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“Let’s Make A Deal” Set to Tape Third Season

The other day I asked what was the last non-primetime game show to be renewed for more than two seasons.  The last we could find was Who Wants to be a Millionaire which starts its syndicated run in 2002.  We can add another to that list.  CBS’s Let’s Make A Deal has apparently been picked up for a third season.  The Wayne Brady-hosted game show, which began in 2009, replaced the long running soap opera Guiding Light and has seen equal if not better ratings mixed with cheaper production costs.

Let’s Make A Deal will begin tapings its new season on June 1st, 2011.  Tickets are not yet available but will become so soon.  The show will stay in its Los Angeles home, taping in Sunset Bronson Studios.  The current cast of Let’s Make A Deal, in addition to Wayne Brady, includes announcer Jonathan Mangum and co-host Tiffany Coyne.

Excited to see it coming back?  Always glad to see a game show have success, especially one like this.

Source : Let's Make A Deal Casting

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22 responses to "“Let’s Make A Deal” Set to Tape Third Season"

  • ryan Tadych says:

    Your also forgetting Family Fued. It has been on for more than 2 seasons in syndication!

  • Anthony Hardy "The Captain says:

    This is living proof that this show is here to stay. It was long overdue to see game shows come back to CBS so that “Price” wouldn’t be so lonely.

  • David says:

    Good for LMAD to get renewed. It’s better than some of the other “shows” that could be there. :-D

  • ????? says:

    If you count cable game shows, Lingo had six Woolery “seasons” and will have a seventh with Engvall, Cash Cab has lasted for seven “seasons” I think, and Newlywed and Catch 21 have had four “series”

  • ????? says:

    No new game show outside cable debuting since Millionaire in 2002 has lasted more than two seasons until LMAD’s renewal. THe current incarnation of Feud debuted in 1999. This version of LMAD is now the longest running of LMAD’s six revivals(if you count Fox’s Big Deal)

    • The Banker's Nephew says:

      What about Wipeout? Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader? Deal or No Deal?

      • Kevin $ says:

        OUTSIDE OF PRIMETIME GAME SHOWS. Those are invalid suggestions for that reason. “Deal” left after 2 and “5th Grader” probably will be gone after this season too. And, as mentioned, “Family Feud” started in 1999, so “Millionaire” is the last show to debut and go for more (outside of cable, although I think cable shows are important to note too).

  • Emanuel says:

    I honestly wouldn’t care either way because it can be very annoying at times. I like LMAD, but sometimes I wish they revived Pyramid instead. Johnathan acts like a fool that left his brain at home, which is how they wanted Rich Fields to act on TPIR but he didn’t to Mike’s dissapointment. Not to mention he’s not a true announcer and is only playing one on televsion. But worse of all Wayne focuses mostly on poor improv scetches and fluff banter with Johnathan. I wish he’d concentrate on the game like he did for the first half of Season 1.

    No doubt all of this makes Mike Richards giggle like a school girl, but I personally just don’t care much for it.

  • Anderson DelValle says:

    WOOT! Great news!

  • ron p. says:

    Great news, Wayne Brady is a hekk of a talent.And i just love Tiffany Coyne,she is beautiful!!

  • Matt says:

    It’s that LMAD is getting another season. But I wish they would cut it down to a 30-min show and make room for other game shows. I wonder when CBS, ABC and NBC will start bringing back game shows to network daytime again? From what I heard, no other soap operas are getting canceled, The View, The Talk are staying, and Today is not cutting any hours of their show. How much longer when TPiR will end their run?

    • DeVares says:

      Likely not for at least 3 years (when Days’ contract is up), but even then that’s no guarantee that a) one of the 6 remaining soaps, The View, or The Talk gets cancelled, and b) they would replace it with a game show.

  • TomZee says:

    As one of the proud few who got to play on LMAD during its all-too-short four-month run in Las Vegas (show taped Dec. 19, 2009, aired Feb. 8, 2010.), I must say knowing the show is getting a third season is great news. Wayne’s a funny guy and knows what he’s doing out there.

    Where I live (Salt Lake City market), the show aired at 1 p.m. during the first season. Only downer for me this season is the CBS station (KUTV) moved it to 11 a.m. Since it airs “Price is Right” at 9 a.m., it’s harder to sit for an hour to enjoy Drew Carey, step away for an hour, and sit back down for Wayne.

    I’m still a fan of the show and try to watch it online to fill in the days I miss.

    Oh, for the record…I dressed as a giant Bugs Bunny and ended up winning $1,500!!! Could’ve had a car, but I have no regrets.

  • djcchs2004 says:

    Cool. Do you think the next season would go High Def?

  • lmadfan says:

    Jonathan Mangumn is promoted as Wayne’s sidekick [co-host/announcer]

  • Dona dixon says:

    Hi everyone i sure hops someone sees this i was on Lets Make A Deal !! the 1st day of there 3rd season we had such a great time olny thing is i dont no when itsgoing to air and my parents really want to see it there in there 80s and the little things mean alot i didnt get picked but thats ok im going back ha REALLY would like to find out the date of the 1st taping of 3rd season thank u luv the show !!

  • Dona dixon says:

    I LOVE LETS MAKE A DEAL!!WHOOO HOOOO I LOVE PRICE IS RIGHT TOOOO! watching it as we speak great way to start my day !thanks

  • John says:

    How do I find out when a taping I was on will air?

  • Peaches says:

    Its funny and entertaining? I love Wayne Brady!

  • Peaches says:

    Its funny and entertaining? I love Wayne Brady! So talented and handsome but most of all great personality. Wayne is the X factor.

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