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Todd Newton Hosts The Hub’s “Family Game Night”

Veteran game show host Todd Newton is the host of The Hub’s new game show Family Game Night.  The Hub is a joint venture between Discovery and Hasbro.  The channel will replace Discovery Kids on October 10, 2010.  Todd Newton is the host of fan favorites like Whammy!, Hollywood Showdown, and others.  Most of the shows he hosted on GSN were when Bob Boden was involved with the network, and he’s a head over at The Hub’s game department now so it looks like he’s calling in the old troops.  Come on, Kennedy!

Family Game Night pits families against each other playing adaptations of various Hasbro games.  In the first press release some games announced were Bop It, Connect4, Cranium, and others.  We’ve got some concrete details on some games now.  One of them is going to be Yahtzee Bowling.  There are pins at the end of a make-shift bowling alley that are six sided, each with the face of a die on it.  A contestant will roll an oversized ball down the alley, knocking over the pins, trying to get the best roll possible.  Expect stuff like this.  I was also told about Bop It! and Operation, both of which are huge and impressive.

Actually, that’s what this entire show is.  From what I’ve heard and seen, Family Game Night is just flat out huge and impressive.  More details will be coming in soon.  This is definitely a show to look out for in the next coming months.  This could be great.  No word on a debut date yet unless I missed it, but it will apparently air in The Hub’s special “Family Prime” block somewhere between 7:00PM ET and 11:00PM ET.

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19 responses to "Todd Newton Hosts The Hub’s “Family Game Night”"

  • Lirodon says:

    This will make Game Gurus look like a public access show.

  • Ryan Z says:

    Sounds fun! Only two days away from my birthday – a late birthday present, I suppose!

  • Maximus says:

    Since when is “Whammy” a fan favorite?

  • Patrick says:

    This sounds a little like Family Challenge, with Hasbro-trademarked games. Hopefully the format will be a little more complex than Family Challenge was, but still sounds like fun. The Singing Bee (CMT), for example, employs a variety of variations on the karaoke format but does it in a way that makes it easy to play along.

  • David says:

    It sounds like a fun show, and Todd should be a solid host.

  • ScottNotSteve says:

    Forgive me, but I don’t see this as huge or impressive. What is Bob Boden thinking? Todd is a great host, but this sounds as promising as Merv’s Monopoly…

  • hd says:

    Good choice for a host! Glad to see Todd back on tv again!

  • Jay says:

    I’ve always thought Todd Newton was a great host…and, still do. I’m just not sure how some of these games will translate to a show. Bop It! as a game on TV? I dunno. But, we’ll see.

  • Jon says:

    I think Todd Newton would have been a better choice for hosting Family Feud rather than Steve Harvey.

    • James Greek says:

      I agree Jon, he would have been a better choice for hosting Feud.

      • LaJuan says:

        Is it because of his Millionaire work or because he’s not a typical “game show host” (if that even exists anymore)? I’m really curious.

  • Emanuel says:

    This sounds like a fun show, much better than any of the recent original garbage on GSN. I’m just curious to see how some of thes games translate to TV. Also Todd Newton is a great choice to host the show.

  • Todd Newton says:

    Hey guys,
    Thanks so much for the chatter about WWGS. I had a ball doing the first season and was fascinated with differences in culture…as I’m sure other game show fans are. Your support is always appreciated and I hope you continue to enjoy the show. Follow me on twitter.com/toddnewton and I’ll give you good insights from the set. Talk soon!

    • Brandon says:

      Todd, watching you on “Family Game Night” and “Whammy!”, I can honestly say you are one of the best game show hosts in the world. Best of luck to you.

  • chris kemp says:

    i can rember Todd Newton the host of whammy the all new press your luck and hollywood showdown. and at one host of the price is right live show and i think he will be a great host of this game show doing game like monopoly and like battleship and like bop it and like sorry and like crayum and i like the money machine and the red and the gold team colors and i think the show will be a smash hit and maybe the hub will win the emmy award for best game show at the 2011 award show so i give you all the luck in world on this new show and all your other game show from your biggest fan.
    Chris Kemp

  • Anne says:

    what country state street address is family game night in because me and my family would like to be on it?

  • Dave says:

    Now that Todd is a Daytime Emmy Award winner, I would love to see him host an updated revival version of the classic game show High Rollers in 2013. I would like to see him host an updated version of GSN’s Catch 21 in 2013 where the top prize is now $100,000 in the bonus round of the show.

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