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Set Report for Orlando “Family Feud”

If you’re a reader you inevitably know that Family Feud, the long-running syndicated game show hosted by Steve Harvey, is moving from its Los Angeles base to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.  We gave you an exclusive first look at the set yesterday.  That was courtesy of a reader, Brent.  He was nice enough to email me a report along with some other pictures of the updated set.  Here’s what he had to say.  Bolded sections are things I included for clarity.

…on the TVs they play the Feud opening. After the announcer says, “with your host Steve Harvey,” the warm up guy comes on the screen to let us know Steve isn’t ready quite yet and makes a crack how he is trying on all those expensive suits and relaxing in his dressing room. Then he goes on to show us a video package of the history of the Feud including all it’s hosts and how the game is played. This is great for those who need a refresher and even for those who know the game its nice to see them show a bit of the history to those who don’t know it.  Then he explains the rules for us on screen including the number one rule of having fun.

The game format is four rounds before Fast Money. The first two being single point value, then double, then triple. The music is the same as last season. There is no Bullseye (last season reintroduced the Bullseye round) or anything fancy but the rule of a family winning five games to win a car has returned.  $20,000 is the top prize available each show. Also before Fast Money starts Steve seems to throw to a video shout out from a family member who couldn’t make it who wants to wish them good luck (we could not see this message itself in the audience we only saw Steve introing to it and coming back from it).  Other than that it’s the same game we know & love.

Steve Harvey as a host is wonderful. As he told us during a break, his methods with comedy are that it’s based on 80% truth to get the reaction, have it relate to everyone, and that he is a straight shooter. This adds up to him mocking contestants and openly letting everyone know when someone’s answer seems to be way off base with the looks he gives and overall reaction. Then during breaks he would come and joke around with the crowd about the questions and all the answers they could have given or what answers were on the board that even surprised him. Also, he also has great interaction with the families and knew how to touch base and joke with each of their interests. So even during the breaks and mistakes time just flew by with Steve’s jokes. He only made a few small mistakes that could happen to anyone and was able to roll with anything that happened.

The new season of Family Feud will debut September 13th in national syndication.

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66 responses to "Set Report for Orlando “Family Feud”"

  • Julia says:

    So, do we get the family poses or the stupid family introduction videos from last season or do we go back to having the host introduce the family?

    • Jay says:

      Great question, Julia. I, too, have the same question.

      • Family Feud says:

        No family poses, no family video introductions. Steve introduces the families!

        • Brent says:

          & there is the confirmation no more goofy posing :) glad they didn’t sneak it in somehow before I got there

          • Brandon says:

            No family video intros. Good. They were really annoying anyways.

            However I really wish they’d do special episodes (Soap Opera Special, Superstars on Ice, Celebrity Look Alikes, etc.) again like they used to back in the day. I really miss those :(

        • Ryan Z says:

          Oh thank God, I never liked the videos XD

        • Julia says:

          Oh thank you for the quick response and for removing the video introductions. You should have known that people didn’t like them when you posted one them on Youtube and got nothing but negative responses.

    • Brent says:

      The poses seemed to be out (unless they taped them before the audience entered but doubt that) & Steve introduced the families

  • Jake says:

    Interesting, but I expected something a little more detailed…

    • Brent says:

      I gave more details but the e-mail was very long & gave a lot that those here may not have interest in (about times of the tapings ect) even so I told Alex to trim as he saw fit. If you have any particular questions I will do my best to answer them.

  • Jon says:

    Why is there 2 posts on the family feud set?

    • Ryan Z says:

      The last one was a report about the set. This one’s a report *from* the set, about the show. ;)

    • Brent says:

      Yes as Ryan said the 1st was when I tweeted the new set picture to the blog so they could post it right away than I sent in my report yesterday afternoon & this is why Alex probably posted it separately

  • Jay says:

    While Julia asked one question, is there a pic with the new podiums. They are blocked in this picture.

