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Review: “Let’s Make A Deal” Pretty Good, But CBS Picked the Wrong Game Show

lmadlogoBy now I’m guessing a good deal of you have seen CBS’s revival of the classic game show Let’s Make A Deal starring Wayne Brady.  I finally saw it online a bit ago and it left me with mix feelings.  If you know of the classic version at all then you know this.  It’s the same exact show, where people trade supposedly useless or hidden items for what may be behind a door, curtain, or box.  Prizes can range from cash, cars, camels, and more.  At the end of the show host Wayne Brady goes through the day’s biggest dealers and asks if they want to trade away what they’ve won during the show for a chance at the Big Deal which is in excess of $20,000 generally it seems.  Only one person can be selected and that person takes home whatever is behind one of the three big doors.

Starting with the positives: Wayne Brady and co-host Johnathan Magnum did fantastic together.  They had a great chemistry together which is needed.  It didn’t seem like a typical game show because of this.  It seemed like a Las Vegas stage show which is pretty appropriate since that’s where it tapes and it fits with the feel.  The set was really great and kept a classic look while updating it to 2009.  The prizes were fine overall, contestants were fine, games were fine.

I do have to comment on something a ton of people complained about, though.  In the classic version, two Dealers got a chance at the Big Deal.  In this version, only one does.  Is there a reason people are complaining about it so much because I don’t see it.  I think it’s a bit hypocritical for some of the people who complain about the Price is Right fans freaking out about really dumb stuff to complain that they aren’t doing this exactly how the classic version did.  It’s extremely obvious they are doing this from a budgetary standpoint and it makes sense.  Otherwise odds are they’d be giving away a $20K+ Big Deal plus $8K-$10K to the other player.  That’s a lot for the budget.  Is there some actual reason a lot of people are complaining or is this another case of, “I want this revived specifically as it was in the 70s,” because if this is the biggest problem for a lot of you, they did a fantastic job with the show.

I only saw two real issues with the actual show.  One of them was the money being tossed around.  I really can’t believe it’s 2009 and we’re tempting people with around $300-$1,000; which is basically the same amount they had in the 70′s.  I’m not asking to be trading $10,000 constantly but come on.  It made it seem like a joke.  Also the show stretched unbelievably long in that hour.  Half way through the show I was pretty bored and fast forwarding to anything that looked remotely interesting.  I get CBS’s logic with the 60 minute Let’s Make A Deal but it just didn’t work out that well.  But overall the mechanics of the show were as good as I could have hoped for.

Like I said, the mechanics were fine but something just felt really off with the show.  Let’s Make A Deal didn’t seem like a big deal or anything special.  The similarities to The Price is Right are bound to be drawn.  I know this came first but I couldn’t help but think Deal or No Deal constantly as well.  I kept thinking, “People are tossing away $30,000 like nothing on Deal or No Deal and they are trying to draw out tension in trading away $300 on Let’s Make a Deal?  No thanks.”  We’ve had the two elements of this shown driven into our skulls endlessly already.  Again I know LMAD came first but I just couldn’t help but think this was nothing that great.

It’s why I truly think CBS flat out chose the wrong game show for the daytime slot.  Watching this today made it unbelievably evident it should have been The $1,000,000 Pyramid instead.  This isn’t favoritism talking.  I mean Deal or No Deal is on so many times a day and The Price is Right is on right around the same time as this new show.  It felt like nothing that I need to be around to watch, and that is going to hurt the show in the long run.  There was nothing here that made me want to make sure I was around for the next show.  I’ll be watching when I can but it was just, “Eh,” for lack of a better grunt.  Pyramid is different enough from everything else on television right now to get a bit more attention and it becomes appointment television during the big money finals.  To repeat: I’m well aware that CBS chose this because it was the easiest to abuse at the hour time slot and the whole product placement, but it was just the wrong decision.

So there we have it.  I’ll keep watching if I’m around because I really want to see new daytime game shows but they did nothing to really impress me.  It felt like the same old, same old.  We’ve seen this before and we see it for hours on end each day already.  In the end it just felt like a really missed opportunity for CBS to really get some more attention.  I wish Let’s Make A Deal all the luck in the world and I want it to succeed very badly.  Like I said, it’s a good show and they did just about everything they could correct with a few minor exceptions.  But it just felt like nothing special and irrelevant at this time.  Am I alone in thinking this?  Pretty good show all-in-all but just left a neutral feeling on me.

