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“Divided”: the Most Uncomfortable 100 Seconds in Game Show History Thumbnail

“Divided”: the Most Uncomfortable 100 Seconds in Game Show History

Over in England ITV brought back one of my favorite quiz shows in years: Divided.  We went over it extensively when it first came around last year, and the results were as mixed as I figured.  I thought it would be because, as even the title could hint, it’s a very dividing show based on the sheer nature of it.  It’s a tough quizzer to start out with that’s accentuated with fantastic writing, tense gameplay, and dramatic big money moments.  The ending is what divides crowds.  The prize money earned is divided into three unequal sections.  In 100 seconds, during which each share of the money goes down rapidly, the team must decide who gets what share and if they don’t all agree they get nothing.  Sometimes it turns out OK.  Sometimes it turns out ugly.  It could not have turned out uglier than it did on Wednesday’s episode.  Without a doubt it was the most uncomfortable and awkward 100 seconds in game show history.  For those not familiar with Divided here’s a look at one of the bigger money rounds.  The rest are similar.  Below is where it gets interesting.

And now we come to the reason the show exists, the splitting money segment.  Usually teams will just bicker for around 50 seconds before someone decides to give in and go for a lower part of the money.  Sometimes teams just can’t decide, they leave with nothing, and they get over it quickly.  Wednesday’s episode was quite possibly the most ugly and uncomfortable thing I’ve ever seen in game show history.  It went beyond bickering.  It degenerated into nasty name calling and more.  I’m quite frankly stunned a brawl didn’t break out (which still would have been fun).  Take a look and tell me what you think.  The show does tend to bring out the ugliness in some people.

It’s brutal and uncomfortable, but I can’t stop watching.  It’s the most addictive quiz show I’ve seen in years and I’m absolutely floored some US network hasn’t looked at it.   What do you think of the show in general?  I’m completely addicted.  I can’t stop watching.

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65 responses to "“Divided”: the Most Uncomfortable 100 Seconds in Game Show History"

  • MTG says:

    "the meltdown man was goading the other two contestants during breaks when he was constantly warned by the floor manager to keep quiet." and "at the end of the show's filming he was screaming in the corridor and the other two contestants had to be kept away from him for their own safety."

    How do you know all of this stuff?

  • MTG says:

    jo and zeus were equal for the questions

    she answered the same amount if not less than him but she was just louder

  • MTG says:

    are you jo!?! seriously youre bigging her up so much, you ARE jo arent you!?

  • Joshua says:

    To use appropriate British slang, this game show brings out your inner tw*t, lol!

  • Eric says:

    I love this show! it turns into such a train wreak at the end i do love this show and i agree with you Alex and is puzzled as hell as why no American has picked up this show and ran with it cause i would love to watch how bad of a train wreak the Americans would be in the final end game

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