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GSN’s “How Much Is Enough?” Online Game Launched

We couldn’t give you a video preview of GSN’s new game show How Much is Enough?, but will an online game work? The game is the exact same thing as the show (no $10,000 bonus for winning, though) except, for some reason, you play against the computer except people. GSN used to always make online multi-player games for their shows, but recently they’ve stuck to the embeddable mini games. You really don’t get the full experience of the game unless you can actually face other people. The computers are a bit more risky than you’ll see on TV. Also, don’t worry, the clock on TV moves faster so you don’t have to sit through endless minutes of $1 increases. But regardless, it’s not a bad little game and you get the idea for the show. In terms of recent GSN shows, it’s one of the more enjoyable ones in recent time, so be sure to check it out. You can click below to play the game, or click the link at the top of the post to go directly to GSN’s page and play it.

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12 responses to "GSN’s “How Much Is Enough?” Online Game Launched"

  • Marc Power says:

    my opinion has changed, I like the game I like how the lowest scorer gets nothing as well since that prevents everyone from just stop at $1 like I thought would happen and GSN is finally giving away more than $5,000 on an original. that’s great.

  • Antonio says:

    This game is so fun and I can’t wait until tuesday…

  • Woodie B. says:

    Indeed, it is a terrific game. The sore spot I have with all GSN games are: CHEATERS. Every time I check the high-score tables on all these ‘online’ games, the top score is nowhere near what I could possibly score. It is absolutely f—ing impossible to score “$12,500,010″ without hacking into GSN’s website.

  • keith says:

    I really didn’t seem to be excited for “How much is enough?” when I heard about it. But, I must say, after I played the game, I’m really excited to watch.

  • Wheelloon says:

    Yow! That was a bit of a rush! :D

    I end my first game with 25k, which, if GSN has that kind of budget, will definitely make this show interesting to watch,. Waiting in angst to see when people will push those buttons will put somebody at the edge of their seat…

    Let’s hope it makes it past just one season too…

  • Alex Davis says:

    Just a tiny note, remember that the player doesn’t get an extra $10,000 at the end either. It’s just a bonus for winning.

    That said you will probably see a lot of $10K+ winners.

  • Chad says:

    In the $4000 round, I banked at $3584. The other scores were: $3318, $3301, and… $3585! Talk about close!

  • Wheelloon says:

    Yep, I understand.

    That said, referencing wins that could range anywhere from 10k to even 20k, it would still be a nice change of pace for GSN. I think it’ll be quite dramatic and enthralling to watch.

    Now… hmm… I wonder if returning champs could somehow be worked in with a format like this… ;)

  • Scott Meckley says:

    this game is a blast to play and I was on the edge of my seat on deciding when to stop which made this game a whole lot of fun. This is one of those games that is not a word game or a trivia game that is a lot of fun. Wheeloon considering this is GSN I doubt it but a tournament of champions maybe. This is an original just from playing that i have a feeling will be great but will it last past the first season i really hope so and i believe it will. This deserves to have a long life like Lingo in my book. A fun game here that isn’t a word game. Even though you only play computer players it still is a lot of fun to play.

  • SuperMatch2007 says:

    Lame game with an ultra-lame budget and cheesy sound package to boot. This is GSN quality.

  • Tom Jetland says:

    Please, someone, tell me that I’m not the only one who thinks this game is boring. I’ll be watching tomorrow but my expectations are pretty low.

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