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Five Day Champs Win Car on New Season of “Family Feud”

If Family Feud‘s increase in prize money to $30,000 isn’t enough to get you excited, and a $150,000 total in your entire five day champion reign, how does a chance at a brand new car sound?  That’s right.  A team that stays on the show for the full five days, which doesn’t happen often, will win a brand new car.  It’s another exciting edition to the record 11th season of Family Feud hosted by John O’Hurley.  Taping starts June 7th.  We’ll be on set sometime in late June/early July with the full details.

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21 responses to "Five Day Champs Win Car on New Season of “Family Feud”"

  • Brad D, says:

    Now THIS is what I’m talking about! Family Feud is stepping up this season, and they did it in a smart way too. The teams that will benefit from the new money increase and the car prize will be the good players… it isn’t like they will be giving it away to anyone.

    Really good way to improve the prizes without going too overboard on what the budget was for previous seasons of the show.

  • Taylor says:

    According to Family Feud’s Twitter page, they’re bringing back the Bullseye round too!

  • Chad says:

    Because a car can easily be split five ways…

  • Craig says:

    Chad, my friend, how on EARTH are you gonna split a car 5 ways? That's ridiculous!

  • Guest says:

    Uh, I think his post went over your head.

  • Ethan says:

    If they do this right… it better be something like a minivan or an SUV a la Family Double Dare.

  • Craig says:

    Well, if you can call a Chrystler 300 a minivan or whathaveyou, that's what's being offered for 5-time champs to start with. Makes sense, but still not into this car thing at all.

  • Afi K. James says:

    And let's not forget the tournament of champions, are they gonna have the winner take all tournament?

  • Intelligentfan777 says:

    Family Feud, An American Classic keeps getting better! Finally, they are upping the stakes, and there is even more incentive to be an undefeated champion family!

    I have to wonder though, are they still going $5/point in consolation in Fast Money, or are they increasing that too?


    • Stephen says:

      Intelligentfan777, "Family Feud" will still be doing $5/point in consolation for season eleven. Don't forget that the Bullseye Round will also be in the running this season.

  • Charlene says:

    Do you think they give each member a car

  • Charlene says:

    Do you think they give each member a car. Otherwise this would be a a real family feud

  • Mark says:

    So you have 5 contestants on a team and only 1 car. How is this a good bonus? Only 1 person can claim the car and not all 5 people are usually in the same household. They should just give cash instead so it could be evenly split up.

  • Betty says:

    Which person in the family gets the car

  • nancy says:

    what kind of car is it. They just say “they won a new car”

  • Dianna Chord says:

    I to want to know if all five day winners each win a car?

  • Jeff jones says:

    Does each member get a car or just one person. If only one car who do they split.

  • leo says:

    Does each member of the team get a car, or just one vehicle for the team

  • sidney butler says:

    Dro each contl
    k.tcdtestent win a car or is it one car for the whole team. Plz reply so. Tk u

  • sidney butler says:

    Gf thinks the car is for entire time i say one car per member. Plz who is correct.

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