier sense of humor to Lingo, but he lost the innocence that existed in the Woolery version of the show. If they wanted to go to the Blue Collar group for a host, then why did they pick the least talented comic of them all? They need to find a new host who knows what they’re doing with game shows. Two suggestions that I have: George Gray (if TPIR isn’t keeping him too busy) or Shandi Finnessey (might give the newer Lingo some respect and maintain the original fans)

    Change #2: The casting director should be fired and never hired on another game show ever. These contestants make contestants on TPIR look like 5-time Jeopardy Champions. In the first episode, how could the 1 team not figure out DEAT-? In the second episode, the winning team didn’t even get a single word correct in Bonus Lingo. Maybe they could at least give them a quick test of words or see at least how they play a mock version of the game.

    Change #3: This is Lingo, not Scrabble! The clues need to go away now! They do not help and only make the game more difficult for the contestants.

    Change #4: Lingos in the Main Game are worthless! I think it is great that teams play for money in the main game, but Lingos should be worth more than they are. In round 1, words could be worth $50, while a Lingo is worth $250. In round 2, words could be worth $100, while a Lingo is worth $500. In round 3, words could be worth $200, while a Lingo is worth $1,000. Both teams should keep money earned, regardless of winning or losing.

    Change #5: Lingos in the Bonus Game don’t even exist! I liked the Woolery version of the Bonus Round better, but I would make a few modifications. Each word is worth $1,000 added to their main game score, plus a Lingo ball pick. If a team gets 5 words, they automatically win $10,000 with 1 ball pick for a $20,000 Lingo. If a team gets 7 words, then they get $25,000 with 1 pick for $50,000. If a team gets 10 words, this is worth an automatic $50,000 with 1 pick for $100,000.

    Overall Grade for the Current Version of Lingo: “C-”

    • Kevin C. says:

      I forgot to note that my version of the Bonus Round would be 90 seconds (plus 30 seconds for each Lingo in the main game)

  • Don P says:

    I have not seen much of the Woolery version, so I am coming at this pretty fresh. Engvall is doing a good job as the host, and I have no problems with clues. One good thing is that Engvall is pointing out the yellow letters are right but in the wrong place, something Woolery did not do.

    Sex jokes…yes they can ease up on it. But then, how dirty minded is the average 14 year old anyway. The big impression is how much Sony is putting into this. Offering $100K a day is a bit strong for GSN. One can hope they can come up with more big money shows in the future (and American version of The Chase would be nice, for instance).

    Bottom line….I like this.

    • John says:

      “One good thing is that Engvall is pointing out the yellow letters are right but in the wrong place, something Woolery did not do.” Chuck DID explained that and the rules at the first 3 seasons.

      “The big impression is how much Sony is putting into this.” Sony isn’t involved in this show other than to run GSN.

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