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Before They Were Chasers: Anne Hegerty Thumbnail

Before They Were Chasers: Anne Hegerty

This is the final part of a three part series where I dig though the archives and show you game show footage from the past that feature the three current chasers on ITV’s hit game show, The Chase.

The third and final chaser I am profiling this week is Anne Hegerty. After the sucess of the pilot series in 2009, the producers were after a female chaser to join Shaun Wallace and Mark Labbet for the second series. Anne auditioned for this role and was sucessfully selected. Unlike Shaun and Mark, Anne has not appeared on many game shows in the last few years. She is one of the few to have appeared on the original Mastermind (with Magnus Magnusson) in 1988 and the revivial series (with John Humphrys) in 2003. Whilst she appeared on the popular daytime quiz 15 to 1 and the BBC2 news quiz Today’s The Day in the 1990s, it was her recent appearance on Radio 4′s Brain of Britain that caught producers eyes (and ears) to select her as the main female chaser. Although Brain of Britain is dominated by male winners, Anne became one of the few females to reach the grand final.

The clip I am going to feature is from the second series of Are You An Egghead? Based on the BBC2 daytime quiz Eggheads, the spin show features a 32 person knockout tournament where the overall winner would become an egghead and regularly appear on the main show. He or she would sit alongside Judith Keppell, the first £1 Million winner on Who Wants to be a Millionaire? and world quizzing champion Kevin Ashman. All three chasers have all attempted to win the tournament but neither succeeded. For those who don’t know how the format works, there are five rounds of questions (history, entertainment, geography etc..) at a best of three format. The winner of each round selects an egghead for the sixth and final round, general knowledge. The final round features a best of five format. If a contestant does not know the answer, they can ask for one of their chosen eggheads for advice but they can only use them once. The clip features Anne’s second round match against Jenny Ryan (who became a team winner on Only Connect in 2010) and includes the first, third and final rounds.

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