Weekday Afternoon GSN Schedules Changes on November 9th

We’ve got a few changes coming to the weekday afternoon lineup on GSN for you.  Super Password will be losing its weekday slots and be regulated to weekend mornings.  At 11:00AM ET is now Love Connection, which GSN loves to pull out for some unknown reason constantly.  The dating show is hosted by Chuck Woolery.  11:30AM ET will see Wheel of Fortune, which moves from its old 12:30PM ET slot.

At 12:00PM ET is Match Game which replaces Jeopardy!.  12:30PM ET is the Richard Dawson edition of Family Feud.  1:00PM ET interestingly sees the daytime return of the Tom Bergeron edition of Hollywood Squares.  These episodes will be from the Whoopi Goldberg years.  Finally, at 1:30PM ET is Jeopardy!.  Not sure why we’re seeing Love Connection coming in again but whatever.

The schedules are updated.  Again, these changes occur on November 9th but we were not sent the updated November 9th schedule with the changes.  We’ll upload that when we get a chance.  You’ll see these changes take effect in print on the November 16th schedule but I they do officially happen on November 9th on television.

And to answer a lot of messages I’ve gotten: yes, we are extremely aware of the situation with High Stakes Poker and the host A.J. Benza being let go from it.  We’ve got a lot to say on the issue and we’ll have several features on this horrendous mistake by the network next week.  There’s a lot to this situation and we’ve got lots of special people who want to say something about it, including me.

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29 responses to "Weekday Afternoon GSN Schedules Changes on November 9th"

  • @palmercomm says:

    Since when is Love Connection a game show? Why does GSN do this to us? Why can't they get something we like, such as LMAD or PYL?

  • propagandhi says:

    What about GSN Live being cut in half? What about the lack of celebrities on the Celebrity episodes of Catch-21 and Newlywed Game? Is someone trying to kill GSN?

  • Wayne says:

    They have the older versions of Hollywood Squares, yet never seem to want to show them. Also Bullseye and Tic-Tac-Dough among other shows they could show…but noooooo, let's roll out the same stuff we've been rotating for the last ten years now!

    One more thing: Gee, can't they squeeze a few more hours of different versions of Family Feud, the usual allotment of 8 hours a day just doesn't seem like enough.

  • @shellygrrl says:

    Because the Marshall-era didn't do well the first go-round. (Never mind that GSN picked up only 150 of the thousands of episodes of it.) Personally, I'm glad it's not the Marshall era; I thought it was about as good as watching paint dry (same with the B&E Trifecta…which, at their cores, are all the same format of show with different packaging). That said, I wouldn't mind them picking up the Davidson era, if at all possible. (The only version I've never seen.)

    Plus, Feud is popular. Always has been in some form.


  • @shellygrrl says:

    I know, right? But then, someone must (ahem!) have a hard-on or something for LC because it keeps popping up.

    LMAD, especially with the new version on CBS, would've been the more logical choice, not to mention it'd bring about some good cross-promotional opportunities.

    As for PYL, I'd nod furiously if and only if they picked up the 1983-mid Feb 1984 episodes or the late 1985-86 eps. Otherwise…not yet.

  • DeVares says:

    (Seems like a recurring question but…..) GSN? Seriously? Has it come to this? You’re bringing back Love Connection? And it’s not the short lived version of the ’98-99 season. But that’s my only gripe. I loved Love Connection (even went as far as staying up on a school night to actually watch it), but now I can’t watch it because it’s the same episodes over and over again.

    As for Let’s Make A Deal and Press Your Luck, you better hope pigs does fly. Reason? From what I’ve heard Fremantlemedia is charging GSN a large chunk of change for the rights to their shows.

    I’m ok with Bergeron-Whoopi version of H2 being on GSN’s afternoon rotation, although I would love to see the Davidson version mainly because it stood out from the other versions.

    And nobody even mentioned The Joker’s Wild. I would love to see any version of it (yes, even the short lived Pat Finn version). Tic Tac Dough…not too much.

    • Roley S. says:

      Why don't GSN raise funds for them to purchase the acquiring rights from Fremantlemedia and return a few shows back to GSN (Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, and yes, Let's Make A Deal)? Yes GSN should keep on airing Love Connection until it reaches the '88-'92 episodes.