    • Brent says:

      The post before this showed the photo I took while walking in & you can see the podiums in that one. Since photos were not allowed I didn’t want to push my luck too much since I only had my phone to snap some anyways. I did get a few more low quality photos of Steve, some of the soundboards in the back, & the car. If anyone is interested in those at all I will try to post them somewhere for you to see.

      • Jay says:

        Sorry…let me clarify. While I did see the previous photo, I was wondering if there is a close up pic of the podiums. I can’t really see them in the wide shot.

  • DeVares says:

    Alex wasn’t lying, Steve’s suits are expensive (I own a couple of them myself). One thing I would like for them to bring back is the bell sound whenever a family wins a round (I imagine them using it whenever I watch this version).

  • Rob says:

    Hi Brent, I was wondering is you could give me any more detailed information that you have? I’m really curious, because I’m gonna be on this season on Family Feud. We just haven’t filmed yet and haven’t heard any news from FF yet. Thanks.

    • Brent says:

      Any particular questions at all? I know that until it’s your turn to tape that day the other families were watching from the crowd before it’s their turn. Also extended family (not playing in the game) will get to be seated before the general audience (not that any seat is a bad one though) Like I said my few other blurry photos can be found here http://twitpic.com/photos/Family_Feud & let me know when your taping I may be able to make it to cheer you on. Also expect to have to be color coordinated with the rest of your family all wearing one basic color (I saw red,purple,&light blue while there)

      • Rob says:

        We’re gonna make sure to be color coordinated, we planned on that since we had our first audition. Do you know what kind of car they’re giving away this season for the families who last 5 episodes? And do you know how many episodes are filmed each day, the filming times, or how long it takes to film an entire episode? Thanks Brent, I really appreciate your help.

        • Brent says:

          The car currently is a Ford Torus (photo in the link http://twitpic.com/photos/DisFreakBrent (sorry for the miss type before)

          4 shows are taped each day currently the set times for everyone to get in line audience wise (including VIPs/extended family) were 11am & 2pm with two shows being taped during each time.

          So basically roughly two hours to tape two shows once inside the sound stage give or take some time based on anything going ect. Since it was the very first time for the taping I didn’t walk out of the sound stage until 3 because it took so long but I’m sure this will get cut down fast seeing as the 2nd set lines up at 2.

          • Brandon says:

            Well it’s a breath of fresh air that they are displaying and giving away a new car. But as long as they don’t promote the SAME FREAKING CAR EVERY WEEK then everything should be fine. I think the selling of cars is great, but at least make it a different one every week or month; I’m sure nobody likes seeing the same thing every time; that bogs down everything involving the show’s flow and perhaps the viewership, don’t you think?

          • Rob says:

            Thanks so much Brent! And Brandon, I have a feeling that they will be giving away the same car the entire season. That’s what they did last season. :(

          • Rob says:

            Brent, by any chance, do you know what hotel Family Feud puts the contestants up at?

          • Brent says:

            Not sure of what hotel it would be but maybe if your lucky they struck a deal with Universal & it will be one of their on site hotels. I also agree the car should switch up but it probably won’t happen.

  • hardythecaptain says:

    This is more of the classic feel. I am kinda glad that there’s no crowd in the background ’cause they can’t see the action. I also like the fact that they brought the families’ names back behind them; it was hard to memorize who everyone is this past season. The win-five-days-you-win-a-car is cool, and I hope they keep it in future seasons. The whole Sudden Death thing is getting kinda old; it was cool the first few times, but the Bullseye Round definately fanned the flames. Overall, let’s hope this upcoming season will be definately worth watching.

  • Adam says:

    Is it still 300 to win this year? I’m assuming so, but just wondering since it’s not explicitly stated. Also, if that’s the case…..have they finally fixed the issue where they’d purposely would make the double question worth less then normal if a family won the first two questions, so they could guarantee a 4th round in most cases?

    Looking forward to the new season, sounds like it should be fun.

    • Brent says:

      Yes it’s still 300 but sadly I wasn’t paying enough attention to know if they fixed that issue but I would guess they still have it to force the 4th round. Sadly it’s just how thing work to fill in the amount of game play they need per ep.

