New Seasons of “Catch 21″ and “Baggage” Today at 5:30PM ET on GSN Thumbnail

New Seasons of “Catch 21″ and “Baggage” Today at 5:30PM ET on GSN

Small alert to remember the season premieres of Catch 21 and Baggage on GSN today at 5:30PM ET and 6:30PM ET, respectively.  Alfonso Ribeiro and Mikki Padilla return in the trivia blackjack game Catch 21 hoping to give a contestant $25,000.  The show is now shot in HD.  Baggage is back with Jerry Springer looking at people’s deepest, darkest secrets before the date happens.

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3 responses to "New Seasons of “Catch 21″ and “Baggage” Today at 5:30PM ET on GSN"

  • Gord Gordon says:

    I watched the first episode of Baggage. It’s a little different than last season. They have a new hot seat that’s WAYYYYYYYYY better! Nice job making a good show better producers.

    This way maybe the harshest baggage of all time.


    dude looks like a lady!!!

  • Justin says:

    The Tuesday playing of Catch 21′s endgame was about the best luck I’ve EVER seen. Every card that girl got gave her either a 21 or the perfect chance to GET one, and no PC was ever used there.

    This is saying something for an endgame that I think is VERY hard to win…perhaps TOO hard. Though the game is good and all (it’s caught on for me), having the $25k wins being so rare, and with such a low payout in the endgame otherwise makes me thing that they might want to change a few things in the future.

    My suggestions are:

    - Let only the first card be the one that starts the endgame. Then, after the rule explanation, the contestant is able to have two empty hands, and can choose to start one of the new hands when they desire. That way, if a face or ten is dealt as the start of the first, and an ace as the second hand’s opener, then this change would make so the contestant would be able to use the ace that came up as the second card in the new deck on the first hand to make a 21 (provided that they wanted to, because they would HAVE to do it that way;they could get THAT choice, too).
    - Put two Jokers in the deck (a move not even Gambit tried), which would act as wild cards in the deck. The player could make the Joker anywhere from 1 to 11, and they could hold the Joker until they needed it, but only one held Joker at a time, and they MUST use the held Joker at some point in the game. Before anyone says that this would make the game TOO easy, keep in mind how hard it would be to find one or two Jokers in a 54 card deck.
    - Use the Gambit end game, where the contestant picks a square to reveal a prize, and takes a card for each prize they reveal. If they bust, they lose the prizes they won up to that point (one square could hold the $25K that they tout as the main prize now). Getting a 21 wins them a car (which was the main prize on Gambit), and they could quit after getting into the normal “bust danger” zone of 12-20.

  • JIM says:

    My Big Baggage would be that “I like to be tied up and spanked and left tied for awhile.
    There was a girl on the Sept 27th show that would be right up my alley.

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