“Price is Right” Crowns Second Double Showcase Winner of Season Thumbnail

“Price is Right” Crowns Second Double Showcase Winner of Season

Just about the best you can do on The Price is Right is come within $250 of the actual retail price of your Showcase without going over.  Doing that makes you a Double Showcase Winner and you win both showcases, and these days that tends to total well over the $40,000 to $50,000 range.  We’ve only had one so far, and that was on the St. Patrick’s Day season.  Loyal viewers were treated to the second giant win of the season this past week.  That’s only the only excitement, though.  The first lady’s guess was extremely close, too.  It looked like everyone was confused as to who won.  Both contestants and Drew didn’t seem to pick up what was going on until a few seconds later and realize what happened.  Take a look below.  It’s always a really exciting moment on the show.

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8 responses to "“Price is Right” Crowns Second Double Showcase Winner of Season"

  • CJ Horton says:

    How pissed would you be if you were off by less than $500 still got beaten?

  • Rob Hoffmann says:

    To be honest, when the first difference was revealed, I figured that the second reveal was either a DSW or a painfully-close overbid… there's no other scenario where they'd reveal a $483 difference first, right? Or am I giving them too much credit for dramatics… :)

  • Family Feud says:

    Really fun! Thx for posting this.

  • DeVares says:

    That was funny that the other contestant jumping up and down thinking that she won.

  • alex_8899 says:

    Between the $483 difference of the first contestant and Drew's reaction to the second, I almost thought we were going to have another Terry Kniess incident on our hands. Good thing it didn't end up that way! ^^;

  • Darryl Heine says:

    Let's hope there's at least one more DSW before TPIR Season 38 ends by tentatively the July 2, 2010 episode (which could be a 4th. of July episode like in 2008)

  • Jay says:

    I've watched the show for a long time…and have to agree with you.

  • Nevadawx says:

    There's a book out about the Terry Kniess incident. Just google "perfect showcase bid".

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