    • Roley S. says:

      Why don't GSN raise funds for them to purchase the acquiring rights from Fremantlemedia and return a few shows back to GSN (Card Sharks, Press Your Luck, and yes, Let's Make A Deal)? Yes GSN should keep on airing Love Connection until it reaches the '88-'92 episodes.

  • DeVares says:

    @palmercomm: Any relationship show (eg. Love Connection, Blind Date, Elimidate, etc.) is considered a game show.

  • VmKid says:

    in an unrelated question: is anybody else watching Head Games on the Science Channel tonight?

  • Jay says:

    Did they get rid of the Pyramid versions with Dick Clark?

  • DENo1MatchGameFan says:

    GSN has been killing itself for years, first starting with the interruptions of the departing contestant tags in 2002, and when 'the big changeover' happened in 2004, no departing contestant tags, and the credits weren't finished, which is how the shows are today. They also lost it when they threw all of their money away on "The Amazing Race" instead of using it towards shows like "Scrabble" and "$ale Of The Century." Instead they kept showing "Dog Eat Dog" over a million times, and then showing shows like Arsenio Hall's version of "Star Search" that didn't have a damn thing to do with game shows. With the money spent on "TAR", they could have used it for the fees to Fremantle for what they charged for the rest of the Goodson/Todman library that is no longer shown.

    This network is a disgrace, and I wish that the USA Network was still in the game show business, as they treated their programming with class when they aired – I can't say the same for GSN! Hell, they can't even figure out which version of "Password" airs in the early morning slot!

  • Wayne says:

    I really only mentioned these shows to be EXAMPLES of what is in the library or possibly out there to acquire, not that GSN should specifically show these particular shows–there are so many game shows they could, but simply don't show.

    As for Family Feud in any version being popular, that's fine, but dedicating so much time to it is overkill.

  • Craiggers says:

    Well, most of the Family Feud that's in rotation nowadays is the Karn edition.
    I know that Combs and O'Hurley get 5 plays a week, compared to Dawson's 14 and Karn has at least 17 airings a week…

    If GSN wants to show that much Feud, at least show more Combs, O'Hurley episodes.

  • Scott Meckley says:

    I too think the network has gone down hill. Sale Of The Century and Scrabble to me should have been picked up at least a season of these shows. People enjoyed SOTC And Scrabble. Other gameshows they should also try to pick up too are High Rollers because its a fun dice game and GSN doesn’t have a dice game, Wipeout the 1989 gameshow hosted by Peter Tomarken, and $1,000,000 chance of a lifetime hosted by Jim Lange. It would bring some more variety to the network besides Feuds, Match Game, Passwords, Millionaires. How about this for a daytime lineup schedule see below from 8:00 A.M.- 3:00 P.M.
    8:00- match game 73-78
    8:30- Super Password
    9:00- Card Sharks- Perry
    9:30- $1,000,000 chance of a lifetime
    10:00- Wheel Of Fortune
    10:30- Jeopardy
    11:00- $25,000 Pyramid
    11:30- Family Feud Dawson
    Noon- High Rollers- wink martindale
    12:30- Card Sharks- Eubanks
    1:00- Sale Of The Century
    1:30- Scrabble
    2:00- Wipeout
    2:30- $100,000 Pyramid
    3:00- Lingo


    8:00- Password Plus- Kennedy
    8:30- Super Password
    9:00- Card Sharks- Raffety
    9:30- $1,000,000 Chance Of A Lifetime
    10:00- All New Family Feud with Ray Combs
    11:00- $100,000 Pryamid
    11:30- Family Feud- Dawson
    Noon- High Rollers- Wink Martindale
    12:30- $25,000 Pryamid
    1:00- Sale Of The Century
    1:30- Scrabble
    2:00- Wipeout
    2:30- Lingo
    3:00- 1 VS 100

    I think that both of those schedules would bring some variety to the network and while I like Feuds, Matchs, Passwords, I think it time to see some other shows too on the network. Im not saying going back to 97 when you didn’t have hardly any Goodson Todman gameshows on the network. Maybe a bunch of people ought to get together put there money together and start up there own gameshow network with nearly all the classics people knew and love and some classics that maybe many didn’t get to see the first time around.