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78 responses to "Review: “Let’s Make A Deal” Pretty Good, But CBS Picked the Wrong Game Show"

  • melissa says:

    I have something to say.. so i really like this show and my mom does too but she kept telling me that wayne was racist towards whites and i told her that she was full of it but when i watched it a couple more times with her i noticed for sure he is. i mean come on out of 350 or so people theres like what 50 or less blacks or mix and he fucking chooses them like every other frinckin white or whatever there always on!!!! and he isnt too nice to whites he trys to hide it well but i can see it. he likes jon is co-host but he doest like others he loves his own kind!! and its bull shit cause if your black or mixed…. you have a fucking pretty good chance your gunna get picked !! sooooo fucking gay it makes the show suck!!! im not racist i just want things to be fair to people and blacks have a better chance in the show then whites thats not fair!!! they should just rename the show blacks lets make a deal shalll we? hahaha im wayne fucking racist brady!!!!

    • Tania says:

      You sound like a complete racist actually. You need to watch more episodes. I’ve seen Wayne be so friendly and funny with all races. I’ve seen him say “I really hope you win” and MEAN it to white people.
      Stop throwing around “whites” and “blacks” like that. You’re post made me sick to read because for some reason, you are either 1) in denial that you are a racist or 2) don’t realize that subconsciously you hate colored people.
      Oh wah fucking wah…”they aren’t picking white people” god, have you ever researched world history and tried to understand the hardships of colored ppl? No. You just run ur mouth on a comment forum and whine about something so untrue and irrelevant.

  • julie says:

    This is the best game show to hit t.v. since the 70's. Wayne Brady is the best host ever! He is a breath of fresh air and so Funny. Makes my husband and I laugh constantly. Not much on now days that does this. I like the full hour and I have no problem with one going for the big deal. We record it to DVR and watch it at night, fast forward through the commercials. If you don't like this game show, you must have no sense of humor or fun about you at all.

  • julie says:

    This is the best game show to hit t.v. since the 70's. Wayne Brady is the best host ever! He is a breath of fresh air and so Funny. Makes my husband and I laugh constantly. Not much on now days that does this. I like the full hour and I have no problem with one going for the big deal. We record it to DVR and watch it at night, fast forward through the commercials. If you don't like this game show, you must have no sense of humor or fun about you at all.

  • julie says:

    This is the best game show to hit t.v. since the 70's. Wayne Brady is the best host ever! He is a breath of fresh air and so Funny. Makes my husband and I laugh constantly. Not much on now days that does this. I like the full hour and I have no problem with one going for the big deal. We record it to DVR and watch it at night, fast forward through the commercials. If you don't like this game show, you must have no sense of humor or fun about you at all.

  • Butz17 says:

    Wayne Brady is racist blacks seem to average 10% of audience and 50% of contestants everyday…coincidence? I think not. Brady also sounds like a condescending moron when trying to talk like a homeboy.

  • Dave says:

    As I watch "Lets Make a Deal" I see Mr.Brady select from the audience, mostly African Americans; to recieve have a chance at the grand prize. This disapoints me, that the show does not see what he is doing?


  • W.Stadler says:

    After an elaborate introduction by Jonathan Mangam, why does Wayne Brady come on and say “I’m your host, Wayne Brady.” Does Brady think the audience is expecting someone else?

  • Lou says:

    The show with Wayne is good as was with Monte but my wife & I notice an unfair flaw. Wayne at times gives the person or persons cash after being zonked & at other times the zonked party is told to return to their seat with nothing. This practice is totally unfair, what is done for 1 should be done for the other especially when the zonked person has danced, sang a song or played in a skit.

  • JoAnna says:

    Sorry but the show… Su – …… if you know what I mean….
    Wayne is okay.
    Tiffany.. omg.. get a freaking personality and a hairdo girl..
    and that opey guy..announcer…not..

    They have a good base..One guy.. Wayne..
    now all they have to do is find two others that fit well..

    And STOP thos pathetic…little.. Play acts..omg.. thats just wrong..