  • No 94 themes, no bankroll round. i little dispointed.

  • Hey bret, No Dawson 94 themes?, no bankroll round? i very little disappointed

  • Lee Hubbard says:

    Is Burton still announcing the show?

  • LaJuan says:

    Sudden Death in play: VERY DISSAPPOINTING!
    No 94 Theme: Disappointing
    Face-off Podium: Kinda Disappointing
    No bullseye/bankroll: Very EXCELLENT!
    I’m glad they kept the 5 time Car. I thought it was stupid at first, but it was one of the only changes that I grew to like.

    I could stomach S.D. if they had the 94 theme in SOMEWAY. Nice job though (supposedly) FF, your close to uber-quality levels *cough*getridofsuddendeath*cough*

    • DeVares says:

      I agree. Sudden Death has gotten real old. My idea is do another round with 3 answers and one strike (similar to the Louie Anderson version). I’m also disappointed that there are no bullseye/bankroll round, but I can get over that.

  • anonymous says:

    I hear ya, Daniel. THIS season may not be too fun to watch, because they are still using the “Outdated 1988 Theme”. Why couldn’t they use the Jazzy 1994 theme, do a single-double-triple-three-seconds triple, bankroll round? I may never understand.

    Season 12 = Somewhat Disappointing….

    • Adam says:

      I like that idea, would be like how the final years of the Combs/Dawson era was done.

    • James says:

      Come on, using the Combs theme isn’t going to kill the whole show. I see a lot more things to like (traditional Feud, as much as you can make it with the decreased air time; a promising new host; etc)

      And do you think anyone who’s not a big game show fan actually REMEMBERS Feud ’94? (I am surprised as it is that people WANT to remember it now! Absence makes the heart grow fond????)

      /Yeah it wasn’t that bad, I’ll admit it too…

      • James says:

        P.S. why does everyone hate Sudden Death? True Bullseye made it redundant but that’s gone. And face it, air time isn’t what it used to be, they have to cut corners now because of that pesky ad time they must include.

  • Gene says:

    I’m looking forward to Steve Harvey. I’m disappointed with the outdated theme they play the same 30 second piece for everything. i wonder did they download it from a theme website.

    They need to update the prize money to 50k it been 20 thousand since 2001?

    Who gets the car also do they do a drawling?

    And im happy to see the name plates back

    i hope they put this show on at a better time slot in the fall every season this show changes time slots.

  • Jay says:

    I agree with one of the questions that Gene asked: Who gets the car? It is this question that has made me dislike a car being given away on FF. I mean…think about it…most of the families do not live together…some even live in different areas, entirely…so…who gets the car?

  • Joey says:

    As I said in the other post, I’m kinda disapointed with the new looking set. Call me old fashioned, but I liked the podiums from last season. I have no problem with the music except that they play the same section over and over and its making people hate it. The music should stay, it says THE FEUD. It’s like The Price is Right, you can’t play different music, it won’t make sense. I also wish they would use the bell sound when a family wins points instead of playing the same piece of music over and over

  • Patrick says:

    Only $20,000, you got to be kidding me! I know they are giving away a car too, but after the family wins 5 times. Nowadays $25,000 is like the benchmark for game show winnings (Catch 21, Wheel”s m,ost common dollar amount on the bonus wheel, benchmark on Millionaire) 20,000 split 5 ways goes down to 4,000 a piece, big Woop! I think they should up it to something reasonable like 25 or 30 Grand, and if they raise the amount raise the number of points needed. Do something to put more cash in the pot

    • RyanZ says:

      Perhaps it could be that the team chooses an amount before the Fast Money Round. If they pick $20,000 it’s 190 points, $25,000 they have to get 200 points, or $30,000 and the goal is 210 points.

      …Actually, nevermind. That’s a stupid idea. Just up the prize a little.

