Jim Graham Sees the Million Dollar Question on “Millionaire: Hot Seat” Thumbnail

Jim Graham Sees the Million Dollar Question on “Millionaire: Hot Seat”

Did anyone expect the Australian version of Millionaire, now called Hot Seat, to survive as long as it has?  Based on the description and seeing a bit, I didn’t.  The show is multiplayer Millionaire, to put it simplistically.  Six people play.  Answer right and you keep climbing the money tree but miss a question and the top of the tree is knocked down and the next person in line takes your place.  Each person can Pass once during the game and go to the back of the line.  The game is meaningless up until the very last question and it’s just not a great version of the show, so it’s success on Nine, versus Deal or No Deal, is interesting.

Three people have seen the million dollar question during Hot Seat‘s run.  A fourth man, Jim Graham, recently saw it.  He answered 13 of the 14 questions correct.  You’ll see his final three questions in the clip below.  There’s no walking away on this show.  He has to answer.  Can he be the first person in Hot Seat history to win the million dollar top prize, or will he leave with the consolation $1,000?

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13 responses to "Jim Graham Sees the Million Dollar Question on “Millionaire: Hot Seat”"

  • Ivan says:

    It is a trick question, a good question, really.

    • David says:

      I agree- I thought “huh?” until I realized that the flag could have a top-down view of the world instead of a side-to-side view we usually see…

      And I am shocked this version has gone so long- it wouldn’t have lasted here in the US, and if the current shuffle format hadn’t been devised they would have gone that way…It’s a cheap show, since most of the time people will miss the last question and only get the $1,000….

    • Starcade says:

      It’s a wonderful $1,000,000 question, because very few people have seen that view of the map (a Mercator view, if my memory of geography in school is correct).

  • Marc Power says:

    Eddie reallys needs to stop talking so much while the clock’s ticking. it screws with the contestant’s thinking. I don’t mind him telling them when time’s running out but here it almost came across like he was rushing the contestant.

  • Wayne says:

    Am I the only one here that’s surprised on their show they make the million dollar question a 50/50 shot for those that give the question a slight amount of thought. I know the timer makes that harder, but really either way that leaves only two answers to choose from.

  • 11-030 says:

    This video exposes a major flaw in Millionaire Hot Seat’s gameplay – the lack of a second milestone amount. Here is how I propose it be fixed.

    1. Either make the $20,000 or $50,000 question a milestone.


    2. If the contestant gets the $1 million question wrong, they are guaranteed $25,000 for making it that far (taken from the U.S. version Millionaire).

    $999,000 is just too much to lose, and no one wants to go home with peanuts. Those are my opinions.

  • Francis Chu says:

    I personally prefer the Classic Millionaire.

  • Artemis Hurst says:

    I’d like to see a version of Millionaire adapt the facebook game format. That’s how multiplayer Millionaire should be played.

    • Josh says:

      Probably without the multiplers, though. That would drive the show into bankruptcy, lol.

      How about this: six players, like the Hot Seat format; 15 seconds to answer the question. if you get it right, you get the amount given. Only the two jumps are available in Round 1, like the FB game, and are treated as a right answer. Money chain is the same as the show:


      Fastest answerer receives a $500 bonus to their bank for every question, and an additional $500 for any Jump they may have unused. That means the maximum a player can earn in Round 1 is $74,600. Top player moves on to Round 2; everyone else leaves with a consolation prize of $1,000.

      Round 2 is the same as the show, but there’s no time limit, any unused Jumps can be used here (but obviously you are not credited with that amount jumped), and Ask The Audience is introduced here.

      The shuffle format does sound very flexible with a group format.

  • Counterpoint says:

    The host of this show is the main reason I no longer watch Millionaire regularly He can be handled in small, weekly doses, but weekdays is too much. Why, you ask?

    You ever wonder what would happen if Mike Ditka (Yes, THAT Mike Ditka, former coach of Da Bears) controlled a TV network? Well, that’s Eddie for you. He’s president of a major football team, and isn’t quiet about that fact, and is on pretty much every second program that premieres on Channel Nine.

    It doesn’t help that his team won the national competition in 2010, either…

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