  • Debra says:

    I used to like this show until I recently went on it as an audience member. Just saying, I won’t be watching this crap anymore. They treat you like cattle at the slaughter house. They make you wait in long lines outside in the heat for hours, then they get all your personal information (they better not contact me or i will sue them) and then you wait again. They take pictures of you, but sell it to you for $20. By this time you are hot and tired and do they offer you at least a drop of water, hell no — bring your own. They say you have a 1 in 18 chance to win. Bull!! They are liars and out of 300 people attending only about 7 people get picked and might win. the host Wayne Brady is cold and impersonal. I guess too important to speak to you. He acts friendly on camera, but when the commercial comes on he runs out of the room not even cracking a smile at anyone. I was at this show all day and the sun was coming down when we left…again no water or snacks. Don’t waste your time going on this crappy show. You have better odds going to the casino and the air conditioner is always on.

    • Cindy says:

      You are so right Debra! You forgot one thing though, the contestants are selected as soon as the short interview is done!!! They admit that , and try to fix that by saying “Wayne can choose others if he wants to” but he didn’t seem to. They should tell us that in the beginning so that we can go home BEFORE they send us out into the heat for 3 hours. They did put in a water cooler , most of the time empty, but that is all that has changed in a year.
      I am not saying the show is rigged.. however I did overhear a gentleman who won one of the largest prizes say he was an actor to someone else.
      As far as those pics, yeah I paid 20.00 for one, then read that card, could have gone to the site and printed it out myself.. should have read the card first.
      Then after standing in the hot sun for hours, everyones makeup coming off etc., they want you to go in and dance (if you have not had a heat stroke yet) for 45 minutes.
      You are right about Waynes behavior , he left every commercial acting as if he was too good for anyone there.
      Then to top this all off, after all the water I drank in the 3 hour heat, about an hour into the show, I had to use the restroom. I asked during commercials, twice, the girl kept telling me I would have to wait, bladder felt like it was going to bust.
      All in all this was an awful experience and I would not recommend anyone attending. I am not even upset that I was not picked but I am upset they put you through that even when they have their contestants chosen within 20 minutes of their arrival.

  • David says:

    To, All the Executives and Producers

    I have been watching your “Let’s Make A Deal” show ever since I was a kid. It was always been a fun and exciting show hoping to win a big price. I always get very excited just watching all these people wining all these great prices especially a car.

    I am a minority and growing up I am always very conscious in my mind of discrimination unfairness in this country we live in. I believed we are all created equal with equal opportunity regardless of race or religion.

    With the current newer version of the show with Wayne Brady it is different and exciting. But there is one thing that you can not miss the selection of the contestants from the stage. There has been such a big disproportion on selecting one race of contestants over another you just can not help but get upset and get turn off from the show.

    Many of my friends and relatives also express their frustration and they all stopped watching your show. I hope you would consider changing your way of selecting one race of contestants over others. It is very discriminating and is the quickest way of losing TV viewers, people will get very disgusted fast. I thing the fairest way of selecting contestants are base on a random drawing system.

    On any given day approximately:

    - 50% chosen contestants are white.
    - 48% chosen contestants are black.
    - 02% chosen contestants are others.

    The ratio of stage contestants based on race are approximately:

    - 88% are white.
    - 04% are black.
    - 08% are others.

    Now you can see the huge disparity, proportional and the unbelievable unfairness. I hope very much you will correct this problem very soon and make this show fun to watch for everyone again. I do plan to pass this findings to others and hope you will correct the problem very soon. I hate to see this show one of my favorite growing up as a kid being destroy little at a time.

  • Rick says:

    I watch the show almost everyday at lunch. Has anyone noticed that when the big deal contestant is black or likely to be black, that door 3 always seems to have the big deal? Wayne has to know where the big deal is or picks where it’s put. Call it the door 3 conspiracy.
    I agree that the majority of the audience is white but blacks get picked more often.
    But hey, still a good show. And every race is racist so what can you do?

  • Cindy says:

    Folks you are only noticing the “Blacks always get picked” because Wayne is black and you didn’t notice all races being chosen when the host was white (goes for any game show) . Racism is not something I saw there, it was pretty equal.
    Like i stated in my post in reply to Debrah, the staff picks the contestants within 20 minutes of them walking in the gate. They say Wayne can choose someone else but that is just crap. Staff picks, the rest of the folks are there to pay for pictures and food and to make the show look good.

  • jessie says:

    I would like for Melissa to take another look at the show, there are more white people chosen than blacks could ever imagine. Im black and sit back and count the blacks that are chosen and they’ll never catch up to the whites and that’s quite disturbing to me.

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