      • James says:

        Oh no…MO’ MONEY!!!!!!! ;-)

        Four words: NUMBER ONE ANSWER BONUSES. It worked for 100MD/QDLG?, it worked for Bert’s FF, it couldn’t hurt here.

        Other than that, families who play well enough can leave with $100,000 and the car. Which is decent still for a second-tier syndie show.

  • Rob says:

    One last question Brent… Does the team captain introduce themself and the four other players or does each contestant introduce themselves? Thanks so much for all your help and I’ll be sure to let you know when me and Alyssa will be filming.

  • anonymous1 says:

    I wonder of they are gonna bring back the “NEED AN ANSWER”(buzz buzz buzz) sound effect.

    How ’bout the “FAST MONEY LOSE”(BUZZZZZZZ)?

  • James says:

    At first, I was ready to write off Steve as a “Caldwell,” i.e. a warm body to let the show continue for one more season after its established host left. But this sounds really promising. Ribbing rotten answers sounds like something from the Dawson/Combs playbook.

  • Rob says:

    Just got a call from Family Feud! Alyssa and I will be filming on August 7th.

  • anonymous1 says:

    Can anybody tell me if they redid the video board?

    For example, there are 5 answers to a survey question, while the last 3 are hidden in a color background like in the 1994 version.

  • Viv says:

    Hello Rob and Alyssa, were you guys part of the Atlanta auditions and test run show??

    • Rob says:

      Nope, we auditioned in Boston. What about you…contestant this year? If you have any questions, email me at rbodnar68@yahoo.com! I’d be happy to answer any questions anyone has.

      • Susie says:

        Hello Rob and Alyssa-did you receive a postcard before you got your call? If so, how long did you get the postcard before you got the call?We got the postcard-but have not got the call yet…..Waiting impatiently!!

  • Angie says:

    Hey, I attended a taping last weekend and it was great! Steve was hilarious, especially to this one family that was competing. He killed us with the jokes he was making to them. I was just wondering if there’s gonna be a Big Money Tournament this season, like how there was with all the O’Hurley seasons?

  • Trish says:

    Hey all, we are a family from Boston that auditioned in April and got the post card two weeks later. We then went and prerecorded our introductions and were told that we would be notified two weeks before our taping to come to Orlando. Well here we are at the end of August and have no date yet! I can’t find a telephone number or email address to check on our status. We were told that we were definitley in and were definitley coming to Orlando. We have told so many people we were going to be on and now I am unsure as we still are waiting and time is running out. Does anyone have any idea who I can touch base with??

    Thanks:) Trish

    • Ryan says:

      Hey Trish – did they give you a window of time for appearing on the show? I know when I got on Wheel years ago we were told that we had 18 months to make an appearance on the show.

  • Rob says:

    Hey Trish, I was a contestant this season, so if you have any questions about ANYTHING, I’d be glad to help if I can. Email me @ rbodnar68@yahoo.com!! :) P.s. I think I probably was at the same Boston audition as you. Your predicament sounds EXACTLY like mine.

    • Trish says:

      They told us that we were definitley going to Orlando so we got really excited and told everyone. We were told we would hear two weeks before our departure date and that we would hear anytime between July and September but here it is almost September 1st and we have yet to hear anything. I am so dissapointed because nobody is gettting back to me and I have so many people calling and asking about it. I feel like if they were going to drop you from the show they should tell you. I am from a family of 12 so between the 12 of us, we know a lot of people.

  • Lotus says:

    Hey! We are going to Orlando to tape!!! We are really really excited! The one question I have is about the wardrobe. They were pretty strict with the information they gave us about colors and I was wondering if anyone could provide any insight into that? Would grey be okay? Does everyone have to wear bright colors? We were told to each bring 3 outfits – do they usually let you wear the one you have on (if it follows the rules) or do they look at all three and make you wear whatever they want?? What about jewelry? Can everyone on the team wear dark pants (grey or black?)

  • Regine Desdunes says:

    Where can I find the family poses from previous season. I really enjoyed seeing the different ways of posing the families I am guessing according to their interest or temperament or family history. Thanks in advance for the info.

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