Top 13 “Whose Line is it Anyway” Moments: Number 1

And it’s finally here.  I’m done teasing you.  It’s number one on our countdown of Whose Line is it Anyway? moments.  First, we would like to say that we got word that new Whose Line DVDs will be coming out in 2009 and we got confirmation we may be able to do a giveaway of it, so be on the lookout.  But now, it’s the moment I have a feeling some of you guessed, by reading the comments.  We hope you enjoyed.

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10 responses to "Top 13 “Whose Line is it Anyway” Moments: Number 1"

  • Pat says:

    Funniest…….. Moment……… EVER!!!!!

    Its always funny when its someone else, huh? Lol

  • Brad D. says:

    I couldn’t believe that they actually let this air lol. But yep I remember seeing this in a rerun and crying since I was laughing so much.

    Also, I haven’t seen the audience laugh so hard (3:38). They are literally out of their seats. If I was there I probably would have been too lol.

  • Julia says:

    Hands down…maybe the funniest moment in television history. It ranks up there with Johnny Carson’s Tomahawk ax incident. I have watched this so many times I lost count, but I still laugh my ass off every time I watch it. Richard is playing it up, but seeing Richard Simmons playing it up it what makes this so funny and over the top. As much as he tried to prove he wasn’t gay by kissing a woman on the lips with tongue on Leno, this proves that he is most definitely gay. Who cares, though, when he can make comedy history with this one segment. Truly a classic TV moment.

  • Michael says:

    That was indeed the funniest moment ever on Whose Line. Up there with Greatest Hits moment when Colin said, “Oh we’re watching animal porn.” I have this episode on tape and could not stop laughing and poor Greg, he was laughing as much as I was!

  • Marc Power says:

    Richard Simmons annoys the crap out of me, to the point I actually skipped over about the first minute or so of this clip. but a well deserved number 1 moment, and I agree with Julia this is unofficailly Richard’s “coming out” Unofficial only because he didn’t actually say it.

    there are other moments that arguably could have made this list as well but overall an accurate list.

  • Adam says:

    Whose Line’s best moment.

  • Scott says:

    Great moment to end a great countdown. However, may I add some honorable mentions that I feel deserved a place on this countdown.

    First, the Song Styles “Horward” incident from the unofficial 100th episode. One of the only times you’ll hear Laura Hall actually speak, and Wayne’s excuse for adding that extra R to Howard’s name is priceless.


    A few seasons after the Colin Newsflash featured in the countdown, Ryan got his own greatest hits montage. While not as fondly remembered as when Colin got the treatment, it’s still worth it for Colin shouting “My god, it’s HORRIBLE!” when they show an extreme closeup of Mr. Stiles.


    Finally, I present to you a game of Improbable Mission (Whose Line’s answer to Mission Impossible, of course). I have only one thing to say about this clip… THE CAT!!!


  • Taylor says:

    All I have to say is…CALLED IT!

    When I first saw this one way back in the day, I was laughing so hard that I literally fell out of my seat. It’s just that good.

    Great news about more Whose Line DVDs too!

  • Ryan says:

    I have to say that you hit it on the head there, great clip!

    What a great show, it’s a shame it’s not in production, unless I am missing something.

  • Jared Oswald says:

    You should had made the Mellisa Incident Number 1 Alex. That’s Just my Opinion.

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