John O’Hurley Leaves “Family Feud”; Steve Harvey New Host in Fall Thumbnail

John O’Hurley Leaves “Family Feud”; Steve Harvey New Host in Fall

Sad news to start the day off with.  John O’Hurley has announced this is his final season on the popualr syndicated game show Family Feud.  Amazingly he follows the line of the previous hosts of this version (Louie Anderson and Richard Karn) of hosting the show for four years before leaving the game.  Unlike the others O’Hurley is leaving on his own will.

In a statement, John said, “The time has come to try something new, and while I have prized my time on Family Feud, I’ve decided to set a course for new adventures,” said O’Hurley in a statement. “This includes immediately heading into rehearsals for the U.S. touring show of Chicago, launching my new company Energy-Inc. which focuses on renewable energy solutions, debuting an original golf apparel line in the J. Peterman catalog, and visiting our troops overseas.”

The new host will be comedian Steve Harvey, who actually may be a fantastic fit.   Steve had a hit sitcom which ran from 1996 to 2002 and currently hosts his own radio show.  He also hosted a short-lived variety show.  Steve will begin hosting in Fall 2010 when Family Feud begins its record setting 12th season.  It becomes the longest surviving series of the show in the history of the franchise.

“With his talent, authenticity and innate ability to connect with audiences from all walks of life, Steve exemplifies the spirit and appeal of Family Feud,” said Fremantle President Cecile Frot-Coutaz in a statement. Fremantle produces the long-running Family Feud, while Debmar-Mercury distributes the show.  This is all according to Broadcasting and Cable.

On a personal note, it’s very sad to see John go.  I’ve visited Feud several times and met John often.  He’s one of the nicest people in the business and a true pro.  He’s without a shadow of a doubt the best host that show has had since Richard Dawson and they are losing a major reason why the show is so enjoyable.  He’s been a great friend to the site over the past few years and an integral part of why the show still exists to this day.  He will deeply be missed.  However, I think Steve may be a fantastic fit.  He has the personality to do it, the comedy skills, and the name recognition.  Good luck in the Fall.  We’ll definitely be on the set for this one.

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219 responses to "John O’Hurley Leaves “Family Feud”; Steve Harvey New Host in Fall". Comments are closed for this post.

    Hope the writers, producers, sponsors of Family Feud hear from enough viewers who are dissatisfied with the tone of questions on Family Feud since Steve Harvey became host. The show’s questions have become X Rated. Sex this, sex that – body parts this, body parts that. Having been a fan of Family Feud since the days of Richard Dawson, I am appauled that this show has become so disgusting to the early evening viewing TV audience. Steve Harvey is a good comedian, but he is not a good host for Family Feud. Has the writing staff also changed as it appears the current writers were probably writers for some porn magazine. Wish John O’Hurley would reconsider and return as host – he gave the show “CLASS”. With Steve Harvey, all we hear is “ASS”.

  • foxyknoxy36 says:

    I am going to miss john o’ Hurley he made family feud very entertaining he will be truly missed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But always known and remembered as the family feud host :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

  • frances wimberly says:

    I agree. Steve Harvey is a good good man I am sure but his show has become so downright nasty. I watch since i have air antenna and not much on; i am sick of the blood and guts and hate old movies; they depress me. I am just so sick of the trash. With O’Hurley you never had to worry abt what you were going to hear. My kids are grown and gone so i can ignore it. It just isn’t one of my favorite shows anymore; that is for sure. I think it is the fault of the producers most prbly. It is a slap in the face. I am no prude for sure but enough is enough. Man. garbage is garbage and he didn’t have to make a mockery of that young woman who made the Sign of the Cross before she played the game; Catholics often make this sign; I make it as it is a sign of the Trinity; Steve said “He (God) doesn’t have anything to do with this”; I think He is in everything. I wonder if Steve would say something like that to a Protestant but no he joined in with that Pastor who said “I don’t do that”; of course not; he was a Protestant minister and I respect that also but it was obviously knocking a Catholic woman. That minister should have worried abt what came out of his wife’s mouth; oh that was just fine wasn’t it; she was nasty!

