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CBS Cancels “As The World Turns”; Could We Be Seeing “Pyramid”?

We’re starting to see what the appearance of Let’s Make A Deal has done to change current daytime television.  CBS announced today that the long-running soap opera As The World Turns has been canceled.  The show has been on the air for over fifty years.  Rumors of As The World Turns‘s cancelation has been around for a year, as we previously discussed here.  It’s the second soap opera canceled in a year.  The first was Guiding Light which as we know was replaced by the incredibly fun Let’s Make A Deal.  I actually think a reason we’re seeing As The World Turns go away is because of the relative success that Deal has been.  It hasn’t lighted the world on fire but it’s improved the overall and male ratings, though the women demos went down a bit.  We haven’t seen recent ratings, though.  It’s also been a stronger lead-in for The Price is Right and actually helped to raise them up a bit also.  I really think As The World Turns is going away because CBS has seen how a cheaper game show can bring in some more people for a lot less money.

And now comes the big speculation game of what replaces it.  As always it could be a talk show.  CBS has many lined up in development.  But don’t forget, of course, that talk shows will open up more when CBS loses Oprah next year.  The recent word we’re hearing is that (The $1,000,000) Pyramid could be coming back.  We’ve got it from very close sources that Pyramid is still alive and kicking and also, and I quote, “Don’t count Pyramid out yet.”  Whenever we’re told something by this source it ends up being true every time.  Of course we don’t know but the games are doing well in daytime and I can’t see CBS breaking up a block that does this well.

There’s a great number of possibilities as well.  The Dating Game is another show we’ve heard slight mumblings about, and CBS shot a pilot for it a while ago, but it really wouldn’t fit the MO of CBS’s daytime right now.  Fremantle’s Press Your Luck has been discussed off and on frequently since the former CBS series Game Show Marathon revived it.  I can’t believe we haven’t heard Fremantle/CBS looking at this one, since CBS wanted it for primetime a while ago.  But as of now we’ve heard from numerous industry sources that Pyramid is looking pretty good right now.  I don’t know the economics of it, but if it were me I’d be greenlighting Pyramid and doing a pilot for Press Your Luck to see how that would fit.  Again, I still cannot understand why we haven’t heard a single thing about Press Your Luck given it fits exactly with the CBS daytime game show look and feel, merchandise still comes out for it, and it definitely has a following.

So are we excited?  We seriously could see an entirely new era of daytime game shows.  I never thought it would happen.

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195 responses to "CBS Cancels “As The World Turns”; Could We Be Seeing “Pyramid”?"

  • Jonathan says:

    I'd rather see a revival of Press Your Luck or Card Sharks (game play based on the Eubanks' version). But if it ends up being Pyramid, that's fine by me.

  • Jonathan says:

    I'd rather see a revival of Press Your Luck or Card Sharks (game play based on the Eubanks' version). But if it ends up being Pyramid, that's fine by me.

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