ABC Plans Redo of “Dream House”

This one COMPLETELY came out of left field. ABC is redoing the 80s game show Dream House for the new generation of game shows. This is a partnership of Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, and Time Warner. In this new version, seven newlywed couples “will be put to the test both mentally and physically for a chance at starting their married life in a brand new dream house.” This is evidently not going to be a straight revival of the 80s version of Dream House which can be read about here. If you’d like to apply to be on the show or nominate someone to be on it, please visit this website for more information or visit a Craigslist posting. If you wish to appear on the show, you must be available for four weeks in May; you may not return home during this time.

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10 responses to "ABC Plans Redo of “Dream House”"

  • AP says:

    Sounds like the krypton factor to me, just with a house for a prize

  • Chad says:

    Hopefully this will not be as ill-fated as Card Sharks 2001.

  • Wheelloon says:

    Since Deal spawned the new boom in more classic-styled game shows, I wondered if Dream House would be on the list of potential GS’s to be revived, due partly to its potentially huge top prize. The explosion of HGTV’s Dream House contest (or something similarly titled) also made me think a Dream House style format would be feasible for a network…

    Either way, nice to see that not only the big hits, but other little known yet still respectable formats, are being tried out… :D

  • Intelligentfan777 says:

    Golden Doors anyone?

  • Brandon says:

    I’m surprised this didn’t get pitched when Millionaire made it big, or at least Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    Honestly, I hope this is more of a game show than reality hybrid, which this sounds like.

  • SuperMatch2007 says:

    With the inflating real estate prices, the Dream House revival would be too drastic.

  • Jesse says:

    I guess they need a new gimmick besides Erik Estrada to fill up some of that Arkansas land.

  • captparis1 says:

    If there’s No GOLDEN DOORS endgame…WHO CARES?

  • mrquiz says:

    Just for the record, the ’80s version of DREAM HOUSE was a revival. The original ran on ABC from 1968-70, with the late Mike Darow hosting. The show was created by Don Reid, who by 1959, was instrumental in taking a radio quiz show to TV, thus making it one of the all-time classics, and its host becoming one of the most beloved emcees of all-time. The show was “The G.E. College Bowl,” and the (original) host went from being known as “the man with the questions” to (unofficially, anyway) “Mr. Password”- Allen Ludden.

  • Chris says:

    How about now with the plummeted real estate prices?

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