    • Sue Oakley says:

      Steve Harvey has taken a Family TV show watched by many families and turned it in to a show that needs to air after children are in bed. It is nasty the majority of the time and unappropriate for 7 & 7:30pm showings (Eastern time). Clean up your act guys or you are going to continue losing audience.

  • frances wimberly says:

    Once more; i get shows that are 2 yrs old but another one i find really despicable, much worse than Family Feud is the late night cartoon Family Guy; talk abt. disgusting. The shows i love are Psych ( all characters Black and White) are all of equal importance to that show and i can’t imagine it going on without a one of them. Take that one Trish although i am not addressing you as I can’t argue with ignorance. I don’t think it is Steve Harvey’s fault and my gut feeling is that he would appreciate it if the questions were not baited as vulgar; he is trying to make a bad question show a joke instead of showing more seriousness which would simply make it worse.

  • frances wimberly says:

    I was referring to Tasha; don’t know if a Trish is on here; if there is I apologize to you.

  • Malena says:

    I love Family Feud but lately is not for families, everything is sex, dirty questions and dirty answers. I can’t tape it anymore to play with my kids.
    I love the host, he is funny, very nice looking man and dress like a man.
    I am very upset that is in family time.

  • Steve says:

    I have watched Family Feud since Richard Dawson hosted it and am opened minded but Steve Harvey from the commercials that ran announcing he was taking over to now live shows; acts like he has something to prove. It isn’t bring Family Feud along to a better place but a big joke and his attitude is like he’s hot stuff. This is no longer a family show and many people in my community who have also watched for years are disgusted and are watching other channels and shows when he comes on. I do the same. Attention show producers, wake up and get someone one who is well liked by all ages and get back on track !!

  • MARGENE HALE says:


  • Philomena Searles says:

    Why are you guys on to Steve he just asked the questions that are provided by the writers and the producers deal with then or is they another reason because Steve is black , please i am going to miss o’hurley but i am enjoying Steve just his face actions make me laugh, please gave him a chnace if you have a problem with the question which i sometimes think are silly talk with the writers.

    • Sharon Warr says:

      I Agree! maybe it is a color thing, I loved Richard Dawson, God bless his soul, and all of the other hosts, I am also a fan of John O’Hurley, and also Richard Karn, Steve just adds a new Flavor, to the show, I watch, the show, on any channel, i can fine it on New and old Episodes. It is true some people do not like CHANGE!!!!!!! Have a Blessed Day! to ALL of the ones that like Steve Harvey, and also to the one’s who DON’T! DON’T YOU’LL LIKE TO LAUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!????

  • cz says:

    I am so disappointed to hear that John O’Hearly is leaving.(((((
    We wish him well in WHATEVER he undertakes. He successfull at EVERYTHING.; A classy, elegant, and debonair, gentleman like no other. He added so so much class to everything he does.

    We WELCOME STEVE HARVEY with open arms!!!!!!!
    He is the funniest and I mean funniest of all. He has so much class with lots and lots of humor. I try not to miss when he hosts. He is my therapy. You see, I have lung cancer and very few things make me laugh. STEVE HARVEY IS THE BEST THING THAT HAPPENED TO FAMILY FEAUD! Please, please, KEEP HIM!

    With all respect to Richard Karnes, but I could not watch him . He took toooooooooooo long at times to give the answers and just yapped away to the point that it got annoying. I hope he does not come back. This is NOT his strength. Nice guy but not for this show. Please do not bring him back.

    Steve Harvey’s clean humor is WONDERFUL therapy for many of us who need to laugh so we can have a brighter day – what having cancer cannot give. I do my best not to miss Steve Harvey’s shows. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for having him on. I love his facial expressions, his laughter, that he never ridicules ANYONE; he is just extremely funny and I do not find too many funny things funny. Steve Harvey is just gifted in this area. THANK YOU FOR HAVING HIM ON THE SHOW. He is the best at humor!

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