    • juliaz12345 says:

      Those shows would be great to have on the network, but you have to think about money. While GSN did make a few bad decisions mid-decade, they're OK now. You have to think about the economics of getting all those shows. It's not worth it for the network. They tried Tic Tac Dough out and it was probably expensive for them. Plus, it was their lowest rated classic. This day and age, networks would rather play one show for an hour instead of two shows, when that one show is more likely to keep viewers there for an hour. That's why TV Land Sacrificed their whole late night schedule for Roseanne for a month or two. I mean, you think GSN is bad at over abusing Family Feud, TV Land at one point was playing Roseanne a total of 8 hours a day! Then slowly, they added different programming. They used to play loads of different programming overnight but scrapped all of it for Roseanne.

      While that's just one example, it shows you what a classic TV network that mixes some new programming in to the schedule has to do sometimes to make money. Just wait for the economics of TV to change a little bit when the economy as a whole recovers. You'll hopefully see a few more classics on the schedule. Just be happy that we're seeing GSN in the first place. Some bigger companies are shutting down their low rated networks. FLN, formerly Fine Living Network, is going by the wayside for "The Cooking Channel" and Fox Reality is shutting down and replacing it is "National Geographic Wild". So, be happy that we still have GSN.

    • @palmercomm says:

      You'd have to pay out to Fremantle, Sony, CBS Television Distribution (they own the H-Q library and Wipeout), and Warner Bros. I like the schedule and support you, but it's unrealistic.

  • Maybe because Lin Bolen wiped a whole lot of those thousands of episodes! RT !@shellygrrl Because the Marshall-era didn't do well the first go-round. (Never mind that GSN picked up only 150 of the thousands of episodes of it.)

  • Xavier says:

    No. They're still on at the same times.

  • DeVares says:

    To @ palmercomm: That’s true, but, GSN is own by Sony, so, if anything, they should air any game show in the Sony Pictures Television Library.

  • Wayne says:

    I understand sometimes economic forces are at play, and sometimes even copyrights and other contractual factors can be at play here; but it seems hard to believe of the thousands of game shows in history that are still in existance and owned by somebody, that the owners of these games are more content to let them get dusty than make a few bucks off of them.

  • @Digifan23 says:

    here's what GSN needs to do IMO scrabble style it's five letter word the clue is: GSN needs to ditch these crapy shows POKER

  • @Digifan, there's one huge problem with that. Those crappy poker shows as you call them, are good shows, only on for 1 night out of the week, and are getting respectable ratings for GSN. Although come this time next year when HSP gets the host change, then we might see a shrinking of the shows. But anyways. the Poker Shows are fine on Sundays and aren't doing any damage. Sure, they can get rid of WPT and replace that with some more poker specials or maybe make Sunday Night Casino Night and air some Celebrity Blackjack or World Series of Blackjack or talk to ESPN and get some WSOP replays or talk to Bravo and get some Celebrity Poker Show replays. Either way, Sunday night will always be home to Poker on GSN, at least for the foreseeable future.

  • VmKid says:

    TRANSLATION: In my opinion, GSN should get rid of the poker shows.
    MY COMMENT: Agreed. There's nothing else to watch on Sundays, and I don't know a single person who would watch poker on TV.

  • Rich says:

    I may be in minority of being glad that they are bringing Love COnnection back for now. :)
    [with all the shows that were given back in March.. it's good to see that they still have the rights to something else]

    Why: First, I want to see the old episodes. Second, LC is a show that has been on GSN for quite some time, in and out, so for nostalgic reasons, it should be on. Of course, I think it should be paired with Eubanks' "The Newlewed Game"

    Third: At least it's not a celebrity-filled show like much of the schedule prior to this change [3 hrs in the first 6 were celeb-filled]

  • Roley S. says:

    Whoo hoooo!!!! Let's bring out the beer and champagne and celebrate!!! After a 16-month hiatus, I knew Love Connection would return. I would be great if they showed the 1988-1992 season again. I kind of like the set in the 1988-89 episodes. But, the sad part is that if they plan to air the 1984-1986 season, I guess it will be a long time that we will see the '88-'92 episodes again, or the 1998-1999 episodes for that matter. But, what the hell; if they plan to air the '84-'86 season, I have no problem with that. Any episode could be fair game. What y'all think??

  • Michael Glickman says:

    “Maybe because Lin Bolen wiped a whole lot of those thousands of episodes! RT !@shellygrrl Because the Marshall-era didn’t do well the first go-round. (Never mind that GSN picked up only 150 of the thousands of episodes of it.)”

    I hate to tell you this, OriginalDonald, but wiping episodes had been NBC policy long before Lin Bolen arrived on the scene.

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